Make Your Car Smarter With GOFAR Trends

WANT ALL YOUR CAR DATA ON YOUR PHONE? Well, now you’ve got it.  Distance, fuel cost, economy, fill ups, driving score and speed.

It’s been great to track all my metrics easily on my phone using GOFAR – apart from that last one, speed.  I still cannot believe how slow my average speed is driving around Sydney.

We’re also tracking emissions – you’ll be surprised how many kgs of CO2 just one commute dumps into the air but being aware is the first step.

What else..?  Time in traffic is also logged.  You can actually control how much time you spend in traffic far more than you realise and our earlier blog post on sleeping in to save the world is worth a read!


First make sure you’re on the latest version of the app, then click on the new chart icon and start exploring.  Read on for some tips.

Chart icon

1 – The Basics

2 – Screens: What You Can Now See

3 – Experiment with Tags – And See How Wearing Shoes Affects Economy

4 – Compare Drivers – See If Your Son Is Driving Safer Than You

We’d love your feedback on the trends (or indeed anything else) so we can continue to make things better.


With Trends you can now see the following metrics:

  • Costs
  • Fuel burned (set your units to metric or imperial)
  • Trip Duration
  • Distance driven
  • CO2 emissions
  • Economy
  • Acceleration Score
  • Braking Score
  • Driving Score
  • Average Speed
  • Refill Cost, Volume and Price

You can look at metrics by Day, Week or Month

To navigate metrics, swipe at the top of the screen to switch metric and swipe left or right to go back or forward in time.  If you tap and hold the screen then you can drill into the detail a little.  Try it..!


View and track your fuel costs

Gofar app - Fuel cost calculate

View and track the volume of fuel burned

Gofar app - Fuel use tracker

Time in traffic

Gofar app - Time in traffic

Track your mileage with GOFAR

Gofar app - Mileage tracker

Monitor emissions

Gofar app - Emissions monitor

GOFAR monitors fuel economy. (You can choose MPG too)

Gofar app - Economy score

Monitor your acceleration aggression. Higher is better. Tap and hold to see a particular day in this weekly view.
Gofar app - Acceleration score

Monitor your braking smoothness. Top tip – anticipate further ahead to get this score up

Gofar app - Braking score

Overall driving score (out of 200)

Gofar app - Speed score

You can see your speed averaged by day, week or month. Most people find it’s a lot lower than they expected (or hoped!)

Gofar app - Average speed


A few months back we introduced tags.  After any trip you can tag that trip as “Business” or indeed as anything else you choose.  For example I recently ran an experiment driving with and without shoes.

I’d heard one theory that driving without shoes was more sensitive and gave more control and better fuel economy, whilst I’d heard another that said driving without shoes was unsafe!

Regardless, I thought I’d tag my trips for a few days to try and shine a light on the debate.

Gofar app - Economy score

Tagged trips are shown in dark and the summary measure is added above the chart to the right of the overall summary for easy comparison.
So far there does not seem to be any economy gain in my No Shoes experiment..

You can also tag trips as Business if you need to track work expenses.

Gofar app - Distance travel in a month


You can tag trips as anything, and so if you have two drivers using the same car you can use Tags and Trends to compare performance – on economy, average speed and acceleration and braking scores for example.

If you have new drivers in the family then comparing drivers can be a fun way to give the new driver a target to beat whilst giving a parent some peace of mind whilst good habits are learned.

Compare economy

Gofar app - Monthly economy calculation

Track distance – handy if you share costs on the car

Gofar app - Monthly distance calculation

With GOFAR in your car, driving keeps getting smarter – but we really appreciate it if we get advice from customers on what directions they want, so let us know what new charts and insights you’d like to see in the future.

Still not sure how GOFAR makes your car smarter? We are happy to explain. Ask our friendly online support now.

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