5 Mind-Blowing Mileage Trackers Under $100

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Do you drive your car or another personal vehicle for business purposes quite often?

If yes, you know how overwhelmingly complicated mileage and expense tracking can be especially if you’re doing it manually in an old-fashioned way.

You may also get really exhausted jotting down or typing in every drive and calculating the cost of every single expense.

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It’s not much fun, is it?

Still, there’s NO way you can avoid it. After all, during the tax season, you realise it’s worth the effort. Why would you waste hundreds or thousands of dollars?!

Did you know that in 2019, people who use personal vehicles for work are eligible for mileage tax deductions at a rate of $0.58 per mile?

This may be particularly important for Uber, Lyft or other rideshare and professional drivers.

You wish there was a way for you to do all the mileage and business-related car expenses logging smoothly?

What you need is a battery-friendly and user-friendly app that accurately tracks mileage for tax and analytics purposes.

You don’t think it’s possible to get a trustworthy mind-blowing mileage tracker under $100?

Well, think again as we’re going to prove you wrong in a second.

You’ll be impressed.

All the mileage trackers selected in this article cost no more than that and are worth a try for all those who use personal vehicles for work.

Just take a glance at the table below and you’ll find the most prominent features, pricing, compatibility and overall ratings of the best reliable mileage trackers cheaper than $100 summarized for you.

Mind-Blowing Mileage Trackers Under $100 Compared
Mileage trackerPriceAvailable onWhat sets it apartOverall rating
GOFARApp free
Dongle & Ray: US$99 one-off cost
Google Play Store for Android users
Apple for iOS users
Works without your phone, increases your driving efficiency, offers car diagnostics, suitable both for fleets and individuals****
Hurdlr Free plan - with limited features and in-app purchases
Premium plan - $7.99 a month or $60 a year
Google Play Store / Android
Apple Store / iOS
Estimates how much tax you’ll owe so that you avoid surprises at tax time****
QBSERegular version –US$10 a month
TurboTax Bundle – US$17 a month
Live Tax Bundle – US$24 a month
Google Play Store
Apple Store
Provides detailed IRS-tax-compliant reports (but not for the free plan)***
EverlanceStandard account - free
Premium account - $7.99 per month or $59.99 per year.
Apple / iTunes Store (iOS)
Google Play Store (Android)
Suitable for professional drivers***

Now, let’s take a deeper dive into the benefits each of the selected mileage tracking apps can offer to you so that you finally relax and stop writing it all down on paper.

Don’t worry, we’ll keep it all short and to-the-point.

1. GOFAR Vehicle Expense and Mileage Tracker

GOFAR is a nifty clever device that:

  • lets you automatically track your mileage and car expenses,
  • gives you a full record of tax-deductible mileage at IRS tax time,
  • provides your car diagnostic alerts when a fault occurs,
  • helps you save on fuel and reduce emissions.

Furthermore, the app lets you differentiate between a personal trip and a business trip with a single swipe. And it’s tax deductible!

In short, not only is this device capable of logging your mileage automatically, but also of tracking many other things every responsible driver would highly appreciate having tracked.

If you’ve been on the road a lot traveling for the past few years, then you know how important it is that your mileage tracker is dependable and battery-friendly.

That’s what GOFAR is as it works perfectly even if you forget or lose your smartphone.

Yes, you read it right.

Not only is it very convenient and easy to use, but GOFAR has literally saved its users thousands of dollars on fuel, car repairs, taxes and much more.

This competitively priced driving buddy is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Let GOFAR take care of all that absent mindedness every driver experiences on hectic days. It will ensure that your deductible mileage and car expenses never fall through the cracks again.

2. Hurdlr Mileage and Tax Expense Tracker

Another app that deserves your attention is Hurdlr, which is also more than a plain mileage tracker. It can also track your tax and other business expenses necessary for many independent contractors.

It can sync with your other accounts such as Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, HomeAway, PayPal,

Square, your bank and many other accounts to track all your earnings and expenses and maximize your tax deductions.

The app estimates how much taxes you owe in real time so that you get a clearer picture of your real income and avoid surprises of facing a huge tax bill and staying away from mistakes which can lead to troubles with the IRS at tax time.

You can get this app for Android and iOS devices for free or you can pay $7.99 per month or $60 per year ($4.99 per month) for their Premium version.

Even the free version provides you with:

  • unlimited automatic mileage tracking,
  • your income and expense tracking,
  • tax calculations summary and
  • export/email reports.

Just be careful because if you choose this app and set it to automatically start tracking your mileage, you may lose some mileage as the app fails to start tracking the moment you start each drive.

3. QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE)

QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE) mileage tracker is created by a large company.

Many people would expect it to be advantageous, but in this case, it turned out to be a disadvantage because of their terrible support. So, if any problems occur, don’t rely on their help too much.

Its users have also reported that the app won’t track trips over 100 miles.

But, let’s stick to the positive features.

QBSE is ideal for Schedule C self-employed entrepreneurs who’d like to focus on financial and accounting aspects rather than mileage tracking.

This bookkeeping and mileage tracking app can:

  • Log your miles and track your expenses automatically
  • Split up your personal and business drives
  • Record your customer payments
  • Create simple invoices and attach receipts to transactions
  • Generate comprehensive tax reports, profit, loss and tax summary
  • Calculate your estimated tax payments
  • Provide reminders on tax payment
  • Sync with your bank accounts
  • Compare your business miles with your actual car expenses and recommend the better IRS deduction method to you

Want to know the best part?

You don’t have to export the data to a CSV file at tax time if you also use TurboTax software because this mileage tracker is integrated into it so you can easily transfer all the info there and it will generate your tax returns.

Although the mileage tracking feature seems to be the weakest point of QBSE, this app can help you easily manage your expenses that would otherwise be quite complex.

If you feel this app is ideal for you, you can get it at Google Play or Apple Store, but bear in mind that all these benefits are accompanied by a bit heftier price tag and there’s NO free version.

Get ready to set out:

  • $10 per month for a Regular version
  • $17 per month for their TurboTax Bundle
  • $24 per month for the Live Tax Bundle

The only thing you can get for free is a 30-day free trial.

4. TripLog Mileage Tracker

TripLog is another affordable and IRS compliant mileage and gas expense tracker with some great features, which are mainly reserved for their paid users. So, you may need to become one if you want to use this app to:

  • Automatically track your mileage and classify your trips
  • Track your expenses with bank transactions
  • Get unlimited IRS-compliant reports
  • Store photos of your receipts and backup all your travel data on the cloud.

You can get this fuel and mileage tracking app at Apple or Google Play Store free of charge but with limited options and the in-app purchases.

However, if you want to use this mileage tracker to get the most out of your tax deductions and to fully benefit from it, consider upgrading to a paid version, which also has a 30-day free trial offered.

5. Everlance

Another excellent mileage tracker with a superb user interface you can get for less than $100 is Everlance.

The app allows you to automatically track unlimited miles that you spend traveling in your vehicle for business purposes.

Besides automatic trip logging and easy categorising, the app records your business expenses and can create an IRS compliant mileage log which can sync with your bank account.

What’s more, you can store your detailed expense records and receipts on their cloud so that you can easily organise them for mileage reimbursement and tax deductions.

The app also has an option of logging your mileage at specific work hours you can set.

Still, it quickly drains your smartphone battery and often records any movement including walks as it cannot differentiate it from a car drive or a bus trip.

Everlance app can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple Store.

You can get the Standard Everlance account and a Premium account trial for free, while the paid version is available at the ongoing costs of $7.99 a month or $59.99 a year.

If you’re a daily commuter, you’d be better off with the paid plan as the free one allows you to track only 30 drives per month automatically.

So, What Is the Best App for Tracking Business Mileage?

When searching for the best mileage tracking app, you should look for these essential features:

  • The app can automatically detect that you’re driving and trigger expenses and mileage tracking
  • It allows you to easily categorize business and personal trips
  • The app can provide expense reports for mileage rates (possibly ATO or IRS-complaint depending on where you live)
  • It offers the option to upload photos of receipts, tag them with a description, date and time, and save all the records to the cloud
  • The app goes the extra mile in helping you save time and money on taxes, fuel, car repairs, fines and the like.

The final choice is totally up to you and depends on your needs and budget.

Still, it’s good to know that you can get a dependable mind-blowing mileage tracker for much less than $100.

Our recommendation is to pick the most comprehensive all-in-one mileage tracker you can get at one-off cost without any further in-app purchases or ongoing fees. That’s how you’ll save the most.

Also, it’s important that it tracks your business mileage and expenses automatically and is not dependant on your phone battery or any other devices.

Get yourself a truly reliable nifty mileage tracker which will pay for itself quickly, work seamlessly and allow you to enjoy its perks for a long time.

Happy driving and saving!

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