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Is Australia Succeeding at Cutting Emissions?

If there is a scandal that have caught the imagination of environmentalists and the shady deals that are responsible for muddling up figures on cutting emissions, it would be the VW emissions scandal. Presently, the Australian government is holed up in discussions with the petroleum industry to create emission standards for all new vehicles. Unfortunately […]

How to Increase Your Car’s Fuel Mileage: Part 1

Optimise Your Driving Habits to Increase Mileage 1. Use cruise control Cruise control is especially important when you are driving on the highway. It helps you to maintain constant speed thereby saving unnecessary fuel consumption. Remember that every time you press the acceleration pedal or the braking pedal you will be interrupting the transmission system […]

28 Ways to Save Money on Fuel

A significant operating expense for any car is the fuel, whether it uses gasoline or petrol. You can significantly reduce your spending if you buy a fuel-efficient car, track and minimise the cost of fuelling your vehicle. Below are 28 helpful tips to help you go a long way in saving on fuel costs: 1. View […]

How Can A Car Logbook App Help Me Save Fuel?

The best car log book apps promote efficient driving because they can collect real-time data and influence your behaviour as you drive. Extensive road testing shows that an app such as GOFAR, possibly the best car logbook app can save you up to $30 a week, or around 10 cents for every litre of fuel used. Read on […]

Commute Greener. Use a Fuel Tracker and Save More

If you’re green but also a daily car commuter you may think there’s nothing you can do to drive greener.  You couldn’t be more wrong – here are 5 tips that will save you fuel and money, while reducing your carbon footprint. GOFAR can also be your fuel tracker! 1. You can’t manage what you can’t measure […]

Make Your Car Smarter With GOFAR Trends

WANT ALL YOUR CAR DATA ON YOUR PHONE? Well, now you've got it.  Distance, fuel cost, economy, fill ups, driving score and speed. It's been great to track all my metrics easily on my phone using GOFAR - apart from that last one, speed.  I still cannot believe how slow my average speed is driving around [...]
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