GOFAR’s Car Repair Sensor is Saving People $1000

Car problems. Check engine lights, fault codes. Everyone gets them at some point.

And understanding them typically requires a costly visit to the mechanic or knowledge of OBD2 scanner codes. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

GOFAR constantly monitors your car’s health and instantly alerts you to any problems it detects. Right on your smartphone. Explained in plain English – what the car warning light means, its severity and what you should do about it… before it becomes expensive.

Protecting your precious asset 24-7-365, whether it cost you $10,000 or $100,000, has never been more cost-effective (and even tax-deductible!).

Get Alerts Instantly When Your Car Has a Fault

When your car has a problem, GOFAR instantly sends an alert to your phone and explains what – and how bad – it is.

Deal With Mechanics Knowledgeably

With 300+ common OBDII scanner fault codes explained in plain English, you’re always one step ahead of the mechanic.

Set Rego, Insurance and Service Reminders

Set reminders for just about anything; from tyre pressure to rego to servicing. Stay covered, stay safe and avoid fines.

Don’t Spend Thousands On ‘Repairs’ You Don’t Need

Paying your mechanic to just check your car and run diagnostics can cost $100+.

GOFAR lets you do this yourself. No more being at the mercy of dodgy mechanics looking for a quick buck at your expense.

Confusing Problems Made Simple

Using the same OBD2 scanner technology that mechanics use, GOFAR explains 300+ common faults in plain English – so you know what the issue is, how severe it is and what happens if you keep driving.

Check out some examples at our comprehensive Car Warning Lights Resource Centre

It’s As If Your Phone Is Your Car’s Personal Assistant

Get automatic reminders for vehicle registration, insurance, servicing and more – stay covered, stay safe and avoid fines!

Set and forget – safely leave GOFAR plugged in for all year round protection and monitoring.

See How GOFAR Saved Pete Hundreds

One of our customers – Pete – is using GOFAR with his prized sports car.

Here Pete explains how GOFAR recently saved him hundreds by helping him avoid an expensive and unnecessary visit to the mechanic.


Driven with GOFAR

Since 2016, GOFAR-connected cars have logged more than 95 million kilometres in more than 50 countries across 6 continents.

You will need:

GOFAR Adapter

The Adapter plugs into your vehicle’s diagnostic port. Your car’s data is then sent from the Adapter to the GOFAR app on your phone.


The GOFAR app is your window into your car’s efficiency, performance and health. Track trip distances and duration, expenses and more.

GOFAR is a Multi-Award Winner!

GOFAR won a prestigious 2016 Good Design Award and was a Kickstarter staff pick. It’s now helping drivers in 50 countries across 6 continents. See pricing

Average rating in the App Store
  • “Being able to drive further on a litre of petrol is smart business for Uber driver, Matt. His driving behaviour is being re-wired by this device; like a black box for your car” ― David Eccleston, 7 News
  • “When it comes to monitoring your car’s health and performance, there’s nothing better than GOFAR. The clever device that connects your car to your smartphone.” ― Ben Fordham, 2GB
  • “I’ve been using GOFAR for 4 months now and it’s been great. I especially like the log book feature as I can export it straight to my accountant for tax purposes.” – Brett Fiedler
  • “I’ve done over 3,800 trips as an Uber driver since I purchased GOFAR and it has recorded every one. I tell everyone to go buy one. Great device.” – Les Hall
  • “Very good Product. Love the real-time information it provides as I drive my vehicle. Highly recommend GOFAR.” – Brayden West

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  • Easily log business expense mileage
  • Save almost 10% on each tank of fuel
  • Get car faults explained in plain English
  • Avoid fines with handy reminders
  • Easily log business mileage
  • Spend almost 10% less on fuel
  • Car faults in plain English
  • Avoid fines with reminders

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