How Does GOFAR Work?

How does GOFAR work? Simply drive your car in its sweet spot and you’ll save money – directly on fuel savings and indirectly on maintenance and insurance.

You’ll be reducing your carbon footprint too.

Keeping your car in its sweet spot when you’re driving can be difficult (which is why racing drivers have whole teams supporting them).

Luckily GOFAR is a simple device and app that makes the sweet spot visible to you, in real time, as you drive.

When we drive in traffic, it’s easy to get caught up in the struggle with everyone else.  When we do this, we waste energy in rushing forward just in time to brake for the next traffic lights or another stopped car.

Small actions change everything though.

When your car moves at a smoother, more even pace, without all the start / stop stress, your car uses less energy to complete its trip and so you save money.

When you drive more efficiently, you drive safely as well, because you’re anticipating and looking ahead at other drivers.  So it’s not just you who saves – it’s everyone on the roads.

How do I know if I’m driving my car in it’s sweet spot?

Gofar dongle and ray with blue light. Blue means you are saving fuel

Ready to find that sweet spot for your car and your driving style? Try GOFAR for 60 days and see its amazing fuel-saving effects for yourself.

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