Why Is It So Easy to Make Money with Uber?

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“Uber is a great place to work!”. Most people would roll their eyes at this pronouncement, but it because there is as much negative vibe as there is positive on the internet about the ride sharing company.

If you were to combine this technology with a few clever devices, you would realise that there are tons of money to be made there. One such technology is GOFAR that monitors your car’s health and even your driving style.

The affordable device also takes the hassle out of car servicing by finding the best mechanics and the sweet spot of your car’s engine to help you save fuel, and log your mileage for tax deduction purposes.

Thus said; what makes Uber a money minting machine for thousands of drivers around the world?

It Is A Platform To Meet People

Uber provides excellent flexibility and discovery. You not only get to set your schedule but also meet people from all walks of life and cultures. In short, it provides a fun way to make money!

Customers Are Cordial And Friendly

Most customers are warm and helpful. Meeting new people and sharing your experiences and listening to their life stories, adventures and disappointments while making money is therapeutic.

You Set Your Work Hours

You are in charge of your schedule, i.e. when, how and where you drive is up to you. Which job can you work and not worry about calling in sick or asking for permission to tend to a sick relative?

According to a McKinsey report, the high degree of autonomy makes Uber the best place to make money. Drivers are motivated.

High Levels Of Satisfaction

Studies show that workers that choose when to work were satisfied in 12 out of the 14 areas of work dimensions measured.

They are happy with their level of income than traditional workers regardless of the absence of benefits.

This level of happiness was witnessed among the Uber drivers despite the differences in age, household income, level of education age and gender.

Work Any Time

Uber is available 24/7, and so, as long as you have the Uber app, you can make money when it is convenient for you. Some drivers prefer to work early morning while others work late at night and sometimes in-between.

The company can fit into anybody’s schedule irrespective of their day job plans.

Great Transition Job

In a survey, 32% of all drivers said that they were using Uber’s platform to earn money to pay the bills as they waited for their steady job. It is the company of choice during the “rainy” days.

The remaining 68% earned their fulltime income from driving for Uber, some even making as much as $90,000 per year.

Work At Your Own Pace

You can work at your own pace since there are no supervisors. You’re your boss. You get to set the hours you work and pick the days you want to work.

You Make More During Peak Time

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The fares go up when there is a high number of requests. The Uber’s price algorithm follows the market demand and supply shifts to determine the fares.

In other words, Uber is a free market extraordinaire where anybody can make money if they learnt how to take advantage of the system.

Instant Pay

After working so hard during the day, all you can ask for is to get paid. With Uber’s Instant Pay, you can transfer your money to your bank account directly from the app up to five times a day.

Your Initiative is the key to success

Making money depend on the volume of ride request placed and drivers on the road. If you decide to reject the requests, then you earn no money.

Smart drivers engage the customers in lively conversations and end up getting an excellent rating that allows them to get even more requests.

Income For A Stay-at-home Parent

There are millions of parents around the world that cannot sustain a 40-hour week job due to duties to their children. Driving for Uber means that the parents can make money while at the same time pick up the kids from school or drop them off at their favourite soccer pitch.

Fast Paced Tech Environment

If you are looking to work in an industry that changes very fast but where you can learn and grow as an individual, drive for Uber.

There is Work Everywhere

Uber operates in hundreds of cities around the world. 75% of Australians live somewhere that Uber operates and thus with so many places to drive, your earning potential will only be limited by how many hours you can work.

You will get peace of mind when you know that even if you relocated, your income from Uber would be guaranteed.

A Great Place to Learn

Uber is not a company for the lazy. You will work as hard as you will learn. The company is fast paced and innovative. It renders obsolete old business models on a daily basis.

If you are looking for a place to earn and learn a new disruption culture, then Uber should be your first port of call.

College Kids Are Funding Their Education With Uber

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Colleges are expensive and acquiring student debt is not the best way to raise your college funds. Traditionally, students worked in McDonald-type joints to earn their college upkeep. Today, they have more options.

The fact that Uber schedule is flexible makes it more attractive as students can drive when they are not in class. College towns are booming with student Uber drivers.

Uber Has Many Ways To Make Money

Uber also has delivery services. If you have access to capital you can buy a fleet of cars and hire drivers.

A Scooter Or A Bike Will Do Too!

With Uber, you don’t need to own a car. If you have a bike or a scooter, you can deliver food with UberEats or packages with UberRUSH.

Easy to Keep Track of Financial Goals

For every trip you complete, you will be paid, and this will reflect on your daily earnings. This feature allows you to track your financial goals on the app and adjust your work to match your goals.

In-app Navigation

You can easily find the riders’ location and destination with ease using the navigation tool on Uber app. The turn-by-turn directions make your life easy as a driver.

Don’t Own A Car? Rent Or Lease It

The fact that you don’t own a car does not limit you from accessing the Uber platform. If you rent-to-own a vehicle, you will not only make money driving for Uber but will also end up with a new car.

Aiding In Skills Transition/Retraining

Uber has become the link between the traditional “driving-cars-to-earn-a-living” model to autonomous self-driving vehicles. It is offering a platform where people are earning money as they reskill in preparation to a world with self-driving automobiles.

Helps People To Work Out Of Debt

If your current income is not enough to cover your bills and repay your debts such as student loans, then Uber is a great platform to break away from living from paycheck to paycheck.

The small income you earn from driving for Uber can go a long way in helping you offset some of these debts.

Uber has made it so easy for people to earn income. It has disrupted the transport industry and created many more opportunities than it has taken away.

If you take your time to learn the model, you will be on of the people who contribute to the new world order in transport called rides haring!

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