11 Best Logbook Apps Caravanners Can’t Live Without

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As a caravanner, you will be visiting places off the beaten path.

You’ll need an all-in-one app that not only tracks your miles but also your fuel consumption and other vehicle-related expenses.

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What’s more, you want to fully enjoy every drive and to get to your remote destination safely, don’t you?

Then, you need a buddy that will promote safe and efficient driving by providing you real-time feedback on your behavior behind the wheel.

When you’re back home again, it will be useful to reflect on all the data you’ve gathered about the miles traveled, fuel burnt, safety, costs, etc. when planning your next trip.

Also, the same information will come in handy when you get your caravan or camper serviced, registered, insured or want to sell it someday and need to change its ownership.

Whether keeping a logbook is mandatory for motor homes or not is a debatable point in many countries worldwide.

For instance, here’s why logbook is so critical for UK caravanners:

“Check warranty documents, service receipts, invoices and log book. Be aware of the fact that if you have no log book, you will never be registered keeper and most insurance companies will refuse to insure the vehicle. New or used, insist on having the Users Handbook. Make sure your caravan was regularly serviced and check if it has been CRiS registered.”

Source: Pegasus Caravan Buyers Guide

Forget about recording all your adventures in bulky journals and traditional stitched binders.

We live in the digital age and those times are behind us. There’s an easier way to track everything automatically.

Check out the following 10 best logbook apps that caravanners cannot live without.


GOFAR is a peerless logbook app for caravanners – easy to set up and use. Actually, when you set it up, you can relax and it does all the checking and tracking automatically for you.

The adaptor on the GOFAR device plugs into your dashboard and synchronizes the data it tracks with your smartphone app.

However, it works perfectly well without your smartphone too.

No worries.

This app won’t let you down even if you’re in the middle of the woods with your phone battery dead or your smartphone gets eaten by a bear.

On average, the device will help you save up to 9.8% fuel usage or about 10 cents per liter.

Not only that. It will help you reduce CO2 emissions.

GOFAR logs mileage and helps export the log file into an Excel sheet for your analysis.

The app with a sleek design is also fantastic at monitoring your vehicle’s health and explaining the issues in plain English.

Other advantages of using GOFAR include:

  • Free lifetime updates
  • No ongoing fees or contracts
  • 1-year warranty and
  • Free shipping.

In case you’re not satisfied with your purchase, GOFAR offers a 100% money-back guarantee and free returns in the first 60 days.

You can download this IRS and ATO compliant app, which is much more than a typical logbook app and mileage tracker,  both for iOS and Android devices.

2. Travel Logs

This vehicle logbook app is ATO compliant and is compatible with features such as GPS tracking.

The app comes with features such as:

  • iOS integration
  • iCloud synchronizing
  • ability to export reports in PDF and CSV
  • calendar and contacts integration.

When the app is combined with your GPS, it fills all your trip information including distance covered and the final entry on your odometer.

The app can also help with recording the route you take going into as much detail as the street level.

You can get the free version of the app but if you want to increase the app functionality, consider buying the premium version to unlock its full potential.

You can find the app on iTunes and Play Store.

3. Vehicle Book GPS Free

While the Vehicle Book GPS Free might not be the most glamorous, it will do the work of tracking your caravan trips and fuel purchases.

Not until you discover how much fuel you have saved that you will realize just how good having such an app is.

The app has been designed to log time and distance of all your trips via GPS.

It tracks all your car and fuel-related receipts, locations, and dates. Then, it synchronizes this data to the Dropbox or exports the summary in either Excel or PDF files.

The app is also ATO compliant. Its enterprise version has more features.

However, you can download the app onto an iOS device only.

4. Jerrycan

Usually, you can track your mileage and petrol usage with an odometer but it will not be good when you want the information on a spreadsheet.

The Jerrycan tracks the same data in an intuitive and beautiful way.

The app will track your camper’s:

  • fuel consumption
  • distance covered
  • efficiency
  • ecological impact and
  • total expenses.

The reports generated by this app are slick since they track your full tank range and keep updating you when you need to fill up.

Similarly to GOFAR, this app provides tips on how to improve your driving habits so that you can reduce your fuel usage. It can cut your fuel consumption by up to 20%.

Unfortunately, you can find the app on iTunes only.

5. L2P

The L2P app is logbook that has been designed for the latest generation of learner drivers.

However, its intuitive user interface can be very useful to caravanners.

Not only does it record real-time driving lessons but also mileage and fuel consumption.

It is one of the best learner logbooks for professional instructors and supervisors since they can use it to structure the lessons and record the learner’s achievements.

It can also help newbies become pro caravanners in no time.

The app is available on both iTunes and Play Store.

6. Licence Ready

The Licence Ready logbook is another good logbook and mileage tracker that all those who’re learning to drive caravans will find beneficial.

All you need to do is to enter your odometer reading when you start to drive.

The app will record the total distance covered and the final odometer reading.

Also, you’ll need to sign off with your digital signature so that the hours you have covered, the lessons learned, and the experience you have gained are properly captured.

The app is available on both iOS and Android devices and this includes tablets that do not have sim cards.

7. Roundtrip

Roundtrip logbook is normally used by learner drivers in New South Wales but can also do a stellar job logging the mileage for caravanners.

All you need to do is to tap the record button, enter your odometer reading and then drive off.

The app will record the time, start and end location and it can even help you track the weather.

You can download the app on your iOS device here.

8. Everlance

This app uses GPS to log and store your trips.

If you want to classify your trips as either personal or business, all you need to do is swipe your finger across your smartphone’s screen, just like with GOFAR.

The app also generates an Excel report for tax purposes.

You can connect Everlance with your credit cards and bank so that you can track your expenses and store all your receipts in the cloud rather than having them all over your camper.

Everlance is offered free on both Android and iOS but it also has some premium services that give you unlimited automatic trips.

Note that on the free software, you are allowed a maximum of 30 trips. If you want advanced reporting and automatic classification, you’ll need to pay for the premium version.

9. Driversnote

The Driversnote is a mileage log book that automatically tracks your trips to come up with mileage records for your ATO tax claim.

This intelligent app will enable you to stay informed of the amount you owe the tax authorities at any specific period.

It is ideal for caravanners who are looking to document their trip expenses.

With Driversnote, you can log your miles and expenses on both Android and iOS devices.

It is compliant with the ATO requirements and lets you access all the information that is required online.

The option of auto-starting and auto-stopping is also on your disposal.

The app comes in three versions namely: lite, basic and enterprise. The lite version is free and available both on Google Play and iTunes Stores.

10. DriverDirect

This app was developed by the Toyota Finance Australia Limited and has a variety of features that are perfectly suited for Toyota vehicles.

It comes with the fuel site locator which can help a caravan driver to find the nearest petrol station offering bargain prices.

It allows you to record expenses, generate reports and present them as visual graphics.

You can also download the logbook either in CSV or PDF format.

Besides the fuel site locator, this ATO compliant logbook, which also works with lease vehicles, offers other features significant for caravanners:

  • recording trip history
  • recording vehicle expenses
  • generating reports and
  • GPS tracking.

The app is available both on Google Play and iTunes Store.

11. Vehicle Logger

Vehicle Logger app allows its users to store or share their data using cloud platforms such as Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive or Box.

The app is excellent at tracking expenses so it featured on the IRS roster of internationally recognized mileage logging apps.

The trip trigger is one of its unique features.

As a caravanner, you will most likely forget to turn on your mileage tracking app but the trip trigger app will do this automatically for you.

Besides vehicle mileage and expense logging, the standard features on the app include calendar integration and the ability to export your reports in PDF and CSV formats.

Support for the home screen widget is also there for heavy users.

You can backup all your data in the cloud and report on web-based platforms.

Unfortunately, the app is only available for Android users.

In a nutshell, if you’re an enthusiastic caravanner and want to be in full control of your vehicle and trip costs, you’ll be better off with a smart all-in-one app such as GOFAR.

Get your new driving buddy without hesitation, completely risk-free and start enjoying all the perks you can get when traveling as soon as possible.

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