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IRS Mileage Logging Questions Answered

Why Do You Need to Log Your Mileage? It is essential to get a mileage logging up that is reliable and efficient. By tracking your mileage for business correctly, you can make a huge saving on your tax expenditure. The mileage app can also help you avoid the Internal Revenue Service audits which can be […]

How to Track Mileage for Taxes

Did you know that if you are self-employed or you are an employee who regularly uses a vehicle for business use, you can claim for unreimbursed mileage expenses as an itemised deduction? If you use your vehicle for purposes such as business trips, moving and charitable travel, and medical purposes, you can log the mileage […]

Why Is My Check Engine Light Still There?

You’ve got a check engine light warning on your dash. Now what? You must be worried. And that’s okay, because clearly your car is in trouble. But how serious is the problem? Can you trust your car to get you to your next destination? You’re not even sure if you should pull over, keep driving […]

Ultimate Guide to Making a Qualified ATO Logbook

2018 was the year in which Australian Taxation Office (ATO) planned to increase the control of claims for work related car expenses. This is a good enough reason to go over your tax claiming practices and make sure you are 100% squeaky clean. You should make sure you have your ATO logbook ready! Why is [...]

How to Calculate and Verify Uber Earnings

Regardless of whether you own a fleet of Uber cars or you are a sole driver, you need to be able to track your revenue and run it against your costs to verify you are not a loss-making entity. You are responsible for the success of your Uber business and can never blame the parent […]

Why Most Uber Drivers Fail to Make Good Money

Even though the ride-sharing economy has been hailed as a revolutionary innovation that has changed the transport industry for good, Uber drivers are in pain – a lot of pain. They face a myriad of challenges that the rider cannot even begin to understand. Areas where the GOFAR app and device can help you include; […]

Check Engine Lights: What to do and How to Fix Errors

Like most car warning lights, the check engine light is a yellow, orange, or red engine symbol that appears on your dash when your car’s system malfunctions. Either it flashes or it remains steady. In the event that your check engine light is flashing, that’s an emergency. Safely pull over as soon as possible. On […]

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