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Nothing ruins your day like a speeding fine. So the GOFAR app has built in a handy adjustable speed alert into Ray that acts as a helpful reminder when you nudge over the limit.

Yes, not only does the Ray make sure that you are driving your car at peak efficiency, it can also help you avoid hefty fines and speeding tickets!

No one likes speeding fines whether you’re a new driver or if you just really rely on your car.  And if you drive for a living – as a courier, sales rep or Uber driver – then you absolutely can’t afford to lose your license.

That would literally cost you a lot, and that’s not good when you’re trying to make a living.

There are good safety reasons for keeping to the speed limit – higher speeds make crashes more likely and more severe. And Governments and police forces are taking action to improve road safety all the time (and issue tickets of course).

One of the team passed three police cars on a trip to his parents on a rolling motorway where it was quite easy to pick up speed on the downhills.

On telling our engineers they decided to quickly build a nice little feature that allows you to set a maximum speed threshold.  It’s really handy if you drive on the highway a lot, as it can save you from potentially committing a traffic violation by ensuring you’re driving in your car’s sweet spot.

You adjust it in the app in Settings > Ray Settings > Speed Threshold.

Just swipe left or right to set whatever maximum speed threshold you want in the car and Ray will start “blushing” when that speed is exceeded (whether you’re in the car or not).  It’s that simple.

Avoid the hassle. Start saving money on fuel and avoiding speeding tickets with GOFAR as your driving buddy.

Gofar app settings

[Please note that features tend to get rolled out on iOS first then move to Android some weeks later]

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Danny Adams

Co-founder of GOFAR and with a Computer Science background from Harvard University, and a Bachelor of Aerospace, Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering (Honours), UNSW. I want to transform data from cars into useful services so -> drivers save time & money -> emissions fall -> Australian roads are safer. So we built an ATO-compliant logbook app called GOFAR. I write to help you understand how to use GOFAR to maximise business travel. Reach out via support@gofar.co.

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