GOFAR partners with Transurban to conduct massive Eco-driving trial 2022

With an overall fuel efficiency improvement of 5.5%, the trial has shown that eco-driving concepts have merit and can deliver meaningful fuel consumption savings, and therefore GHG emission reduction. While passenger vehicles have become increasingly fuel-efficient over time, there appears to be merit in actively promoting eco-driving now versus simply waiting for cars to get more […]


The Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) allows people to claim the use of their car for work as a tax deduction.  One of the allowable ways to claim is by the ‘logbook method’. The logbook method allows people to claim a % of all of their vehicle expenses based on how much the vehicle is used […]

FAQs About IRS Mileage Deductions 2021

What Is the IRS Standard Mileage Rate in 2021? If you choose to use the Standard Mileage Rate method of deduction set by US Government Agency, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), you will use the following rates for deduction: Business mileage at 56 cents per mile Medical miles at 17 cents per mile Charity miles at [...]
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