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Car Warning Lights: Resource Centre

What Do Your Dashboard Engine Lights Mean?

Car Warning Lights, also called Vehicle Warning Indicators, are often the first sign of car trouble.

GOFAR uses your smartphone to tell you in plain English what 300+ common DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) or Fault Codes mean, and what you need to do about it… before things get expensive.

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So when your check engine light comes on, find out right away what – and how bad – the problem is, before you visit the mechanic.

Your Car Warning Light Symbols – View all symbols

Warning Symbols

Symbols associated with potentially serious problem. View all…

Safety Symbols

Symbols and indicators associated with safety issue. View all…

Lighting Symbols

Symbols and indicators related to vehicle’s lighting system. View all…

Common Symbols

Symbols and Indicators common to most vehicles. View all…

Advanced Feature Symbols

Symbols and indicators associated with advanced automotive features. View all…

Diesel-powered Vehicle Symbols

Symbols used in diesel vehicles only. View all…

Top 5 Reasons Your Check Engine Light Is On

Download this handy reference graphic to discover the top 5 reasons your check engine light is on. From failed catalytic converters to bad oxygen sensors and more.

Download PNG Graphic (251 KB)

Fault Codes Explained

Get a plain English description of 300+ common OBD2 DTC / Fault Codes that will help you save time and money.

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Download Spreadsheet CSV File (66.1 KB)

Car Warning Lights Ready Reckoner

Never get caught out again in your car wondering what that engine warning light means. Print this handy Ready Reckoner and keep it in your glove-box for an instant explanation.

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