Monitor Your Car’s Health. Track Mileage. Save Money.

  • Instant alerts when your car has a problem
  • Clear explanations right on your phone
  • Effortless IRS Compliant Mileage Tracker

Pete Saved $700 On Mechanics

person holding a GOFAR adapter

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Like Own Your Private Mechanic

Like Your Own Private Mechanic

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Problems Explained BEFORE You Visit The Mechanic

Problems Explained BEFORE You Visit The Mechanic

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Handy Maintenance Alerts + Reminders

Handy Maintenance Alerts + Reminders

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Simple To Install. Just Plugs In

Simple to Install.  Plugs In


  • One of the better investments I’ve made!PAUL FRANCO, MINI COOPER
  • If a fault code pops up it’s easy to find out what it is. A mechanic will cost you a great deal more.FRANK POPPY, SUBARU



Louise Saved Hours Tracking Her Miles

GOFAR automatically and reliably tracks all your miles. It makes it easy to track trips and business mileage for tax or expenses.

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Works For ATO Lgobook, Cents/KM and Company Expense Methods

All Methods – Company Mileage + IRS Mileage Tracker + Cents/Miles

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Save Hours

Save Hours With Automatic Mileage Tracking

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Easiest Way To Track Business Miles

Easiest Way To Track Business Miles

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Export Reports. Records Stored In Cloud.

Export Reports.  Records Stored In Cloud.

GOFAR mileage tracker

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GOFAR?

GOFAR is like a FitBit for your car. It logs all your drives automatically for easy, accurate expenses, and it helps you monitor your car’s health on your smart phone. It can help you save fuel too (and more).

Will GOFAR work in my car?

GOFAR will work in any OBD2 compliant car. That means any car built for*:

  • United States after 1996
  • Canada after 1998
  • UK + Europe after 2001 (petrol) and 2004 (diesel)
  • Australia after 2006 (petrol) and 2007 (diesel)

As of Oct 2018, GOFAR is currently working in 52 countries and every continent (except Antarctica).
* When you perform a car compatibility check through our site, and receive an emailed confirmation that GOFAR will work in your car, then GOFAR will offer you a money-back guarantee in the event that your car turns out not to be compatible.

Should I buy a cheap $30 OBD2 dongle on eBay?

If you just want to look up occasional fault then you can buy a no brand OBD2 adapter on eBay for very little.

The risks (before you plug a $30 device into your $30,000 car) are:

  • It is unclear who the manufacturer is
  • Customer support may be limited
  • Private data is broadcast from device to phone without encryption
  • The devices are not pin protected
  • The software usually uses copied code (ELM327 software)
  • Updates are difficult or non existent
  • The device may or may not have car battery sleep mode

GOFAR backs our products, encrypts data, pin protects devices, writes all our code, updates our hardware and have sleep mode for batteries.  And did we mention we also do ATO Compliant logbooks and many other things as well as diagnostics.

Should I buy a 3G / 4G OBD2 Adapter?

3G/4G OBD2 devices are expensive – about $1,000 over the contract life – and may upset drivers as they track ALL the time.

They are designed for Fleet Managers to track assets and observe drivers. If you are a Fleet Manager and don’t particularly trust your drivers then 3G / 4G is definitely a solution you should consider. Contracts are usually $25-$40 / per vehicle per month.

GOFAR can track all business mileage like a 3G / 4G device can do but
1 – we are much cheaper
2 – we have no lock in contract
3 – we are designed for drivers and protect their privacy

One final note – please note, 3G may be switched off in some countries in 2021 so look out for that. This will not affect GOFAR at all.

Can I install it myself?

Yes, GOFAR installs in minutes with no tools or technical skills needed. You basically download the app, plug GOFAR into your car’s diagnostic port (above the pedals usually) and pair with your phone.

How GoFar works

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