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That you don’t have to buy or lease a car to become an Uber driver is one of the company’s most significant selling points.

Still, most Uber drivers want to own their vehicles because it is more profitable that way.

The most unfortunate thing is to find out that your car is not acceptable to Uber. Even worse is buying or renting a brand new car and then finding out that you spent all that money for nothing.

To avoid getting into these situations, we have compiled some of the reasons why Uber will reject your car.

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Note: Each city has its unique Uber vehicle requirements, but these reasons should be enough to get you out of problems and help you better understand how Uber works.

1. The car is older than 10 years – In cities around the world, the required age of Uber cars is less than ten years. This means that if your car’s date of manufacture is 2008 or older, Uber will reject it.

2. You car’s payload is for less than 4 riders – The most common Uber service is UberX. Car under this service must have a capacity to seat four passengers or more. Don’t even bother to take your vehicle for Uber inspection if it can’t comfortably seat four passengers.

3. Your car didn’t pass government vehicle inspection – If you took your car for government inspection and it did not pass, the car might not even be allowed in your city’s streets, and thus there will be no point of taking it for Uber inspection.

4. Irregular insurance paperwork – If your full name is not on your car’s insurance, Uber will reject your vehicle even if it has passed all the other inspection points.

5. Visible dents – Any unsightly dents on your car’s bodywork will lead to disqualification from entering the Uber system. A small scratch here and there may not be a problem, but anything that makes the inspectors think that you are not a good driver will see your car get rejected.

6. Taxi markings – If you previously used your vehicle for traditional taxi services and it still has the markings, it will not be allowed on Uber platform.

7. Salvage cars – Uber takes the safety of its passengers very seriously. A car that has been rebuilt using parts from other cars after a major accident may not be safe, and therefore, the inspectors will reject the car.

8. UberXL car has to seat six passengers – If you applied for UberXL, ensure that your vehicle can seat at least six passengers.

9. UberPlus needs luxury cars – Your vehicle will not qualify if it is not a luxury model such as BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Classes and Audi A4s, among others

10. UberBlack needs luxury cars – Unless your car is painted black or grey and has a beige leather interior, it will not qualify for this category of Uber services.

11. UberBlack needs a 2012 or newer car – For your vehicle to be eligible for the UberBlack category, it must not be older than three years.

12. UberBlack requires commercial insurance and registration – The general rule for the UberBlack class is that it must be registered for commercial services and its insurance must indicate as much.

13. UberBlack needs livery and airport permits – Your car will not qualify for the UberBlack category if it does not have livery permits such as airport permits. In some cities, this rule may not apply.

14. UberLUX needs 2012 or newer cars – Your car has to be a high-end, full-size car to be accepted under the UberLUX services. Some of the vehicles allowed under this service include Mercedes Benz S-Class, Tesla Model S and BMW 7-Series.

15. Lack of registered numberplates in the jurisdiction of operation – If your car does not have the right number plates, it will fail the Uber inspection.

16. Not in the approved list of vehicles – In some cities, there is a list of approved vehicle models. Make sure you check the list before you take your vehicle for inspection.

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17. Damaged interior – If there are damages on the car’s interior, it will be rejected.

18. Chipped paint – Chipped paint is unsightly and may get your vehicle disqualified from entering the Uber platform.

19. Not comfortable for UberBlack, UberPlus, and UberSUV – These three services offer high-end services that demand the most comfortable cars on the market. If your vehicle is deemed uncomfortable, it will be rejected.

20. The car has been in many accidents – Car that has been involved in numerous accidents shows that either the driver is careless or its safety compliance is in question. This alone is enough to get it rejected.

21. Incomplete and inaccurate driver documents – If your driver’s documents are incomplete or insufficient, your car may also be dismissed by Uber.

22. The vehicle features functioning poorly – If, for example, a passenger got into the car, but at the end of the trip he can’t get out unless you open the door, the car locks are not functioning correctly. If Uber inspectors find these type of faults, your car will be disqualified.

23. Driver not qualified as an UberX driver – If you are the driver listed under the car’s insurance, but you are not qualified to drive for Uber, the car will also be disqualified.

24. Faulty windshield wipers – Wipers that leave lines on the windscreen are enough to get your car disqualified from entering the Uber platform.

25. Failed car lights – Your car’s headlights, stop lights, taillights, and turn signal indicators need to be in working condition otherwise your car will be disqualified.

26. Tyres with worn out treads – Use a penny to check tire tread. If the treads cannot hold the penny in place, then your car risks getting disqualified from entering the Uber platform.

27. Faulty windows – Your car’s windows should easily roll up and down, and the rear window and windshield should not bear crack lines.

28. Unadjustible seats and seat belts – Front seats should be adjustable and ready to move backwards/forwards. Seat belts need to buckle and unbuckle otherwise your car may be deemed unsafe and get rejected.

29. Malfunctioning speedometer – Take your car on a test drive to ensure that your speedometer accurately rises and falls as you accelerate and de-accelerate. This is a security test that the Uber Inspectors will be keen on.

30. Cracked side mirrors – For your car to pass Uber inspection, your mirrors must be cracks-free and must be easily adjustable to either side.

31. Malfunctioning car horn – Your car horn should make noise when you press it to avoid knocking down the pedestrians.

32. Cracked rearview mirror – Consider replacing a cracked rearview mirror to avoid rejection by Uber inspectors.

Now that you know the things that might get your car rejected to get the right vehicle pass the inspection and get on your way to making money driving for Uber.

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