Drive in Your Car’s Sweetspot and Spend Less on Fuel

GOFAR helps you eco-drive smarter. It finds the optimal throttle position that maximises power and minimises fuel consumption and provides realtime feedback to ensure you drive in the “sweetspot” of optimal fuel efficiency.

Read Transurban’s peer review highlighting GOFAR’s superior eco-driving results.

In 80,000km of driving tests* the GOFAR Ray saved drivers…


Fuel Saving*

* Some saved up to 30%


Per Tank*

* Based on 70L tank
Fuel economy of 10L/100km
Fuel cost of $1.50/L


Per Tank*

* Average speed 40km/h

* Figures are approximate. Read disclaimer

Find Out How GOFAR Can Save You Fuel

Here’s a quick explanation on the science behind GOFAR.

See how it works

Simple, Intuitive Feedback

Precision sensors constantly calculate your engine’s sweetspot. When the Ray shines blue, you’re driving efficiently. When it shines red, you’re burning money.

It works in your peripheral vision, so you can still keep your eyes on the road at all times.

Score Every Trip

Get a driving score for every trip you make. Compete against others on the global leaderboard and make commuting that little bit more interesting.

Make Your Car The Greenest Car

Driving efficiently is a win-win for your bank balance and the environment. Adapting your driving behaviour is the single most cost-effective thing you can do to reduce emissions.*

* Source: McKinsey Carbon Future Report

GOFAR is better, safer, faster, greener…

3+ months over 8500km
with Roadside Assistance organisation trial

12% reduction in emissions for Roadside Assistance trial

Reduction in harsh braking events in trial

Reduction in heavy acceleration events in trial

4 drivers over 11,500km
Reduction in fuel use between 5% and 31%

Gain in fuel economy over 52 consecutive urban commutes

Improvement in fuel economy in urban driving below 30km/h News Corp trial

Lower RPM
Lower peak speeds and
faster journey times!

GOFAR Trial Partners

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Real-world mileage being tracked right now

Since 2016, GOFAR-connected cars have logged more than 95 million kilometres in more than 50 countries across 6 continents.

You will need:

GOFAR Adapter

The Adapter plugs into your vehicle’s diagnostic port. Your car’s data is then sent from the Adapter to the GOFAR app on your phone.


The GOFAR app is your window into your car’s efficiency, performance and health. Track trip distances and duration, expenses and more.

GOFAR Ray – Optional

The GOFAR Ray is a simple but effective, helping you avoid speeding fines, save fuel and get home safely.

GOFAR is a Multi-Award Winner!

GOFAR won a prestigious 2016 Good Design Award and was a Kickstarter staff pick. It’s now helping drivers in 50 countries across 6 continents. See pricing

GOFAR kick starter kit
Average rating in the App Store
  • “Being able to drive further on a litre of petrol is smart business for Uber driver, Matt. His driving behaviour is being re-wired by this device; like a black box for your car” ― David Eccleston, 7 News
  • “When it comes to monitoring your car’s health and performance, there’s nothing better than GOFAR. The clever device that connects your car to your smartphone.” ― Ben Fordham, 2GB
  • “I’ve been using GOFAR for 4 months now and it’s been great. I especially like the log book feature as I can export it straight to my accountant for tax purposes.” – Brett Fiedler
  • “I’ve done over 3,800 trips as an Uber driver since I purchased GOFAR and it has recorded every one. I tell everyone to go buy one. Great device.” – Les Hall
  • “Very good Product. Love the real-time information it provides as I drive my vehicle. Highly recommend GOFAR.” – Brayden West

Try GOFAR Today

Free Returns Within 60 Days*

  • Easily log business expense mileage
  • Save almost 10% on each tank of fuel
  • Get car faults explained in plain English
  • Avoid fines with handy reminders
  • Easily log business mileage
  • Spend almost 10% less on fuel
  • Car faults in plain English
  • Avoid fines with reminders

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