How Does IRS View the Mileage to and from Work?

The IRS considers the first trip out of your house to the office and the last trip from your office to your home as commuting. Commuting is not an allowed deduction, and therefore you cannot claim mileage deductions on commuting. The IRS sees where you live as a personal choice, and thus if you live [...]

What is the IRS Mileage Rate for 2018?

As an American in 2018, you can deduct some of the cost of running your car from your expenses if you use it for business purposes. To do that, you need an efficient way of tracking your business expenses. You can use a mileage tracking app such as GOFAR, which not only tracks your business [...]

FAQs About IRS Mileage Deductions 2018

What Is the IRS Standard Mileage Rate in 2018? If you choose to use the Standard Mileage Rate method of deduction set by US Government Agency, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), you will use the following rates for deduction: Business mileage at 54.5 cents per mile Medical miles at 18 cents per mile Charity miles at [...]

What is the Standard Mileage Rate for 2018?

In the United States, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has a standard mileage rate that is used to calculate deductible expenses for running a car. The rate is specifically computed to help people who regularly drive for business purposes to calculate their costs and then deduct them from their taxes. The Standard Mileage Rates include [...]

What is Fueling the Rise in Car Ownership in Australia?

Despite employment growth being flat, new car sales in Australia are at record highs. It looks like Australians still need to buy a car no matter the economic conditions. It is amazing that with its population, Australia is still among the top ten car ownership countries in the world. 1. Australians Love Cars According to […]

Do SUVs Still Command New Vehicle Market Share?

Don’t doubt it! SUVs are still in hot demand. In Australia alone, SUVs make up 43% of all new cars sold in 2018. This compares with just 34% passenger vehicles and a paltry 23% commercial vehicles. What this means is that SUVs hold 42.2% market share of all new cars sold in Australia compared to the […]

How to Keep Your Teens Safe When Driving?

Vehicle technology has improved over the last 10 years to include many safety features. Although the average age of a vehicle in Australia is higher than the average in most developed countries, you will still find some people with all cars that do not have the safety benefits of the modern vehicles. You do not [...]

What are Slow Zones?

A slow zone is an area that you’re not supposed to drive more than 40 km per hour. For example in the Yarra Council in Melbourne, new slow zones allow the driver to only drive up to 30 kilometres per hour. Unfortunately, most residents opposed this. A study in UK indicates that people are more […]

Why are Drivers not Alert on the Road?

A fifth of Australians drive their vehicles when they are already tired. A study indicates that one in every five Australians falls asleep on the wheel. Of all the accidents that happen on Australian roads, 20% are related to fatigue. You will not keep within your lane or react in an adequate time if you [...]
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