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How to Increase Your Car’s Fuel Mileage: Part 2

How to Improve Your Driving Habits to Increase Mileage 1. Utilise the cruise control Cruise control is especially important when you are driving on the highway. It helps you to maintain constant speed thereby saving you a lot of fuel consumption. Remember that every time you press the acceleration pedal or the braking pedal you […]

How to Fix a Low Beam Headlight

A low beam bulb that has been blown out has several safety disadvantages. For one it will make it difficult for you to see when you are driving at night and secondly it will force you to use high beams which will make it difficult for the other drivers to see the road. Fixing a […]

What Do You Need To Know About Mileage Deductions?

There are numerous things that you should know about mileage deduction if you regularly drive your vehicle for business purposes. Understanding the tricks to employ around mileage deductions to get tax advantages for your vehicle operating expenses is an important business skill to have. For example, there are tax advantages in buying or leasing a […]

How to Fix Headlights that Keep Blowing Fuses

Even though vehicle headlights are designed to withstand weather vagaries such as temperature, humidity and vibrations, they still need to be replaced because of eventual burnout. You can either swap the headlights at home or have them replaced by a mechanic. Remember that the headlights are part of safe driving. Replace any blown out headlight […]

Tips for Tax Mileage Deductions

You need to be smart about the way you go about claiming mileage for business. Expenses incurred for running a vehicle counts for a lot when you compute your net income. You are well advised to use the tips below to make the most of the mileage deductions allowed by the Internal Revenue Service. Take […]

How to Drive an Overheating Engine

Only drive when the engine temperature is low Avoid driving for long with an overheating engine. If you have to drive an overheated engine, only drive it once the engine cools down. If the overheating problem is not recurrent, the problem might have been caused by factors such as driving during a hot day, leaving […]

Don’t Make These Mileage Log Mistakes!

Having the IRS auditors poring over your business’ books is a nightmare. But you have seen nothing if they haven’t discovered mistakes on your returns. And no, we are not engaging in scaremongering. Once they get a mistake, they’ll assume there are more errors and will henceforth go through your business transactions line by line. […]

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