Who Is Danny Adams?

Danny Adams sitting in a chair with a laptopDanny Adams was 14 when he designed his first homemade rocket.

While I was careful enough to do this outside the house, this launched my passion for rockets.

Four years later, I was one of only two Australians to be chosen to attend the NASA International Space Camp in the USA.

That’s me on the far left of the picture, in a NASA jumpsuit, ready to learn.

It was an amazing experience for which I’ll always be grateful. It led me to believe I could use technology to help people.

Danny and the international space camp crew in NASA jumpsuits

I enrolled at the University of New South Wales in 1999. Here, I spent the next four years pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering.

I founded GOFAR in 2013 after eight years at industrial giant 3M.

 GOFAR App in action


Louise Chilton is a field interviewer for a government department. Louise dreaded the paperwork that came with driving around for work. She had to jot down the kilometres she covered, and when she travelled. Every single time!

Sometimes, she forgot to take note of the details and had to rely on her memory. This was especially tricky on late Sunday nights. Her job required her to record the kilometres for reimbursement as this directly affected her pay.

This was before she discovered GOFAR logbook app.

The app helped her to reconcile her work, time, and travel. Now all she has to do is export a log, as GOFAR automatically logs the kilometres she has covered for work.

It also makes tax time easier, as the nature of her work means that the travel she makes is listed separately on her ATOcompliant app. The app classifies her travel into either business or personal travel with just a quick swipe of her finger. Magic!

So, I founded GOFAR with Louise and thousands of other Australian drivers in mind.

Billions of dollars a year, just left in the hands of the tax man. The thing that’s affecting most Australians in this area is that they’re apathetic and they just forget.

–  Brett Kelly, Accountant, Kelly+ Accountants

GOFAR provides a plug-in device that helps you create a digital logbook. This allows you to maximize your deductions at tax time.

It automatically sends all your trips to your phone. So if that’s a work trip, you just swipe right on your phone and it records that information for you

– Ian Davidson, GOFAR app

Do You Have Any Patents?

Yes, I do. The US Patent Office has approved two of my patents:

Who Has Recognised Your Work?

We won the Technology Programs Award at the Australian Road Safety Awards for the SIRA Young Driver Telematics Trial in 2021.

Danny accepting award from Deputy Prime Minister McCormack

Danny receiving the SydStart 2014 Startup Trophy

  • I received the 3M Circle of Technical Excellence Award from 3M Australia in 2011.

Danny's 3M Circle of Technical Excellence Award

  • Earlier in the year, I accepted the APAC Quarterly Excellence Award from 3M APAC and China.

Danny's APAC Quarterly Excellence Award

Have You Been Featured on the News?

I was interested in reducing the environmental impact through driving, so it started as a project around measuring car emissions

– Danny Adams, GOFAR’s Founder.

  • David Eccleston, a 7 News reporter, called me a rocket scientist for designing a Fitbit for your car in 2017.

I have saved on average 10% on fuel, so that’s between 20-30$ a week

– Matt Skinner, Uber driver.

What Do Others Say About You?

I have worked with Danny at GOFAR. As an aerospace engineer, he’s solid on the technical side of the business. He’s equally good at the soft side of business – no one listens to customers and more faithfully synthesises their views than he does. On a personal note, he’s honest, reliable, thoughtful, relentless, has nice hair and married well.

– Ian D., CEO at GOFAR

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