Easy ATO Logbook Tracking & Taxes

GOFAR is an Australian-made logbook app designed to help you track your mileage and can save $750/year on fuel.

GOFAR is set and forget! Never forgets to log a business trip. Save hours of time.

Check Engine Light on Car Dashboard

Perfect for 12-Week ATO Tracking

Leave-in to automatically track ALL your trips – simply swipe right to mark a trip for business. Get a bigger tax refund with GOFAR.

Professional Drivers, Uber, Taxi & Fleets

Designed to help making driving easier. Keeps track of fuel costs, kilometres driven, and maintenance warnings.

Easily Customised

Tag your trips to match business/personal and get reminds for insurance, renewals, rego and servicing.

We can help you save money on your car – FULL FEATURE LIST

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