Vehicle Expense Tracker

A good vehicle expense tracker automatically tracks ALL your mileage by tracking every trip your car makes (even if your phone battery dies!).

That means you get a complete and accurate mileage record at tax time.

Because GOFAR is a leave-in device, it can do all this and more.

And to help you track all of your vehicle-related expenses, we’ve created a series of FREE vehicle expense tracker templates to help you stay on top of your logbook reporting.

Available in landscape and poster formats.

The Google Sheet file is View only. You need to sign into your Google/Gmail account, then click File and select “Make a copy“.

Click here to open the Sheet and make your own copy.

Track Work Mileage With GOFAR

  • Log, calculate and export business expenses at the press of a button
  • Always-in device – Never miss a trip!
  • Available on iOS and Android

How Does it Work?

GOFAR mileage tracker app on a white smartphone screen
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