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How to Keep Your Teens Safe When Driving

Vehicle technology has improved over the last 10 years to include many safety features. Although the average age of a vehicle in Australia is higher than the average in most developed countries, you will still find some people with all cars that do not have the safety benefits of the modern vehicles. You do not […]

What are Slow Zones?

A slow zone is an area that you’re not supposed to drive more than 40 km per hour. For example in the Yarra Council in Melbourne, new slow zones allow the driver to only drive up to 30 kilometres per hour. Unfortunately, most residents opposed this. A study in UK indicates that people are more […]

Why are Drivers not Alert on the Road?

A fifth of Australians drive their vehicles when they are already tired. A study indicates that one in every five Australians fall asleep on the wheel. Of all the accidents that happen on Australian roads, 20% are related to fatigue. You will not keep within your lane or react in adequate time of you fall […]

How to Cut Your Car Maintenance Costs

You can save quite a few hundred dollars by doing auto repairs, and you don’t need in-depth automotive industry knowledge. By understanding how a few things work, you can save a lot of money that you spend on your mechanic. Take the following points into consideration, and you are on your way to saving a […]

How to Replace a Distributor Cap and Rotor

1. Locate the distributor cap The distributor cap is located under the car’s hood. Open the hood and look around for aplastic grey piece near the centre of the engine. The distributor cap looks like a crown that has a lot of sick and black cables connected to the spokes on its top. These thick […]

How to Repair a Car with No Prior Experience

How would you love to be able to manage their most basic car maintenance and repair work on your own to save a few dollars? Even if you’re not a professional mechanic, it should be easy for you to replace things such as worn out distributor cap or repair your car’s electrical power. In fact, […]

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