Why You Really Need GOFAR Ray’s New Feature

How many times in your life have you had the urge to say a sentence “Why didn’t you just say so?! Frustrating, right?

So many annoying situations could have been avoided if you only knew what’s going on. You know all those times when you tried to send a voice message, only to find out the smartphone hasn’t been recording you at all?

All those failed video attempts that happened because the ‘record’ button didn’t work.

Technology in combination with the human factor sometimes simply glitches. GOFAR, however, makes it so that human error is much less of a concern.

GOFAR is seriously easy to use. There are several steps to setting up the device and putting it to work. It isn’t difficult, and the entire process is user-friendly.

  1. Download the best OBD2 app
  2. Plug in the device to your OBD port
  3. Attach Ray to the dashboard

Still, no matter if you have only three steps to your setup, or even just one – things can sometimes go wrong.

What went wrong?

Remember our story from the beginning? The one about figuring out half-way your video that you’re not even recording?

Something similar happens. You start driving and, for some reason, your car app disconnects. Since you don’t know it, you continue to drive.

It’s not that big of an issue because your GOFAR is still collecting data about your drive and does your car diagnostic. It doesn’t sync with your car diagnostic app the way it is supposed to.

All that data will be saved on your Ray, and you can sync it later.

Still, there may be some issues when your smartphone app disconnects without your knowledge. You may be under the impression that all your numbers are up to date when they are not.

For example, you may want to try and do the Speed Bump Experiment. It is important that you have the precise data about all your rides.

You drive over speed bumps and flat roads, but your app doesn’t show it. Your statistics aren’t updated yet, and you don’t even know it.

Why did it happen?

There can be several reasons why your phone can get disconnected:

  • Phone battery is dead
  • Your phone accidentally or unexpectedly turned off
  • Your app accidentally or unexpectedly closed
  • Your Bluetooth connection has been interrupted
  • You accidentally turned off your Bluetooth
  • Your OBD2 Bluetooth adapter causes issues
  • Your phone is in Airplane mode

All these problems are fixed easily. To fix them, you need to know you have them, first.

Remember that sentence from the beginning?

Why didn’t you just say so?

That is precisely what we taught your Ray to do – to let you know there’s an issue!

What does the new feature do?

Ray still doesn’t speak. It subtly indicates the efficiency of your driving by the use of its LEDs. That’s efficient, and it doesn’t distract you. This feature works on the same principle.

If your phone gets disconnected, Ray’s right side will pulse red three times, and then the outer edges of Ray will turn red and stay red.

Keep in mind that this is a reminder for you to make sure you synchronise the app and the data on your Ray after you finish your drive.

How to reconnect the GOFAR app?

Most likely, this will only be a matter of a simple tap of your finger on the app shortcut. However, don’t try to do it while driving! You can put yourself and others into danger, and it is not worth it.

Your OBD2 scanner will still perform engine diagnostic. Ray will use 7 out of its nine lights. When you catch a moment to pull over, touch the app to turn it on.

The less likely issues are the connectivity issues with your Bluetooth or with your phone.

If you can see that your phone is functional and it performs other operations successfully, make sure the Bluetooth is turned on.

If the issue persists, you may want to repeat the pairing process. Here is what to do if you own an iPhone:

Android devices can also be paired. Here is how to pair an Android smartphone.

Most likely, turning on your app again will do the trick. Checking the Bluetooth settings is your next move. Your app still doesn’t connect? Contact GOFAR support for more help.

Do you know somebody else who has had this same issue? Have friends who also own GOFAR?

They might be missing out or asking themselves why their Ray is suddenly red in its corners.

Share this article and let them know about this new feature.

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