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Drive In Your Car's Sweet spot. Spend Less On Fuel

Drivers using GOFAR’s Ray enjoyed average fuel savings of 9.8% in 80,000km of driving tests. That’s like 10c off every litre! Some saved up to 30%

  • Intuitive feedback that’s proven to improve economy
  • Pays for itself in months
  • Don’t burn money
GOFAR car diagnosis report
GOFAR app showing average fuel savings of 9.8% in 80,000 kilometres.
GOFAR adapter
GOFAR Device


Driven with GOFAR

Here's how it works

GOFAR adapter plugs in under your dashboard icon

Adapter plugs in under your dashboard

GOFAR data synced with your smartphone icon

Driving data is synced with your smartphone

Track evertything in the GOFAR app icon.

Track everything in the GOFAR app

Multi-Award Winner

GOFAR won a prestigious 2016 Good Design Award and was a Kickstarter staff pick.
It’s now live in 6 continents and 49 countries helping drivers improve economy around the world

GOFAR Device

How Does GOFAR Save You Fuel?

Here's a quick explanation on the science behind GOFAR.

GOFAR adapter with red ray light means you're burning money.

Red Means You're Burning Money

Precision sensors constantly calculate your engine's sweetspot, the optimum position that maximises your power and minimises your fuel consumption.

Blue is good

Then simple feedback safely guides you there. It works in your peripheral vision, so you keep eyes on the road.

GOFAR adapter with blue ray light meaning good.
Upclose phone screen with intrestting driving scores for every trip

Score Every Trip

Compete on the global leaderboard and see where you stack up. See driving scores for every trip and make commuting more interesting! Who's the best? You're the best!

Make Your Car The Greenest Car

Efficient driving is a win win for your bank account and the environment. Adapting your driving behaviour has the best pay off of anything you can do to reduce emissions.

A green car

See How We're Different To Apps and In Car Displays

Compare and see for yourself!

  GOFAR Driving Apps Built In Car Displays

Real Time Feedback

Works Automatically May need to start each trip manually
Safe To Use Phones can be distracting in cars
Proven Effectiveness Car displays often confusing
Monitors Braking and Acceleration Usually just reacts to acceleration
Frequent Updates Cars only rarely updated

Recorded Information

Saves Your Drives To The Cloud May need to start each trip manually No data stored
Map of Route Travelled Nope
Tag Your Trips Some apps No
Track CO2 Emissions May get estimates Rarely
Accurate Speed Data Estimates speed based on GPS
Stores Individual Trip History Usually Just stores total driving
Lets You Compete With Friends + Family Sometimes No

Happy Customers

Bloody ripper slick device we use for tracking business mileage.
Glenn Hankinson

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And Here's 3 Other Ways Ray Helps You Too!

GOFAR car expenses icon
Save The World

Saving 10% on fuel cuts CO2 emissions by 10% too

GOFAR ATO Logbook method icon
Speed Alert

Ray can glow red when you exceed a certain speed. Great for P Platers

GOFAR ATo cents per KM icon
Stay connected

Ray alerts you so your phone and car stay connected

Check your car’s compatibility

GOFAR works in any petrol, diesel or hybrid since 2007.

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