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Vehicle Logbook: Resource Centre

There are so many taxpayers in Australia who are missing out on maximising their work related claims because of insufficient and poor record keeping. Are you one of them?

We’re here to help. GOFAR’s Vehicle Log book Resource Centre offers templates, checklists, guides and other logbook resources to record and claim work-related car expenses conveniently.

Your Checklist – Shortcut to Car Logbook Tax Deductions

Tax Time Checklist

Claiming Work-related Car Expenses in Australia – Simplified

Tax time every year can be a burden on even those of us who are very organised.

Use this handy, printable sheet to remind yourself, your colleagues or employees of their work-related car expense obligations.

Understand Vehicle Logbook Basics | See all

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Car Logbook Apps & Tools – see all

GF App

Car Logbook Apps

Make life easier for yourself. Get a list of the best logbook apps for Australians.


Vehicle Expense Tracker

Available in printable paper templates, excel sheets and calculation forms


Logbook Templates

Available in printable paper templates, excel sheets and calculation forms.

paper and books about income tax information


ATO car expense calculator to help you calculate tax deductions.

distracted driving road safety posters thumbnail

Road Safety Posters

Downloadable and printable road safety posters. Available in A4 and A5 sizes.

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Common Fuel Usage Questions

Rideshare Drivers FAQ

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