Our Mission: Cut Car Costs For Drivers and Society

We set up GOFAR not just to cut the economic cost but also the social costs of cars.

Yes – GOFAR saves drivers time and money – but we’re already cutting car pollution and making roads safer. Join us on our journey.

Roughly 10 million people will die on roads by 2030 – GOFAR nudges families to safer driving styles. Cars are big polluters too but we’re cutting their emissions by 8%.

Born In Australia

Aerospace engineer, Danny Adams, founded GOFAR. He was driving by age 12 (on the family farm), launching homemade rockets by 14 and selected for NASA space camp in Alabama by 18! In fact, GOFAR uses missile tracking algorithms to monitor car motions.

Helping Drivers in 53 Countries

GOFAR is now live on 6 continents and our team comes from Australia, USA, UK, Poland, India, Kenya and the Philippines.

Many car problems – costs, maintenance, safety, pollution – are similar the world over. We believe global problems need global solutions – after all we all breathe the same air.

We Partner To Help Drivers

We partner with insurers, fuel companies, roadside assistance and mechanics to help drivers save time and money.

Partner with GOFAR

Smart cities, Safe Roads

GOFAR now works with government to make roadssafer and cities smarter. We support the globalToward Zero campaign to progressively cut road accidents. Our most recent 4 million km research pilotsaw a reduction in harsh braking of 23% and a 30%reduction in high range speeding.

Partner with GOFAR

The Design Journey

Design and aesthetic detail were a primary focus in the creation of GOFAR. The form had to fit in, match and even enhance any car interior whilst providing safe, illuminated feedback to the driver. Pretty and useful in other words!

Multi-Award Winner

Along the way, we’ve always listened to what drivers wanted and as a result, our Kickstarter campaign, which pre-sold over $200,000 in just 4 weeks, also won the Staff Pick.

We’ve won 7 national or international awards. We won a prestigious 2016 Good Design Award. In 2018 GOFAR was one of three companies nominated for the main ITS Australia Industry Award.

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  • Easily log business mileage
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  • Car faults in plain English
  • Avoid fines with reminders

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