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Our Mission Is To Make Beautifully Designed Products, That Make Driving Better. Today

We’re here to help the many millions who want driving to be better now, today in their current petrol, diesel or hybrid cars. We design beautiful, functional products that make a difference, saving you time and money.

GOFAR car diagnosis report
GOFAR app showing average fuel savings of 9.8% in 80,000 kilometres.
Danny Adams, Founder of GOFAR seated on a pod chair with laptop.

Born And Designed In Australia

GOFAR was first developed in Australia, initially by founder, Danny Adams. He was driving by age 12 (on the farm where he grew up), and designing and launching homemade rockets by 14 and went on to study Aerospace Engineering at UNSW, Sydney.

Going Global

Danny was joined by an increasingly global team to bring GOFAR to life. Imam, Ian, Cameron got it rolling. Ted and Braden aced industrial design. Pete, Szymon, Konrad and Bartosz coded line after line. Craig, Kris, Cady, Lia and Shay helped spread the word.

GOFAR is now live in 49 countries and every continent apart from Antarctica!

GOFAR team all smiles.
Upclose phone screen with intrestting driving scores for every trip

Helping Companies As Well As Drivers

We work with insurers, roadside assistance, mechanics and fleets to make driving safer, cheaper and less hassle. Reach out if you want to collaborate with GOFAR to cut costs, win new customers or deliver new services to drivers. hello@gofar.co

The Design Journey

Design and aesthetic detail were a primary focus in the creation of GOFAR. The form had to fit in, match and even enhance any car interior whilst providing safe, illuminated feedback to the driver.

Pretty and useful in other words!

Big thanks to cocreators who worked tirelessly with founder Danny on the form and function

Full GOFAR package on a brown table.

So Proud To Be Shipping

Along the way, we've always listened to what drivers wanted and we did a Kickstarter campaign, pre-selling over $200,000 in just 4 weeks based on our idea. It was a great moment last year, when we saw the actual boxes arrive and could start shipping to all our fantastic backers. Once again a massive thank you to them for all their support and especially their feedback.

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