What are the Best Car Leasing Programs for Uber Drivers?

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Becoming an Uber partner is relatively easy, but getting a car that fits the strict Uber requirement is another ballgame altogether.

If you want to sign up with Uber as a partner or driver, you would want to be sure that the car you intend to signup with is acceptable to the company.

Numerous leasing programs can help you quickly navigate the Uber car requirements.

We have compiled the top leasing programs that you should consider if you don’t have a car, or you have one, but Uber has rejected it.

Remember that leasing a car is a little bit more expensive than owning the car. You will need all the help you can get to save on fuel, servicing, repairs and maintenance.

A smart technology such as GOFAR can help you monitor your car’s health and even your driving style.

The GOFAR device can also take the hassle out of car servicing by finding the best mechanics for you, getting the sweet spot of your car’s engine to help you save fuel, and logging your mileage for tax deduction purposes.

Choose Your Preferred Leasing Program

The most popular car leasing programs with Uber drivers include;

  • Uber Xchange
  • Flexdrive
  • Breeze

Uber Xchange Leasing Program

  • Allows unlimited mileage on the leased vehicle
  • Weekly lease fee is $100
  • To terminate the lease, you give a two weeks’ notice and pay a fine of $250
  • You can lease car models such as Chevrolet, Hyundai, Honda, Ford, Volkswagen, Subaru Nissan and Toyota. You are not limited to a Prius like in other programs
  • Some UberXL cars qualify for this program
  • Uber Xchange’s parent company is Uber and thus gives the drivers an added advantage
  • The interest rate on the lease is 11.6%
  • The payment on the lease is inclusive of the car’s maintenance
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Splend Rent

  • You get a new 5-star rated car by Australasian New Car Assessment Program which will improve your Uber rating
  • Your vehicle will have passed motor vehicle inspection before you collect it
  • The vehicles are ride share compliant and have comprehensive insurance for both the driver and the rider
  • He car gets scheduled maintenance
  • The car is already registered
  • You enjoy 24/7 breakdown support
  • The vehicle will be replaced if involved in an accident
  • You get discounts on health insurance, car wash, tax and accounting services
  • You get a total of 500 kilometres per week; additional kilometres are charged $0.20 per extra kilometre
  • Membership fee of $275
  • Minimum six-week rental period
  • Two weeks notice to terminate the lease
  • $199 per week discount is available for the first 30 new Splend members only
  • Available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane
  • Membership benefits: referral bonus, business mentorship, discounts, accidents management, vehicle replacement and drive training

Splend Rent-To-Own

  • Minimum of 8 weeks and at least two weeks’ notice to terminate the contract
  • Membership fee $990
  • Fee includes on-the-road-costs such as insurance, maintenance, tyres and other car consumables
  • Members benefits: referral bonus, business mentoring, discounts, accident management, vehicle replacement, driver training, holiday payment, access to excess KM credit

Breeze Leasing Program

  • Pay $250 to enter the program
  • The weekly fee is $195
  • You are limited to Prius car model
  • Limited to a weekly mileage of 600 miles, with additional miles being charged $0.15 per mile
  • 600 miles are a lot – ensure you use up the 600 miles limit to get the most out of your lease fee
  • You can break the lease with two weeks’ notice
  • Best for new drivers due to the easy return policy
  • A bit pricier than UberXchange, but great for contractors that don’t want to buy a car

Flexdrive (Rental) Program

  • Flexdrive is a car rental company that gives drivers flexibility
  • It is not necessarily for Uber drivers
  • You can opt for either weekly or monthly rental programs
  • You can swap cars depending on availability with other participating members
  • Maintenance, roadside assistance and insurance are not costs for the drivers
  • Weekly pay is $239
  • You also pay $100 one-time membership fee
  • No down payment or credit check is expected
  • You get access to cars for all Uber services including; UberSelect, UberXL, and UberX

Which Car Logbook App is Best?

Use the below comparison table to decide which app will help you track your fuel expenses and log mileage for tax.

FeatureGOFARVehicle LoggerDriversnoteATO LogbookDriverDirect
ATO Compliant YesYesYes: Paid onlyYes: GPS tracking or manuallyYes: GPS tracking or manually
Logbook Mileage TrackerYesYesYes: Paid onlyYesYes
Monitor Car HealthYes: Car Fault AlertsNoNoNoNo
Fuel SavingYes: 10-30%NoNoNoNo
Reduce CO2 EmissionsYes: Driver Behaviour FeedbackNoNoNoNo
PricePaid: GOFAR
FREE: iTunes
FREE: Android
FREE: AndroidFREE: iTunes
FREE: Android
FREE: iTunes
FREE: Android
FREE: iTunes
FREE: Android
Ongoing CostsYes, Unlimited Only.YesYesNo No
Lifetime UpdatesYesNoNoYes Yes
CompatibilityApple iOS
Google Android
Android onlyApple iOS
Apple iOS
Apple iOS

Why Should an Uber Driver Consider Leasing Programs?

Dedicated support and sales representatives

You have direct access to the sales rep that sold you the lease policy.

They will help you make your ride share business more profitable by partnering in facing the problems you encounter on the road.

Flexible hours

If you been looking for a way to move out of the 8 to 5 job and have a flexible schedule that is suitable for your studies, career and family, you don’t have o struggle.

Get into a car leasing program and drive for Uber and you never have to beg your boss for days off.

Professional development

Remember that the car leasing companies depend on you and other drivers for success. If you fail, they fail too. These companies look for the best business training materials and make them available to you.

Member rewards

To encourage safe driving, the car lease programs have reward systems such as fuel vouchers if you can minimise their costs of repairing the cars while on the road.

Be your own boss

You don’t have to waste away in an unsatisfying job. Car lease programs enable you to get into the ride share industry where you have a flexible schedule.

It’s your car 24/7

True, you lease the car, but you have the total control over who you drive and where you operate. The rent-to-own programs allow you to own something you would not have otherwise afforded.

Opportunity to own a new car

The rent-to-own cars allow you to buy new vehicles that would otherwise be out of your reach. The earn-to-own model improves your standard of living without breaking your back.

No emissions with fuel-efficient cars

Cars like Prius are hybrids which limit the amount of emission into the environment. In some countries, you will get some tax incentives for owning and driving such a car. Again, the vehicles are new and very fuel efficient meaning that you will not burn cash on fuel.

Pruis Prime white
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Access to more ways to earn with the referral programs

Almost all of the car leasing programs have referral programs where you can earn a lot of money for introducing your friends into the program.

Member support centres in every city

Car leasing programs go out of their way to create driver communities where the members share experiences and have a social life away from their driving career.

Access to member events

Again, members of car leasing programs are invited to knowledge sharing events in the city. This develops a community culture where people share experiences, create new solutions to their problems and in the end earn better money.

No startup costs

If you are getting into Uber driving with a leased car, you don’t need to have any capital. All you need is to dedicate an 8-hour driving shift six days a week, and you can earn a comfortable living. Some drivers make up to $90,000 per year from driving.

Investment in technology

Car leasing companies always look for the latest technology that can help their drivers’ life easy. With all the technology in the world, you don’t want to be the one to sift through the apps to see which one better suits you. This is done by the leasing companies.

Meet and learn from all types of people

As an Uber driver, you will meet all kinds of people ranging from politicians, business magnates, athletes, actors and many more. It is your chance to learn from a diverse selection of people to make your life better.

Reliability and service

You can always count on the car leasing companies to do their due diligence on the cars they buy to lease out to the drivers.

You will rarely lease a vehicle with mechanical or fuel inefficiency problems. As a driver, this will mean low down times, hence a higher income.

Get to know your city

By getting a chance to drive people around, you get to know your city. What is the best pizza joint in Melbourne?

Where do you expect to find a famous nightclub in Sydney on a Wednesday night? Ask an Uber driver, and you will have the best answer.

Car leasing programs have enabled people that would otherwise not afford it to venture into the ride share industry, overall improving the livelihood of thousands!

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