How to Easily Become an Uber Driver In Australia

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The ride sharing industry has over the last few years exploded – literally! It has become the easiest way to make money on a flexible schedule.

It is therefore surprising that the information about how you can become an Uber driver is only available for those that want to drive in the U.S.

If you are looking to drive for Uber in any of the Australian cities such as Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Geelong, Melbourne and Brisbane, we have compiled the information for you.

Before you get started with Uber, you need to find a way of managing your costs.

A clever little gadget like GOFAR that monitors your car’s health and even your driving style will be a good start.

The affordable device takes the hassle out of car servicing. The technology will find the best mechanics for you, get the sweet spot of your car’s engine to help you save fuel, and log your mileage for tax deduction purposes.

Follow the steps below, and you will become an Uber driver in Australia in no time.

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • The applicant must be 21 years or older
  • You must own, or have access to a car that meets Uber requirements
  • A driver’s license that is valid in your selected state or city
  • Must have held an Australian full driver’s license for not less than one year in Australia or any of its territories.
  • You must have the required documentation in your state and/or territory
  • You must be listed as the driver of the vehicle you want to register with Uber
  • You must prove that you are an insured driver for the car you intend to use as an Uber driver

Required Documents

All the cities in Australia operate under different jurisdictions. The authorities must approve your documents. That said, these are the documents you will need to be approved as an Uber driver:

1. Driving License

  • The license must be valid
  • Your license must be neither temporary nor under probation
  • The expiry date must be visible

2. Vehicle Insurance Certificate

  • You must be listed as the driver of the vehicle whose certificate you present
  • The vehicle’s registration number must be visible on the document
  • The certificate’s expiry date must be indicated
  • The certificate must show what type of insurance cover the car is insured

3. A Passport or Birth Certificate

  • If you present a passport, it should not expire in the next two years.

4. A Photograph of the Driver

  • The photograph must capture your facial features
  • Ensure the picture is taken by a professional
  • Never send your car’s image photograph to Uber

5. A Taxi Operator License

  • If the city you operate in requires you to get a taxi operator license, ensure you have one before you embark on Uber registration process.

Signup on Uber’s Website

After fulfilling the above requirements, you can now visit the Uber website where you follow the signup prompts given.

Pass the Background Check

Uber will use the documents provided to conduct the background check. The process takes at least two weeks.

Each city has different requirements for partner-driver background checks. Generally, for you to pass the background checks, you must be a law-abiding citizen. Uber will look for the following information before they allow you in their program;

Criminal HistoryDriving History
Reckless Driving
Violent crimesNo fatal accidentsDriving under the influence (DUI) or drug-related driving offences
Any feloniesNo moving violationsCareless driving
Sexual OffencesSpeeding ticketsHit and run
Any driving-related offencesTraffic light violationsSpeeding 100+ Mile per hour
Child abuse or endangermentNo fatal accidentsStreet racing
Violent crimesNo moving violationsDriving under the influence (DUI) or drug-related driving offences
Any feloniesSpeeding ticketsReckless driving

Sources of the Above Information

National Criminal Records
County court records where the applicant has resided in the last seven years
Federal court records in the states the applicant has resided in the last seven years
Multi-state criminal records of the applicant for the last seven
Social security check
The national registry for sex offenders
All government motor vehicle registries
All national databases that flag terrorist activities

Have an Uber Approved Car

Uber offer different services, and thus their car approval process is different. Some of the rules are general whereas others are specific.

For example;

  • All Uber cars are not supposed to be older than ten years
  • The vehicles must have no visible dents on the body
  • Salvaged vehicles or those that have been rebuilt cannot be used
  • Marked vans, such as the ones used by traditional taxis, cannot be used with Uber
A BMW car
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What Can You Do If Your Car Does Not Meet Uber Requirements?

If your goal is to drive for Uber, don’t give up if your car does not get approved by Uber. Many professional Uber drivers usually invest in new car models (of course the ones approved by Uber) before they start driving.

The advantage of buying a new car are obvious – for one, they are more fuel efficient, and you will have lesser breakdowns.

You are well advised not to go for the fancy car when selecting a vehicle for Uber. Always remember that driving for Uber is a business and all you need is a sturdy car with high fuel efficiency and one that has been approved by Uber.

How to Select an Uber Service in Australia

It is essential to understand the various services offered by Uber, and which category your car fits.

Mid Tier Service – If you are just starting out, the most recommended service would be UberX as it is a mid-tier cost Uber service.

This means that the service has the most number of customers since most people do not want to pay a premium for higher service during their regular commutes.

Select an everyday car such as Chevrolet Cruz, Honda Accord, Toyota Prius, Honda Civic or Mazda6.

Luxury Services – If you own a high-end car, you may want to consider the other Uber services that are meant for customers looking for luxury. These services include UberXL, UberBlack and UberSUV.

Note that the premium services have few customers due to their high fares. Despite the fewer customers, if you live in an affluent neighbourhood, you are likely to make more money than the average driver.

A Hybrid – A smarter way of selecting an Uber service is to have a car that cuts across more than one category. In such cases, you will get ride requests from several categories, thereby increasing your revenue by having less idle time.

If you, however, want to get customers from a particular category, you can restrict access from the riders of the category you don’t want to get requests from.

Something to Think About

As an Australian Uber driver, you will be paying some handsome amount of money to pay for petrol. You will also have other costs such as vehicle maintenance, insurance, car depreciation, Uber fees and many more.

You will need to do due diligence to understand the dynamics in your locality if you want to run a successful business either as a sole Uber driver or an entrepreneur with several Uber cars.

Do not let the many requirements discourage you from earning extra income by driving for Uber. It is not as hard as you might think.

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