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Why Is It So Easy to Make Money with Uber?

“Uber is a great place to work!”. Most people would roll their eyes at this pronouncement, but it because there is as much negative vibe as there is positive on the internet about the ride sharing company. If you were to combine this technology with a few clever devices, you would realise that there are […]

How Can Uber Drivers Get the Best Fares?

One of the advantages of being a driver in the ride sharing industry is that there are recognisable patterns. Regardless of where you are operating from, learning and understanding these patterns will help you maximise your opportunities for making more money. As an Uber driver, you must be open-minded to learn from other drivers as […]

Best Cars For Uber and Lyft Driving

The best cars for Uber and Lyft offer comfort, reliability, and fuel efficiency at an affordable price. Irrespective of whether you want to drive for Uber or Lyft, your worry will be the same. You will wonder whether the car you want to buy will be fuel efficient, reliable, have enough legroom for your customers […]

How to Easily Become an Uber Driver In Australia

The ride sharing industry has over the last few years exploded – literally! It has become the easiest way to make money on a flexible schedule. It is therefore surprising that the information about how you can become an Uber driver is only available for those that want to drive in the U.S. If you […]

What Does an Uber Driver’s Tool Kit Contain?

All drivers have a toolkit with which they troubleshoot common problems. The nature of ride sharing is that the Uber driver’s kit needs to be more enhanced since he offers transport as a service – not to cargo or animals – but to human beings! Items such as sanitary wipes will not be relevant to […]

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