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Is Australia Succeeding at Cutting Emissions?

If there is a scandal that have caught the imagination of environmentalists and the shady deals that are responsible for muddling up figures on cutting emissions, it would be the VW emissions scandal. Presently, the Australian government is holed up in discussions with the petroleum industry to create emission standards for all new vehicles. Unfortunately […]

Do Motorists Care About Petrol Prices in 2019?

The majority of cars sold in the Australian market are powerful fuel guzzlers. This is an indication that petrol prices are not a major factor when buying vehicles. However, a study done in 2017 suggests that the price of petrol is still one of the major reasons why car owners visit a particular service station […]

What is Fueling the Rise in Car Ownership in Australia?

Despite employment growth being flat, new car sales in Australia are at record highs. It looks like Australians still need to buy a car no matter the economic conditions. It is amazing that with its population, Australia is still among the top ten car ownership countries in the world. 1. Australians Love Cars According to […]

How to Increase Your Car’s Fuel Mileage: Part 2

How to Improve Your Driving Habits to Increase Mileage 1. Use cruise control Cruise control is especially important when you are driving on the highway. It helps you to maintain constant speed thereby saving you a lot of fuel consumption. Remember that every time you press the acceleration pedal or the braking pedal you will […]

Top 11 Life-Changing Father’s Day Gifts by GOFAR

With Father’s Day coming up in Australia, what you don’t want to do is get your dad another tie he’ll just fling into his wardrobe and forget about. Choosing gifts for men can be such a drag with the end result often being a bunch of uninspiring and instantly forgettable money wasters. What you need is […]

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