How Can A Car Logbook App Help Me Save Fuel?

The best car log book apps promote efficient driving because they can collect real-time data and influence your behaviour as you drive.

Extensive road testing shows that an app such as GOFAR, possibly the best car logbook app can save you up to $30 a week, or around 10 cents for every litre of fuel used. Read on to find out how.

Many people use cars or other vehicles a lot as a part of their busy daily routine. Some are newbies who are using a car for their personal use.

Others are experienced or professional drivers who are using their vehicles for business trips.

But they all strive for a common goal – to cut fuel costs and make their driving more efficient.

Are you one of them? Tired of spending too much at the petrol station? Concerned about your car fuel consumption but can’t quite afford to buy a new fuel-efficient car?

No worries – here’s the kicker!

There’s a car log book app that can guide you to better fuel economy hassle-free.

Sounds crazy?

Is a car log book app necessary and how does it work to save fuel? Keep reading and find out.

Can’t You Save Fuel Without A Car Log Book App?

People usually find car log book apps convenient for tracking work-related car trips. It helps them lodge the tax return effortlessly, too.

That’s often considered to be their main purpose.

But, tracking mileage and fuel consumption per distance travelled with a car logbook app could also help you save fuel.

Sound far-fetched?

You might be wondering:

‘Why on earth do I need a car log book app when many vehicle manufacturers already provide drivers with the fuel consumption figures?’

Here’s the reason: those figures don’t usually offer reliable information about the real amount of fuel a car uses in actual on-road driving.

That’s because they don’t take into account variables a particular car is subjected to in everyday driving such as the vehicle, weather, road or traffic conditions.

Reports show that top-selling cars guzzle up to 59 per cent more fuel than claimed by their manufacturers.

You need to get REAL insights into the exact calculation of your car’s fuel consumption.

That’s how you’ll be able to cut your fuel costs considerably.

Luckily, it’s possible. With an app like GOFAR!

Ready to take full control of your car expenses and minimise them? Here’s how.

How Can A Car Logbook App Improve Your Fuel Efficiency?

There is more than one car logbook app on the market nowadays. Their primary goal is not reducing fuel consumption as explained above.

Still, they do provide you with some helpful insights so that you can control fuel costs.

The possible problems with those apps can be that:

  • they don’t track fuel consumption and money spent automatically unless you previously add refueling and service expenses manually to the app;
  • they may not be precise enough because they don’t track the data on the go in real time.

Fortunately, one logbook app rises above the rest..

‘Drivers using GOFAR’s Ray enjoyed average fuel savings of 9.8% in 80,000km of driving tests. That’s like 10c off every litre! Some saved up to 30%.

How is that possible and what sets this car logbook app apart from others besides its award-winning design?

Among various other factors previously mentioned, you probably know that your driving style significantly influences fuel efficiency.

You only need to learn how to drive in your car’s sweet spot using the GOFAR car logbook app, and you’ll spend less on fuel. It’s astoundingly simple!

The free GOFAR app connects with the GOFAR dongle, which is plugged in under the dashboard.

Then, it connects with the GOFAR Ray to provide you with real-time feedback on your driving.

The Ray light turns BLUE if you are driving smoothly and saving on fuel. But, it gradually turns RED if you start driving aggressively and burning money.

The red light instantly alerts you to rapid acceleration, hard braking or any other similar driving behaviour which hurts fuel efficiency.

‘With this real-time feedback, our drivers can make more informed decisions about their driving habits. Reducing these behaviours can have a real impact on how much you spend on fuel, with some drivers saving up to 22%! For a 70L tank of fuel that is a saving of 15.4L which is an extra approximately 200 km more you can drive before you need to fill up!’

You see how the way you drive can considerably alter your car fuel consumption figures?

Tracking your fill-ups with the app also helps to make your driving cheaper.

This intuitive feedback which shows the fuel consumption and cost of your vehicle under its actual operating conditions is proven to boost fuel economy.

Check out how Matt Skinner, an Aussie Uber driver, is saving $20-30 a week on fuel using GOFAR.

Not all geographically short routes are always quicker and more efficient. Sometimes you spend less fuel when you take a route which seems longer at first but may be flatter. It’s due to higher average speed.

Wondering why? Because lugging your two-tonne-car up a hill requires more fuel.

Also, GOFAR works in your peripheral vision without distracting you from the road. It allows you to stay focused on the traffic with precise sensors constantly calculating your engine’s sweet spot.

By glancing at the Ray lights, you can easily detect when your car is running best.

Now that you’re aware of these many often overlooked details, turning your car from a fuel waster into a fuel saver is a real no-brainer, right? Especially with the help of a car logbook app such as GOFAR.

Your job is merely to keep it BLUE – nothing else. No technical skills needed. Nada. Zip.

And you don’t need to own a brand new super fuel efficient car to do the job.

Want to know the best part?

GOFAR Brings Extra Enormous Benefits For Drivers

Did you know that lack of servicing, under-inflated tyres and traffic density also lead to excessive fuel consumption?

Apart from being a real fuel saver, benefits of using the GOFAR car logbook app are plentiful.

Not only does it help you save fuel and manage your car costs, but among many other advantages, it enables you to:

  • automatically log, precisely calculate and generate reports of all your travels so that you can easily claim tax deductions and get your business travel expenses reimbursed by keeping clean records;
  • immediately find out when your car doesn’t work properly so that your mechanic can repair it before it becomes worse and more expensive;
  • decrease fuel emissions and reduce your carbon footprint by prompting you to drive efficiently;
  • avoid fines and keep safe by getting reminded for anything from registration to tyre pressure;
  • cut time spent in traffic and much more.

So, what prevents YOU from getting the GOFAR app? Don’t you want to achieve good fuel economy and improve your car performance?

Fuel is money, remember?

Stop burning your hard-earned money and make saving fuel effortless. Let GOFAR become your fuel saving buddy!

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