5 Excellent Gifts for Your Husband’s Birthday

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One can seldom separate men from their gadgets. In Mark Gungor’s famous Ted Talk “A Tale of Two Brains”, he explains how the male and female brains work in distinctly different ways.

He points out that the male brain is divided into compartments that can only be accessed one at a time. He’s named one specific box “the nothing box” which is manifested when men sit before their screens or use their gadgets for long hours.

In other words, he says men find thinking about ‘nothing at all’ cathartic. Wondering how you can create an environment that fosters this same feeling for the man in your life? Then here are some excellent gift ideas you can get your husband for his birthday or even Fathers’ Day.

GOFAR OBD2 Scanner and Mileage Tracker

Regular vehicle maintenance is crucial as it will save him from unwanted problems, reduce his fuel costs, increase his safety on the road and even help reduce the depreciation value of his car.

GOFAR is essentially a leave-in OBD device that will make his car smarter as it monitors his car’s health and instantly notifies him of any problems it detects. It also allows him to set reminders for important vehicle check-ups such as servicing, insurance and registration.

Why is this a good gift?

The GOFAR Adapter plugs into the vehicle’s diagnostic port. His car’s data is then sent from the Adapter to the free GOFAR app on his phone.

This gift is useful because it will make it easy for your husband to track every one of his trips so that he has a complete mileage record at tax time.

He will also be able to set up location tags to automatically classify trips according to destination and further customise it to match either a personal or business situation.

Other features such as speed reduction alerts and handy reminders will keep him safe while on the road (so you worry less about him when he drives long distances for work). And it can also help avoid accident costs and annoying parking fines.

The fill-up log helps in monitoring fuel usage so your husband can use less fuel and save money. And the tracker will help him find his car in the event that he forgets where he parked it.

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Mark L shares his GOFAR experience, “I’ve been using GOFAR for the past 6 months. There is literally no learning curve. Out of the box, I mounted the GOFAR Ray on my car’s dash. The GOFAR Ray let me know straight away if I was accelerating too fast or braking too much. It’s really easy to follow as the feedback is instantaneous.”

Action Camera

Every now and then your husband may want to satisfy the adventurous cat clawing within. This could be through water sports such as jet skiing with the boys or a hike up the mountains.

A camera will make an excellent gift for your husband to document his travels and most memorable experiences. Learning how to use it and achieve the best shots could also be a fun hobby you could both share in.

The GoPro HERO7 White could be just the gadget your husband needs. This tiny camera is rugged and waterproof—so tech lovers can shoot any adventure and share it with friends and family.

The video stabilization feature enables the HERO7 White to record smooth, steady video whether you’re skiing, snorkelling or chasing your dog around the yard. And with Burst mode, you can get 15 photos in one second so you never miss a moment.

The photo timer makes it easy for your husband to grab a GoPro selfie or group shot with his whole crew in the frame. The voice control lets him make hands-free voice commands like “GoPro, take a photo” and “GoPro, start recording.”

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Thomas had this to say about his user experience, “Amazing! Absolutely amazing! This camera goes everywhere with me, from snowboarding to snorkelling. I would definitely recommend this”

Zoom Cellphone Camera Lens

While he’s out in the woods, your husband may need to get a closer look at his environs. A zoom cellphone camera lens is the perfect gift for him to attach to his phone and turn it into a pair of binoculars.

The Godefa Cell Phone Camera Lens allows you to capture the scenery far away clearly and provide you with high-resolution close-up pictures that make your short-sighted phone into a telephoto.

It is also made using high-quality advanced glass and shell. It is durable and portable with a universal detachable clip design that you can clamp into your phone. It comes with an eyepiece cap, so the lens can be used as a telescope when not attached to the camera.

The camera is easy to install, remove and clip and it is compatible with most phones such as the iPhone 8 and Samsung S7.

camera lens
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EET Olman considers this device a great camera zoom lens for its price, “Wonderfully clear pictures. Make sure to perfectly align the zoom lens with the camera lens, then adjust your focus. Once you do, you’d be amazed at how crisp the pictures you get from your cell phone camera can be.”

Above the Horizon Watch

Consider gifting your husband with a different kind of watch. The kind that allows him to not only tell the time but also provokes a certain sense of peace throughout his busy work day.

The “Above The Horizon Watch” is a sleek watch that captures the feeling of Earth’s great expanse because the line where the ground and the sky meet is visible anywhere you are on Earth.

The bottom half of the face is black, while a half circle containing an arch of numbers completes the top. Since the outer ring holds the hours and the inner ring keeps minutes, the watch’s hands never dip below the meeting point.

This exciting analogy that alludes to the endless skyline symbolizes limitless possibility that serves as a wonderful reminder for your husband to consider the bigger picture.

Running late to an important meeting? Stuck in traffic? Don’t worry, every moment is just one of many on the horizon.

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Circulation-Improving Leg Wraps

Perhaps your husband could use a little more relaxation in the evenings after a long day of pacing up and down at the office or lifting weights at the gym.

A good set of leg wraps would be an excellent gift for your husband as they would help in soothing his muscles and improve overall circulation for that much-needed relief.

These air compression leg wraps have six airbags that wrap around the entire leg and inflate and deflate to help blood vessels expand and contract.

Similar to hospital compression boots, the leg compression wraps use compression intervals to stimulate circulation in the thighs, hamstrings, calves, and feet and help facilitate blood flow back to the heart.

The wraps are also useful for recovery after running or exercise. The corded remote for the air compression leg wraps allow you to select from three intensity levels and seven programs.

Leg Wraps
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Here is James’ experience with the product, “Nice product, very well made, works well, good controller, easy to use. I bought it to alleviate oedema and I’d give it five stars except it doesn’t apply any pressure around the ankles – it takes care of foot and calf pretty well but my ankles are still swollen so I need to find something that will put the squeeze on them.”

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