How Does the GOFAR Mileage App Help Its Users?

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Unlike the first generation of smart car gadgets on the market, the GOFAR gadget comes with a free smartphone app that translates engine data, logs business mileage and teaches a driver how to drive safely to improve efficiency.

The inventors of the product came up with a technology that also helps you spend less on fuel. The GOFAR app helps you establish where your car costs come from by tracking your mileage and fuel efficiency.

The precise sensors on GOFAR continuously calculate your engine’s indicators to give you simple but reliable feedback.

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Who Would Benefit from GOFAR Mileage Tracker App?

1. Fleet Owners

If you have drivers that are continuously on the road on a daily basis, a slight change in driving habits will have a considerable saving. You will also need to have sufficient proof of mileage while filing tax returns with the IRS.

2. Car Enthusiasts

GOFAR app will help you come up with car metrics that will help you change your driving behaviour as well as train you how to save fuel.

3. Environment Activists

If you love the environment but cannot yet afford an electric car, perhaps you should get the GOFAR app to teach you how you can use less fuel, hence fewer emissions.

4. Long Distance Drivers

The longer the distance you drive, the more GOFAR is likely to save your fuel and repair costs.

What Are the Benefits of GOFAR Mileage Log App?

GOFAR technology comes in two parts. The first part is a hardware device that connects on your car’s diagnostics port, and the other is the app that is easily installed on your smartphone.

Below are the advantages of using the GOFAR technology and here are some amazing reasons why you should get it in a nutshell:

GOFAR mileage tracker app
GOFAR is the ultimate mileage tracker app – get it today

1. The GOFAR Device Is Powered by the Car

You don’t need to get an extra battery for the GOFAR device as it is powered by the car’s battery. You can also connect your smartphone to a charger mounted on your vehicle.

2. GOFAR Mileage App Is Reliable

The GOFAR business mileage app gives you real-time feedback for every mile you drive which guarantees your efficiency and performance for every mile you cover. Here’s more on how the device works.

3. It Provides Proof of Expenses

As a driver, you don’t need to show your boss how much you spent on fuel or how many trips you made as they already have that information on the smartphone.

As a businessman, you will have an electronic log with which to prove to the IRS that indeed the mileage you are claiming is legitimate.

4. It Has a Sleek Design

The slim silhouette design can catch your attention at the periphery of your vision.

Just like your car’s dashboard, you can concentrate on the road even as you take charge of your driving style to keep the costs of running the vehicle at a bare minimum.

5. It’s Easy to Install

Once you find your car’s On-Board Diagnostic II port, you can easily install the device. The GOFAR app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

How to Install the GOFAR Device

Installing the GOFAR device is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Plug the dongle into the OBDII port of your car.
  2. Connect the dongle to the Ray and then put the Ray securely on the dashboard of your vehicle.
  3. Pair your smartphone with the dongle to get real-time feedback on your fuel usage as well as alerts of malfunction.

How Does the GOFAR Mileage App Track Fuel Usage?

When a driver presses the acceleration pedal of the car, the fuel is released and burnt.

Fuel burning releases chemical energy that is changed into kinetic energy when the car’s propulsion system rotates gears.

1. It Tracks Energy Lost Due to Harsh Acceleration

Unfortunately, sometimes the kinetic energy is more than the required amount to rotate gears and this is when fuel is lost.

GOFAR tracks the power lost and compares this with the energy needed for propulsion, thereby giving the driver advice on just how much pressure he needs to apply on the accelerator.

2. It Tracks Energy Lost Due to Aerodynamic Pressure

A lot of energy is lost due to aerodynamic pressure (wind resistance) and friction when the wheels are rolling along the ground. GOFAR also tracks this loss.

Also, kinetic energy is lost as heat when a driver brakes unless the car model has regenerative braking system such as the one found on hybrid cars.

3. It Gives Actionable Advice to Reduce Energy Loss

It is important to note that energy costs money and every time it is lost, you pay for something you did not use.

GOFAR not only helps you see the total energy lost but also some actionable steps to mitigate this.

For example, GOFAR will not only tell you how many harsh braking you did during the trip but also how much it costed you and how you can avoid it the next time you drive.

4. It Trains Drivers on Best Driving Practices

It is driving behaviours such as harsh braking, harsh acceleration, unnecessary speeding that cost you money.

However, you can avoid all this if you pay attention to GOFAR Ray’s LED.

Every time it blinks red, you are burning cash, but when it is blue, then you are driving efficiently.

How GOFAR Mileage App Tracks Emissions

Through constant monitoring of the gasoline flow rate, evaluating the combustion conditions and the resultant carbon emission, GOFAR can track just how efficiently your car is using the fuel.

As a responsible company, the inventors of the GOFAR device made sure it accurately measured the emissions of the vehicle and then gave the correct feedback to the driver.

If everybody on the planet used the invention, there will be fewer carbon emissions and thus a cleaner environment.

What the Insurers Think About GOFAR Mileage Tracker APP

Increased Sales

The insurance companies seem to have received the news of behaviour-based insurance sales in stride.

According to research done by the British Insurance Brokers’ Association, sales in this category have multiplied by 60% in the UK since 2012.

Discounted Insurance Premiums

Users who have opted to have a telematics device such as GOFAR in their device pay insurance premiums that are heavily discounted, sometimes to as far as 25% in the UK.

If you are a young driver that is finding insurance premiums abnormally high, you can invest in a GOFAR device that will provide proof of safe driving and thus attract discounts in premiums paid.

According to Australian Associated Motor Insurers Limited (AAMI), people who have verifiable data on safe driving will in future continue to profoundly influence the risk and pricing models of motor vehicle insurance.

Richard Booth, a director at Sapere Research Group, says that the Australian Insurance regulatory system is biased against good driving. “It amounts to good drivers subsidising the bad,” he says.

To solve this problem, GOFAR has promised to initiate a program where those using the device and follows its advice will promptly attract better premium rates.

The company offers to help users of the device compare different insurance companies’ prices to reward its good driving behaviour with premium incentives.

In Conclusion

Investing in GOFAR may not seem urgent today, but wait until you see the amount of money you are saving operating your car.

We all have better things to do with money than wasting it on fuel or unscrupulous mechanic, don’t we?

So, stop burning your hard-earned money and get GOFAR mileage tracking app ASAP.

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