Diesel-Powered Car Light Symbols

Vehicle Diesel-Powered Light Symbols

A common car light symbol on the dashboard of diesel-powered vehicles is the Glow Plug Indicator – it comes on when the engine’s glow plugs are still warming up and your engine should not be started until this light goes out – if it flashes after starting the engine, an issue has been detected and a glow plug may have worn out. Below is a list of more dashboard lights specific to diesel vehicles.

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Note: Your dashboard symbols and car warning lights may look different to the dashboard lights below. The colours and/or designs may be different. Check your vehicle manual for more information.

Glow Plug Indicator

Indicator light means that the engine’s glow plugs are warming up and the engine should not be started until the light goes out. If it flashes, an issue has been detected, such as a worn out glow plug. Get Diagnostic App

AdBlue Tank is Empty

Indicator light means you have to fill the tank with more exhaust fluid. Get Diagnostic App

Fuel Filter Warning

Indicator light means that the diesel fuel filter is full, and needs to be emptied to avoid engine damage. Get Diagnostic App

Water Fluid Filter Warning

Indicator light means water in fuel filter has reached maximum capacity. Drain the water from filter. Get Diagnostic App

Exhaust Fluid

Indicator light means that the diesel exhaust fluid reservoir is low on fluid. Get Diagnostic App

AdBlue Malfunction

Indicator light means either the AdBlue system is malfunctioning or the system is not filled with the standard liquid. Get Diagnostic App

Diesel Particulate Filter

Indicator light means the diesel particulate filter has failed its test and needs to be serviced. Get Diagnostic App

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