Top 4 Mileage Trackers in the Google Play Store

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Do you use your personal vehicle for business trips frequently?

If your answer is yes, you undoubtedly know how daunting and time-consuming it can be to log every mile manually without making a mistake or missing any critical details.

In reality, it’s nearly impossible to keep an accurate manual tally of all the data the IRS requires at tax time, especially if your work schedule is hectic and you make stops very often during your business trips.

What’s more, you must feel dizzy just thinking about translating all the raw data into the organized detailed reports when you want to get reimbursed or claim tax deductions.

Let alone tracking your other business-related car costs. Phew…

Did you know that there’s an easier way to avoid such complexity?

The solution is at your fingertips – through your smartphone! You just need to download the right app from the Google Play Store and voila!

Yes, you got it: Automate your business mileage and expense tracking.

Here we present the main features of the top 4 mileage trackers in the Google Play Store to help you simplify the whole process and save time and money.

No, you won’t be presented with the most well-known mileage tracker apps such as Everlance, Quick Books Self-Employed, Hurdlr, SherpaShare or TripLog, although you can learn more about them and a few other similar apps from these articles, if you wish:

Instead, you’ll get to know some other amazing apps highly-rated by the majority of their users around the globe.

Ready? Here we go…

1. GOFAR Mileage Tracker

The last app you will ever need for your car
GOFAR Mileage Tracker App

What makes GOFAR the best car mileage tracker app for Android and iOS systems is the fact that this business mileage tracker goes the extra mile for its users.

Namely, besides fully automated tracking of your vehicle mileage and other work expenses, this intelligent device can do much more:

  • Lets you export and email comprehensive IRS-compliant reports at tax time with a couple of simple taps
  • Categorizes your trips as business or personal with a single swipe to the left or right
  • Ensures customized trip tagging
  • Tracks your fuel efficiency and helps you improve it
  • Keeps an eye on your car health and sends you alerts in plain English
  • Sends you various handy reminders to avoid fines, e.g. to renew your car insurance

Want to know the best part?

The GOFAR mileage tracker is cost-effective, tax-deductible, and once you install it, the device works perfectly without your smartphone.

In other words, this all-in-one app doesn’t drain your phone battery like the majority of similar mileage tracking apps.

Isn’t that amazing?

Setup is quick and as easy as 1-2-3.

Discover how this best business mileage tracker for Android works:

Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare drivers, freelancers, real estate agents, and numerous other daily commuters worldwide have trusted GOFAR for years and love it.

If you like what you’ve seen, don’t hesitate to download the free app from the Google Play Store and start reaping the benefits of it today, totally risk-free and with NO recurring payments.

2. MyCarTracks GPS Mileage Tracker

Automatic GPS Vehicle Tracker for Businesses
Screenshot from: Automatic GPS Vehicle Tracker

This mileage log GPS tracker for Android and iOS devices is fairly new but it works well and its users are generally satisfied with its features.

The interface of this automatic mileage tracker app is quite simplistic as the developers were more focused on functions and performance.

The app automatically detects your drives thanks to GPS, but it may not track your every movement, which has led to mistakes by other mileage trackers that function on the same principle.

Just like GOFAR, it’s battery-friendly and suitable for individual and fleet drivers, i.e. multiple vehicles.

MyCarTracks keeps a record of your mileage and lets you get your detailed tax and other relevant reports in Excel or PDF formats with a single tap on your smartphone screen.

Moreover, this app stores all your data on the cloud, which means that all the mileage logs you need will be there for you at tax time, even if your smartphone gets lost or stolen.

However, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan for unlimited, secure cloud storage and other perks for fleet management.

Here’s a bit more about the way it works.

If this is your choice app, you can get it on the Google Play Store.

3. Vehicle Trip Logbook Tracker

Vehicle Trip Logbook Tracker
Screenshot from: Vehicle Trip Logbook Tracker

Vehicle Trip Logbook Tracker is another convenient app for tracking your business miles and fuel consumption with barely any manual intervention.

This mileage tracking app is highly-rated on the Google Play Store, currently with 95% positive user reviews.

So, you may want to consider this highly-recommended app if you’re in search of a hassle-free way to control your car mileage and fuel use and obtain the data you’ll need for filling out a tax return or compensation payments.

Within its long list of features, you can note the following significant ones:

  • Uses GPS tracking system to create trips and automatically determine start and end locations, trip distance, travel time as well as any gaps between your trips
  • Allows automatic trip start and pause, but you can also manually add notes to trips and create trip entries based on the existing templates if you find it more convenient
  • Allows you to filter your logbook by trip type, predefined trip periods, and vehicle, and to group your logbook entries by month, week, or day
  • Provides reports in PDF, CSV, and XLS formats with the necessary details about trips, vehicle, driver, company, time ranges, reimbursement, and/or fringe benefit amounts, but to use this function, you need to have an in-app subscription

These features justify over 10,000 app installs so far and explain why many users find this vehicle expense tracker perfect for tax time and excellent for those who need to log their mileage for work.

4. Tax Mileage Tracking App

GPS Mile Tracker
Screenshot from: TaxMileage – GPS Mile Tracker

TaxMileage is an essential app for tracking car mileage available to Android users only. This app is for you if you don’t mind having to manually start and stop tracking miles for each trip, as it doesn’t support automatic trip detection.

The features TaxMileage offers include:

  • Real-time GPS tracking of several vehicles (operating with both miles and kilometers)
  • Creating comprehensive mileage tracking reports, available in PDF or Excel formats
  • Notifying the driver if there’s an incomplete trip pending
  • Providing fuel consumption stats (including liters, gallons, and fuel prices)
  • Providing automatic backup of your logs in the cloud
  • Live adding, reviewing, or modifying trip logs via the cloud
  • Updating the current IRS mileage rates automatically and providing them for each trip purpose category (Business, Moving, Medical, Charity)
  • Helping you plan your car maintenance (e.g. oil or filter replacement)

While you’re driving, this app records your trips on your smartphone, using GPS to generate the mileage tracking reports you need for IRS tax deductions or expense reimbursement.

This leads us to an important drawback of this app – GPS running continuously in the background is bound to drain your phone battery.

Before you decide whether TaxMileage is the right fit for your needs, it would be wise to take a look at the app’s latest reviews in the Play Store or elsewhere on the Internet as several users have reported some charging issues.

Although the app is said to be free, there is a cost of 9.99/year to issue the report in case you want to print it out. Also, get ready to pay $30 per year for the full plan.

What Is the Best Mileage Tracker App for Android?

In this post, we’ve listed a few great mileage tracker apps for Android, but the final decision on the best car mileage tracker app for Android is for you to make.

Think about your personal needs and expectations. For instance, consider whether you’re OK with starting and ending each trip manually, or if you prefer a fully automatic all-in-one mileage tracker you can just set and forget.

Once you’re aware of what matters most to you when it comes to tracking your business miles and expenses, check out the features of each mileage tracker and user reviews. Then, you’ll be ready to pick your favorite mileage tracking app from the Google Play Store.

Go ahead – the sooner you get the right app for you, the more money and time you’ll save.

Happy saving!

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