Making Extra Money with UberEATS as an Uber Driver

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Thousands of people in the United States, Australia, Europe, Africa and Asia use UberEATS to get quick on-the-go meals. With millenials on the rise, and convenience being top-of-mind, pace is quickening in the food delivery industry.

Now is a good time to fully investigate the opportunity of working for UberEATS and deciding whether it’s a good fit for your budget and lifestyle. Can you earn a reliable income and how can you make the most of it?

For UberEATS delivery drivers, it’s a flexible job that pays the driver to pick up and drop off food orders, similar to Postmates and DoorDash.

However, keep in mind that saving on fuel costs and vehicle maintenance is the most efficient way to boost your driving income. It’s not just a matter of earning more; it’s also about saving some.

UberEATS provides job seekers with endless opportunities to earn a reliable income delivering food to their customers. Let’s explore how to get involved:

How Smart Uber Drivers Save On Costs

The biggest expense for any Uber driver is the running, fuel and maintenance costs associated with their car. Once they figure out how to use the car with minimal expense, they make more money.

Smart drivers are increasingly adopting smart driving technology such as GOFAR that helps them to;

  • Track car mileage to claim tax deductions
  • Alert them when a warning light is illuminated on the dashboard
  • Explain the car faults in plain English
  • Remind the driver of upcoming Registration and Insurance
  • Connect them to top-rated mechanics and parts suppliers
  • Save fuel by finding the engine’s sweet spot and improving driving behaviour

Focusing on how you’ll save money on driving costs means you’ll end up with more in your pocket at the end of each day. Now, let’s explore how to get involved with UberEATS so you can start earning a regular income.

UberEATS Minimum Driver Requirements

  • Drivers must be 19yrs of age or older
  • Valid driver’s license and ongoing insurance
  • At least 1-year driving experience
  • Proof of car registration
  • Cars must be at less than 19 years old or newer (The manufacture year 1997 or later),
  • Must be able to lift 30 pounds effectively
  • Must have a car, bike, or scooter
  • Ability to work effectively
  • Adequate insurance cover for the vehicle
  • A smartphone with a robust data plan and one that supports the UberEATS App

Note: After you upload the required documentation Uber personnel may take several days to perform a background check, but will then get in touch regarding your application process.

Pros of Working For UberEATS

  • Make easy money without heavy lifting
  • No pre-paid card requirements
  • Flexible working hours
  • $5 cash reward for all cancelled orders
  • In-app tipping

Cons of Working For UberEATS

  • Payment is based on mileage and time
  • Prolonged waiting periods at restaurants, traffic and parking
  • The pay can be low. It can dip beneath $10/hour if your area isn’t busy and there’s no guaranteed minimum
  • Trouble contacting the customer or finding where exactly to deliver the food
  • Car maintenance, fuel costs and driving inefficiently can eat into your profit margin
UberEATS available on iPhone. Earn more as an Uber driver!
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How To Pick A Delivery Assignment

The pickup and delivery process is relatively straightforward. Here’s how orders work:

  1. Go online – Click on the go online button to initiate the delivery assignment. As long as you are online, the app will display the available delivery assignments.
  2. Accept deliveries – When a delivery assignment becomes available, the app will notify you by flashing or beeping. It will also give you the location of where you need to deliver the food. You will need to click anywhere on the app within fifteen seconds to accept the assignment. Once you accept, you will be given the directions of the delivery destination. If you decline to accept the order, another Uber driver will be assigned the task. Sometimes, you may get two orders from the same restaurant. In such cases, you will pick both requests at the same time, but you will deliver them sequentially.
  3. Pick up the food – Always ensure that you collected the right order before you head out of the restaurant. The customers will pay online via the UberEATS app for their food order, and thus you will not be required to handle any money. Keep hot and cold food separately and in an insulated bag. Both the Uber driver and the customer receives a notification with the expected time of arrival of the order. In case there is a traffic delay, the driver will not be penalized.
  4. Deliver – Sometimes the customers leave notes to guide you on where and to whom you will deliver the food. Upon reaching the destination check if the customer left the apartment number, the name of the recipient, etc. If you are lucky, the customer will be gracious to come out and meet you but if you are not, find a parking space nearby or call the customer to arrange how he will receive the order.
  5. Complete the order – To complete the order, swipe right on the app.


  • To make more money, keep your app online and you’ll automatically receive more orders
  • As long as you are online, the app will send notifications of available delivery orders
  • Go into the UberEATS app and update your status to offline if you need to take a break
  • If you are offline, you will not get any notifications until you turn on your status

How Much Do I Earn Delivering Food?

  • For every successful delivery, you will earn around $3 which translates to $10-$20 per hour. UberEATS services are divided into two major categories namely UberEATS Instant Delivery and Full restaurant delivery.
  • Customers use the UberEATS app to select their food preferences before ordering. Your work is to use the app to locate the customers’ delivery locations.
  • The deliveries can be in the form of walk-in drop-offs or curbside. If you get to the customer’s destination and they take longer than 5 minutes you have the right to activate the cancellation policy and earn a cool $5 cancellation fee in the process.
  • Uber pays you the pickup fee, a drop off fee, and a fee for mileage from the pickup to the customer.
  • Uber takes a 25% cut from the transactions of the Uber driver.
  • You keep 100% of tips.

Multiply Your Income Using UberEATS Surge and Boost Earnings

You can increase your earnings by going into Boost Zones that have multiple deliveries. The Boost zones are shown in the app along with the time they are available.

The good thing with the zones is that the Boost multiplier is added to ride’s net fare after Uber has deducted its fees.

Another option to make more money is the Surge price which occurs when there is a high demand for food deliveries. Again, the Surge multiplier is applied to the net fair after Uber deducts its fees.

Unfortunately, the Surge is not as predictable as the Boost since it may have dissipated by the time you drive into the area.

How To Get The Best Earnings From UberEATS

If you are lucky with your UberEATS deliveries application, you can get the best out of it by taking advantage of available drivers’ incentives.

These incentives allow the Uber driver to make extra cash by making a certain number of deliveries within a specific time frame.

In simple words, higher deliveries equate to increased earnings.

However, be careful that your driving style doesn’t eat into your earnings. Driving efficiently can save you money. Use a fuel efficiency app to track your driving behaviour and receive real-time feedback.

To get the best out of these incentives, promotions, and bonuses you have to be alert for promotional notifications sent to your smartphone.

If you are looking to make an honest living and UberEATS is available in your area, give it a shot. All you are required to have is a car, a scooter or a bicycle.

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