GOFAR Measures Australia’s Cars With Best Gas Mileage

We passed 2 million kms of driving data and decided to have a dig around to see what helpful info we could provide.  Looking for a new car? VW stands out among the cars with best gas mileage!

Knowledge is power

GOFAR mobile app screenWhen you put GOFAR in your car it’s like upgrading your car and one of the benefits is that it provides drivers with a lot more information.

When consumers have more knowledge, they have more power and that usually translates into a better deal for the driver.

So, here at GOFAR, we’re dedicated to providing you useful insights that can help reduce the costs and remove the frustrations of owning a car.

What are the cars with best gas mileage?

This post is just a simple starting point but we wanted to share it to get comments.  It started when we asked “What is the most efficiently driven car in the GOFAR community”?

Well, we ran some numbers and then realised we needed to be more specific so we refined the question to what is the most efficient petrol (or gasoline) make / model in the community.

Here’s the top three for you, but bear in mind this is based on actual driving data as opposed to claimed efficiency.

Maybe certain cars have strong economy performance but appeal to drivers who have a slightly heavier foot!  Also bear in mind that the more cars we monitor the more accurate we can be.

Cars with best gas mileage in GOFAR's driver community

Given the furore over emissions reporting in the last year, no doubt VW will be pleased to see this!

Data puts you in the driver’s seat

Consumer organisations, like Choice, have flagged up that manufacturer’s claimed efficiency does not always match the reality.  This may not surprise the skeptical driver, but manufacturers go through set tests and (generally) take compliance with these very seriously.

We can only imagine in the future that given recent issues (and it wasn’t just VW with “issues” – Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Mazda and Mitsubishi’s cars have all been shown to emit more NOx pollution on the road than in regulatory tests), car brands will be working hard to re-establish trust in their claims and procedures.

What you can do as a driver though is use less fuel and drive more efficiently, whatever type of car you’re driving and here at GOFAR we hope to provide you with the information and tools to do so.

We’d love your comments on car efficiency data and we’ll provide more data soon. The information above was based on cars with best gas mileage in the GOFAR community in Australia and we’ll update it shortly with more makes and models.

Interested in having GOFAR in your car? We work hard to make GOFAR compatible with all brands and models.

At this moment, it works with all petrol, diesel or hybrid vehicles made after 2007, but also with many cars made before.

Spoiler alert – it probably does.

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