Working the ATO Logbook Method with a Car Expenses Cheatsheet

Do you use your personal car for business most of the time? If so, the ATO logbook method will help you boost your tax refund. Our Top Tax Refunding GOFAR Subscriptions Try the GOFAR app today ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Perfect for drivers who want to maximize their tax reimbursements. Automatically records every trip to Classifies business trips […]

GOFAR partners with Transurban to conduct massive Eco-driving trial 2022

With an overall fuel efficiency improvement of 5.5%, the trial has shown that eco-driving concepts have merit and can deliver meaningful fuel consumption savings, and therefore GHG emission reduction. While passenger vehicles have become increasingly fuel-efficient over time, there appears to be merit in actively promoting eco-driving now versus simply waiting for cars to get more […]

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