Never Stress About Your ATO Logbook Again!

This ingenious device does it ALL for you, not just for 12 weeks, but all year round!

Does GOFAR Work With My Car?

  • Plug and play device automatically records each trip
  • Effortlessly classify trips with business purpose
  • Easily export a complete ATO logbook at tax time
  • Get OBD2 scanner diagnostics on your phone
  • Get realtime driver feedback – save almost 10% on fuel

Simple Plug and Play Automatic Trip Record Keeping!

When it comes to maximising deductions at tax time, the Golden Rule is Record, Record, Record. And that means everything, regardless of your destination or purpose. GOFAR does this and more (plus it’s tax-deductible!).

  • Leave-in device tracks every trip for a complete mileage and expense record at tax time.
  • Just ‘swipe right’ to classify trips as business and even add a business purpose
  • Works with any reporting method, including % Business Use and ATO Standard Rate.

Vehicle expense reporting has never been quicker or easier!

KM Driven with GOFAR

This Aussie tech now sold in 52 countries

How GOFAR Maximises Your Vehicle Deductions


Choose Your Window

A complete logbook record means you can choose the 12-week period that maximises your vehicle expense deductions.


Keep Accurate Records

No more hit and miss logbook records. Accurate records mean more deductions for you and less stress all year long.

Works Everywhere

Works Everywhere

Works with all reporting methods, including ATO Standard Rate and % Business Use, plus it’s tax-deductible.

Fuel Tank

Track Your Fuel Spend

GOFAR lets you record all your fill-ups, giving you instant access to your total fuel spend for the taxable period.

white and pink coloured dollar sign

Drive Smarter

GOFAR’s realtime driver feedback helps you minimise wear and tear and save almost 10% on every tank of fuel.

Car Care

OBD2 Scanner

Not just a logbook. GOFAR constantly monitors your car for over 7000 potential problems.

Does GOFAR Work With My Car?

Using GOFAR is Simple and Easy!

Plug GOFAR Into Car Port

Simply Plug GOFAR In

Installs in minutes – No tools or professional help needed.

Show me where the port is.

Sync GOFAR With Phone

Sync GOFAR With Phone

Connect GOFAR to the free app on your phone using Bluetooth. Available on iOS & Android.

Set Your Tags

Set Your Tags

Just ‘swipe right’ on trips to mark as business. Tap to record your fillups.



Stars RatingBrett F

“I’ve been using GOFAR for 4 months now and it’s been great.”

I especially like the log book feature as I can export it straight to my accountant for tax purposes.

“Great device.”

I am an uber driver and drive approximately 250-300 miles a day. My GOFAR is on every day and records every trip I make, and that can be up to 25 trips each day. I have done over 3800 trips since I purchased my GOFAR and it has recorded every one. I often get people ask what it is and I tell them to go buy one.

Stars RatingLes H

Stars RatingBrayden W

“Highly recommend GOFAR.”

Very good product. Love the realtime information it provides as I drive my vehicle.

“Thank you GOFAR!”

GOFAR allows me to record my business trips with ease onto the app and saves me from having to manually keep a record. I have been telling everyone in my workforce!

Stars RatingKelly D

Stars RatingRob D

“One month in and it works perfectly.”

Gone is the logbook app where you had to start, stop and record everything. And on top of that, I’ve saved money in fuel by watching my fuel consumption (that lead foot is getting lighter). GOFAR is worth every penny. Highly recommend this product.

“Go and purchase one!!!”

These little GOFARs have made the world of difference in managing kilometres. This is an easy to use gadget that will change your world, to top it off their customer service is amazing! Nothing is a problem to them at all!!!

Thanks guys!

Stars RatingAlly S

Stars RatingNeil L

“Absolutely fantastic device!”

I love how simple it is to use and that I don’t have to remember to log my trips! Will be recommending to all my BDM mates!

“I am a gadget geek and of all my gadgets, GOFAR is my favourite.”

It has improved my driving by telling me when I am braking or accelerating too hard, it tells me the cost of the fuel I use each trip, and a lot of other useful information. I love statistics and the GOFAR gives me a lot of them.

Stars RatingDanni S

Stars RatingMark L

“I believe I have at least saved 5% on fuel.”

I’ve been using GOFAR for the past 6 months. There is literally no learning curve. Out of the box, I mounted the GOFAR Ray on my car’s dash. The GOFAR Ray let me know straight away if I was accelerating too fast or braking too much. It’s really easy to follow as the feedback is instantaneous.

Have a Question? See Our FAQs

GOFAR will work in any OBD2 compliant car. That means any car built for*:
– United States after 1996
– Canada after 1998
– UK + Europe after 2001 (petrol) and 2004 (diesel)
– Australia after 2006 (petrol) and 2007 (diesel)

As of Oct 2018, GOFAR is currently working in 52 countries and every continent (except Antarctica).

* When you perform a car compatibility check through our site at gofar.co and receive an emailed confirmation that GOFAR will work in your car, then GOFAR will offer you a money-back guarantee in the event that your car turns out not to be compatible.

In most cars it’s just below the steering wheel. It’s always inside the car and must be within 90 cm of the steering wheel. Occasionally it can be hidden behind a removable panel.

You may need to get on your hands and knees and check in the footwell by the pedals. If you’re still scratching your head after 2 minutes, search for “OBD port location” with your car make and model or contact support@gofar.co and we’ll be happy to help!

You’ll recognise the port because it has 16 pins and looks a bit old-fashioned – rather like the back of an old video recorder. But once, you’ve found it – just plug in the dongle like you would a USB connector or a phone charger.

Yes. The GOFAR adapter (OBD2 port dongle) is a leave-in device that constantly monitor’s your car’s health and mileage. It uses very little power when it’s not connecting with the app on your phone and its data usage is low (around 75MB per month).

Yes. GOFAR plays nicely with other Bluetooth connections so you can make phone calls, listen to music, use navigation apps or use any apps just as you normally would while the GOFAR app works in the background.

GOFAR syncs data wirelessly and automatically with your phone using Bluetooth when it is in your car. Make sure your Bluetooth on your phone is switched on when you start your vehicle.

GOFAR works on all iPhones from 4S and newer. GOFAR works on Android phones using version 4.3 and higher.

Yes, GOFAR installs in minutes with no tools or technical skills needed. You basically download the app, plug GOFAR into your car’s diagnostic port (above the pedals usually) and pair with your phone.

Using GOFAR in a typical car, SUV or 4*4 etc doesn’t impact your car’s warranty.

GOFAR strictly adheres to the “OBD2 protocol”. This protocol (it stands for On Board Diagnostics) makes car emissions testing possible and governments around the world have legally mandated that car companies comply with this protocol and install it in their cars as part of pollution reduction initiatives.

It’s been a legal requirement in the US since 1996, in Europe since 2001 and in Australia since 2006 for example.
Car companies are not allowed to use anti-competitive measures to “lock” the use of this port to their own dealers or mechanics and plugging an OBD device into a car’s OBD port will not affect the car warranty as long as that device is not changing the car’s factory designed conditions.

Some devices may affect your warranty if they change a car’s settings. For example, some devices actively seek to change the factory designed parameters of a car (such as increasing fuel flow speed or boosting oxygen intake or fuel burn pressures) in order to get more performance or power from a car. In that situation, manufacturers could reasonably claim that this may void a warranty. Rest assured though that GOFAR does NOT in any way do this. We do NOT change any of the car’s factory designed parameters. We are NOT an engine tuning solution (and we generate improved fuel economy purely by helping the driver adjust their driving style).

In fact, GOFAR, is used by insurance companies to measure their drivers and manage and reduce the risks of driving. Insurance companies are not known for taking risks with warranties and they know that the OBD2 protocol is a government mandated system with which car companies must comply.

Ultimately any decisions about the validity of your warranty are between you and the manufacturer, but given the information above, and the fact that we’re unaware of any manufacturer withdrawing warranty cover because of a compliant OBD device like GOFAR we hope this helps explain why we say GOFAR does not impact your warranty.

We believe in our product and technology and all GOFAR units purchased come with a 60 day satisfaction guarantee.

Shipping Costs

The cost of shipping is outlined when you order.
Generally domestic standard shipping is free whilst Express can cost $10-$15.
International shipping is usually $20-$25 to supported countries.


We ship 8:00AM every weekday from Sydney. So, if you order at 8:01AM Tuesday, or 7:53AM Wednesday, it will be processed at 8AM Wednesday and will leave our warehouse that day.

Standard Post Metro Australia (80% of the population) Typically under 5 business days
Express Post Metro Australia Typically Next day from leaving warehouse
Standard International Shipping (USA, UK, Canada) 5 – 10 business days
Express International Shipping (USA, UK, Canada) 3 – 5 business days

If you live beyond the main metropolitan areas in Australia it can add a couple of days to shipping times (even the Express service).

Christmas and Holidays

It’s gets busy at certain times of year. We’ll do our best and will process as per normal, but please order as early as you can.

You can cancel at any time, without any cancellation fees. 

Canceling your subscription depends on how you signed up for GOFAR Unlimited. 

If you signed up through GOFAR’s website you simply need to email a request to support@gofar.co and we will action that.

If you signed up through the GOFAR app, then, according to the terms of the iTunes and Google Play app stores, you must open the app and cancel the service through your mobile device. 


GOFAR Unlimited is a pay as you go service and your cancellation will come into effect only after the end of your term.

If you cancel a yearly Unlimited plan, you’ll have access to Unlimited for the rest of the year and won’t be charged for the following year. 

If you cancel a monthly Unlimited plan, you’ll have access to Unlimited for the rest of that month and won’t be charged the following month. There are no refunds for either of these options.

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