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Very impressed. Got this for Fathers Day and it's been interesting to use since. Good to look at the stats after each drive and a challenge to be able to drive full distance with blue lights displaying the entire time.

it's as good as it sounds! I bought one for my car and ordered a second one within days, for my wife. The logbook feature is the easiest system ive ever seen.

I ordered the GOFAR the other night and was really surprised when it turned up the very next day
so I installed it straight away and after it went through its setup I was really impressed with the feedback i was getting from the car
very impressive product and I've recommended it to lots of people I've told about it
really looking forward to see what updates are added to the app

Absolutely love this product. Dropped my fuel economy by almost 2L/100km by teaching me not to have a lead foot.
Had a small issue, dropped into their office where they fixed it with no problems. Like I said to the guys who sorted me out, I would give GoFar 6 stars if I could. Keep it up guys, love your work.

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