13 Brilliant Questions by Any Uber Driver Answered

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Succeeding as an Uber driver is no mean feat to accomplish. You will need all the help you can get if you are going to thrive in the cutthroat competitive ride sharing industry.

There are a few things you can do to help your chances at succeeding, and top among these is asking the right questions.

We have scoured the internet for the most important questions asked by Uber drivers and have broken them down so that you can add to the list as you get experience driving in your city and its suburbs.

1. How to Cut Daily Uber Driver’s Costs

Apart from the cost of running the car, you will also need small expense items such as water, snacks, mints, extra chargers, etc. Carry water and snacks from home to avoid spending unnecessarily at the convenient store.

Your customers will be impressed that you thought about them even before they got into your car. Always carry extra chargers for laptops and smartphones. Don’t forget the mint for some fresh breath.

As far as the cost of running your car is concerned, you may want to consider using a smart technology such as GOFAR. The tech helps you to maximise your income by monitoring your car’s health and even your driving style.

The affordable device can also take the hassle out of car servicing. The technology will find the best mechanics for you, get the sweet spot of your car’s engine to help you save fuel, and log your mileage for tax deduction purposes.

2. How to Keep an Uber Car Clean and Quiet

Become a regular customer at the local car wash. They will not only give you discounts on washing your car but also suggest some brilliant ways you can keep your car smelling fresh throughout the day.

Always think about getting some jazz music subscription so that you may have the music running throughout the day. A recent study shows that jazz music gets the most compliments from Uber rider.

3. How to Handle the Uber Rider

Always be courteous to the customer even when you feel like punching him in the face. Never ask for a tip, instead, concentrate on giving the customer the best riding experience you can provide, and it will not be too hard for them to give the tip.

4. How to Rate an Uber Passenger

Give a negative rating to your customers sparingly. Unless the customer warranted the lousy rating, don’t give it. Instead, don’t rate them at all. Just log out of the app and open it again.

Sometimes a customer is not a bad person, but he might have had a bad day at work, and you are the most natural target to vent to.

Besides, if you give a customer some lousy rating, you may never get that passenger again even when he is in the area you are driving. Why would you willingly lose a customer just because he was a little bit rude?

5. Which Uber Ride Request Should You Cancel?

They say cowards live to fight again while brave soldiers die in the battlefield. If you suspect that there will be trouble during the ride, cancel it.

Giving a ride to some unruly teenagers or a fighting couple may cost you more than the fare they were going to give you. You don’t want to end up with a damaged car just because you wanted a few dollars.

6. When Should You Switch-Off the Uber App?

Mobile UBER application
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Your work should dictate who you are. When you are tired, log off the app and take a rest. After all, that’s why Uber gives flexible hours.

You do not want to get a customer request when you are in the washrooms or having your lunch. If you reject too many ride requests, Uber’s algorithm will note this, and you will stop being prioritised in the queue.

7. Which Passengers Should Uber Drivers Avoid?

If you want to have an awesome day at work as an Uber driver, then offer rides to customers with a rating of 4.8 and above.

Be cautious though because some of the riders with a 5.0 rating can be brand new accounts with no real history of riding on an Uber car.

8. Where Should the Uber Riders Sit?

For some unknown reason, middle-aged men feel it is a sign of respect sitting in the co-driver’s seat. You don’t want a passenger seated that near to your dashboard controls.

You can solve this by always ensuring you open the back seat door for your customers.

However, if a passenger insists on sitting next to you in the car, don’t insult them by refusing. Engage them in a lively conversation. Sometimes, customers see talking to complete stranger about their problems as therapeutic.

9. Should the Customers Bring Food into Your Uber Car?

Most people are slobs (pun intended). If you allow people to get into your car smoking, drinking alcohol or eating, you may have to clean up your car before you pick your next passenger.

The time you take to clean the car is “dead hours”, and you are losing revenue.

10. Should an Uber Driver Chase a Surge?

Hotspot areas such as regular morning commutes and busy haunts such as Saturday night bars, stadiums and favourite restaurants usually see a surge in price due to an increase in demand and unavailability of drivers.

Unfortunately, most Uber drivers flock to these areas once a surge has been announced, meaning they earn less per ride than they would typically make.

Also, such places usually attract heavy traffic, meaning you will be in locked in a traffic jam for quite some time. Instead, don’t chase the surge. If it finds you in a location, take the rides; if it doesn’t, don’t pursue it!

11. Which Features on the Uber Passenger App Can Help a Driver?

For one, you can see where other drivers (your competitors) are using the passenger app. This can help you select a location with less competition.

The passenger app also features more updated information on surge prices than the driver app.

12. When Is It Good to Stop Driving?

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The thing is; every time you hit the gas pedal, you are incurring costs. Every time you don’t have a customer in the car, you are making a loss.

Find a central place where you can turn off the car until the next ride request comes. Costs always reduce your profits!

13. Can a Driver Cherry Pick a Rider Community?

It is essential to know the high demand localities. After a few months of driving for Uber, you should be able to identify which communities have a surge and when.

For example, if there is a school with rich kids that use Uber, you should be in the vicinity of the school before 3 PM.

An Uber driver is always encouraged to ask important questions that help him to make more money and become a better driver.

To survive the competition in the ride sharing industry, you have to be inquisitive and then actively seek for the answers to your questions!

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