Will GOFAR Work in My Car?

GOFAR will give you control over your car like never before. Our award-winning app and device will help you track your business mileage, save on fuel costs, get car faults explained in plain English and avoid fines. Find out if your car can GOFAR…

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Yes! Your Honda Accord is compatible in Indonesia.

GOFAR is an all-in-one solution for your car.

  • Car problems instantly detected and explained
  • Proven to deliver safer driving
  • Tracks all business mileage
  • Save on fuel

Uh oh… your car may not be compatible with GOFAR

Your car may not be OBD2-compliant, so we can’t offer a guarantee on your make and model at this point. However, if you believe your car is OBD2-compliant, please use the links below to double-check. If you can confirm it is OBD2-compliant then GOFAR will work with your car.

Does My Car Have OBD-II?
How do I know whether my car is OBD-II compliant?

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GOFAR is compatible with over 42,000 models of cars.
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