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Your Car Speaks.

It Pays to Listen.

Spend less on fuel, servicing and tax by plugging this into your car.

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Driven with GOFAR

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Works in any petrol, diesel or hybrid since 2007 (and many older).

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Here's how it works

GOFAR adapter plugs in under your dashboard icon

Adapter plugs in under your dashboard

GOFAR data synced with your smartphone icon

Driving data is synced with your smartphone

Track evertything in the GOFAR app icon.

Track everything in the GOFAR app

GOFAR app - Business expenses

Business Expenses

For the cents per KM method just swipe the business trips and it’ll do the rest. When you’re ready just do an export and you’re all done!

Fuel Savings

In six tests, GOFAR delivered average fuel savings of 9.8% in 80,000km of tests. That’s like 10c off every litre!

GOFAR fuel savings
GOFAR car health alert

Car Health

GOFAR alerts you when there’s a problem with your car – in plain english – so you can deal with it BEFORE it becomes expensive.

Easy Servicing

Don’t waste time struggling to and from the dealer. Our top rated mobile mechanics come to you!

GOFAR easy servicing notification

Happy Customers

Arrived quickly, easy to install and has saved me money after only a month.
David Harrington

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Your Car Speaks.

It Pays to Listen.

Spend less on fuel, servicing and tax by plugging this into your car.

KM Driven with GOFAR



The Adapter connects your car to your phone. It simply plugs in under the dash and reveals the hidden data in your car.


The ‘Ray’ display sits on your dashboard and glows to respond to the efficiency of your driving.

Blue means good,
Red means you’re burning money.


Car Health

Don’t get ripped off at the mechanic. GOFAR diagnoses problems for you – so you can confidently handle them before they become costly.

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Drivers using GOFAR’s Ray enjoy average fuel savings of 9.8%. That’s like saving over 10 cents off every litre!

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Say goodbye to your paper logbook! GOFAR automatically records your trips so you won’t miss a dollar at tax time.

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A better way to service your car. Certified, top rated mobile mechanics come to you at the tap of a button and at a fraction of the cost.

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60 reviews

Very impressed. Got this for Fathers Day and it's been interesting to use since. Good to look at the stats after each drive and a challenge to be able to drive full distance with blue lights displaying the entire time.

it's as good as it sounds! I bought one for my car and ordered a second one within days, for my wife. The logbook feature is the easiest system ive ever seen.

I ordered the GOFAR the other night and was really surprised when it turned up the very next day
so I installed it straight away and after it went through its setup I was really impressed with the feedback i was getting from the car
very impressive product and I've recommended it to lots of people I've told about it
really looking forward to see what updates are added to the app

Absolutely love this product. Dropped my fuel economy by almost 2L/100km by teaching me not to have a lead foot.
Had a small issue, dropped into their office where they fixed it with no problems. Like I said to the guys who sorted me out, I would give GoFar 6 stars if I could. Keep it up guys, love your work.


Works in any petrol, diesel or hybrid since 2007 (and many older).

Happy Customers

Bloody ripper slick device we use for tracking business mileage.
Glenn Hankinson


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  • 1 Year Warranty

"You've just killed a whole suite of mileage apps"

- Ima from Sydney


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