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All new petrol, diesel and hybrid cars work with GOFAR. In fact, every petrol car since 1996 in the US, 2001 in Europe and 2006 in Australia are compatible.

Money Back Guarantee


GOFAR works in over 700 million cars around the world - any car that is OBDII compliant in fact.

GOFAR guarantees that we will refund your purchase if we tell you your car is compatible and it turns out not to be, so you have no risk.  

Please just complete the form above indicating your Country, Car, Year of Manufacture and Fuel type and we will usually respond within 20 seconds via email.

If we need a bit more research time we will always aim to respond within 24 hours.

Erm..What On Earth Does OBD-II mean?

OBD stands for On-Board Diagnostic (and OBD-II or OBD2, was simply the second generation).  It's been around since the mid 1990s and is a standardised interface that provides controlled access to certain data from your car's engine control unit (ECU).  It's accessed by plugging in a compatible device, like GOFAR, into a standardised, 16 pin port, usually living under your steering wheel.  

Finding the OBD port can be a fun challenge but you never need to get your hands dirty or pop the bonnet as it must be within 90cm of the steering wheel.



"Your phone is smart.  So why not your car?"



When Did Cars In My Country Get OBD Ports?

All cars in the USA have been "OBDII compliant" since 1996.  The OBDII port was introduced into cars to make emissions testing easier.  The USA (and particularly California) led the way and gradually this standard has been adopted all around the world.  

Below is when the standards were mandated in the following countries.  Imported cars will usually comply with their country of manufacture.

  • Australia - since 2006 (petrol)
  • Australia - since 2007 (diesel)
  • Brazil – since 2007 (petrol)
  • Brazil - since 2015 (diesel)
  • Canada – since 1998
  • China – since 2010 (petrol).  2008 (Beijing)
  • China - since 2011 (diesel)
  • European Union – 2001 (gas)
  • European Union - 2004 (diesel)
  • Hong Kong – since 2007
  • Israel – 2003
  • India – 2013
  • Japan – since 2003
  • New Zealand – since 2006
  • Russia – since 2012
  • South Korea – since 2008
  • Taiwan – since 2008
  • Thailand – since 2013
  • Turkey – since 2013
  • USA – since 1996
  • UK - since 2001 (petrol)
  • UK - since 2004 (diesel)
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