3 Best Mileage Trackers for Daily Commuters

Speaking of business mileage deductions, the IRS has strict recordkeeping requirements, so it’s highly advisable that you keep an accurate and detailed mileage log if you want to claim a tax deduction. In other words, each time you use your car for business purposes, you must keep a thorough record of: Your trip date and [...]

3 Simple Mileage Trackers for Recording Work Expenses

Of course, you’d like to maximize your tax deductions and save a ton of money. Who wouldn’t?! But, no way can you remember to catch every business mile because your schedule is full of frenzied activities. After all, no one will end up broke because of a few thousand bucks. Or would they? Read the [...]

What Makes Young Drivers Cause Accidents?

There is no doubt that young drivers take a lot of risk on the road. However, this is being addressed by the government through various sporting bodies. For example, the New South Wales government is working with sporting bodies with safety messages such as “Slow Down” and “Towards Zero”. Another example is the partnership with […]

6 Best Mileage Trackers on a Budget

Do you drive your car for work very often? Then you undoubtedly know how wearisome the process of logging every mile you drive can be. You know, remembering to check your car odometer at the start and end of each drive and doing all the calculations to get all the data ready for tax time. [...]

11 Incredible Mileage Log Book Apps for Uber and Lyft Drivers

Taxes are among the most important points to take care of for every rideshare driver working for Uber or Lyft and considered to be an independent contractor by the IRS. Unfortunately, there are a plethora of rules around those self-employed contractors. Fortunately, there are mileage log book apps that are available to help with tracking […]

5 Mind-Blowing Mileage Trackers Under $100

Do you drive your car or another personal vehicle for business purposes quite often? If yes, you know how overwhelmingly complicated mileage and expense tracking can be especially if you’re doing it manually in an old-fashioned way. You may also get really exhausted jotting down or typing in every drive and calculating the cost of [...]

Is Australia Succeeding at Cutting Emissions?

If there is a scandal that have caught the imagination of environmentalists and the shady deals that are responsible for muddling up figures on cutting emissions, it would be the VW emissions scandal. Presently, the Australian government is holed up in discussions with the petroleum industry to create emission standards for all new vehicles. Unfortunately […]

Why are People Becoming Bad Drivers?

That we will not drive in future is an understatement. New vehicles are increasingly coming equipped with such driving aids as lane assist, blind spot technology, and self parking. As if that is not good enough, big car companies are testing self-driving technology. To make the matters worse, drivers have become lazy. They are more […]

3 Major Reasons for Calling Road Assistance

It’s a painful experience when your car breaks down. No one needs that! Did you know that one of the most common reasons for a car breakdown in NSW Australia is due to a flat car battery? In the UK however, the top reason for a roadside assistance call out is flat tires followed closely […]

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