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How GOFAR Works

Understanding your car has never been easier.
GOFAR installs in minutes with no tools or technical skills needed.


Driven with GOFAR

Step 1. Download the App

The GOFAR app is your window into your car’s efficiency, performance and health.
The app steps you through the set up process in minutes with nice, clear pictures.

Step 2. Plug in the Adapter

Plug the Adapter into the car’s diagnostic port. It’s easy as plugging in a power cord. The port is usually above the pedals under your car’s dashboard. It’s what mechanics plug into to read your car.

Step 3. Attach Ray to the Dashboard

Place the Ray on your dash with the movable adhesive patch. Next connect the Ray and Adapter using the thin custom cable. It’s as easy as plugging in headphones.

You're All Installed!

Now you can start driving. Your car is being monitored for faults every 2 seconds and you can start saving on fuel, tax and servicing!

Here's a Good Overview

This video by CH7 News explains it well.


No Hassle Servicing

Upfront fixed priced quotes from top rated mechanics using quality parts.

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Business Expenses

Helps you with tax & company claim expenses.

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Car Health

GOFAR alerts you when there's a problem with your car - in plain english - so you can deal with it BEFORE it becomes expensive.

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Lower your Fuel Cost

Intuitive feedback that's proven to improve economy.

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Happy Customers

It’s as good as it sounds! I bought one for my car and ordered a second one within days for my wife. The logbook feature is the easiest system I’ve ever seen.
Mickey Gubas

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