5 Outstanding Mileage Trackers for US Truck Drivers

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If you clock thousands of miles as part of your job like most truck drivers do, you’ve certainly experienced a well-known headache caused by your constant strenuous effort to track every single mile and create a neat and accurate mileage log manually.

Here comes the headache again when you’re just thinking of keeping a tally of all those dates, travel reasons, odometer readings, and whatnot data required for claiming the IRS mileage tax deductions or reimbursement.

Good news:

It’s easy to avoid those headaches in the future. You just need to automate your business mileage tracking process.

No need for pen and paper to create a business mileage log for taxes, reimbursement, and other purposes.

We’re about to share with you five outstanding mileage trackers for US truck drivers.

1. GOFAR Automatic Mileage and Expense Tracker

Besides saving plenty of time and money, the GOFAR automatic business expense and mileage tracker helps truck, car, rideshare, taxi, and many other drivers around the globe to cut down on human error. Errors usually occur if you don’t use digital logbooks like this one but tend to track everything manually.

The GOFAR mileage tracker is IRS-compliant, tax-deductible, reliable, customizable, user-friendly, and inexpensive.

In short, it’s worth every single cent because it’s a full-featured mileage tracking app which also:

  • Logs your fill-ups and helps you save on fuel
  • Monitors your vehicle health and sends you timely alerts in plain English
  • Improves your safety on the road by sending real-time feedback on your driving
  • Helps you avoid parking, speeding, and other annoying fines by monitoring your driving habits and behaviors and sending alerts
  • Monitors and helps you reduce your vehicle CO2 emissions
  •  and much more

Follow the links provided and watch this video to find out how the GOFAR all-in-one app works and what exactly it can do for you.


You can download this free mileage tracking app for your Android or iOS devices by following the respective links.

2. Keep Truckin Electronic Logbook for Truckers

The Keep Truckin electronic logbook app and ELD (Electronic Logging Device) system for truck drivers logs your miles and helps you maintain your duty record status easily.

Since ELDs are gaining traction, every truck driver will undoubtedly need one to stay ahead of the curve.

Note: In case you’re not certain, here are the differences between AOBRD and ELD.

aobrd cs elds cheat sheet
Click image to view the whole infographic image by Omnitracs

Among many convenient features of Keep Truckin Electronic Logbook app for truckers, you’ll find:

  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Fuel usage monitoring for IFTA fuel tax reporting
  • ELD compliance
  • Sending of alerts to help truckers avoid Hours of Service (HOS) violations
  • Simplification of your truck inspections with the help of its vehicle diagnostics wizards
  • A smart dashcam
  • A messenger in which you can lodge your support tickets
  • A digitized driver workflow

Here’s some useful information for those who’d like to get started with this electronic mileage tracking app:

And here’s a deeper dive into the essentials:

All those who are interested in more details can refer to other Driver Tutorials, their YouTube tutorials, or their Learning Center.

This top-rated electronic logging app for truckers, which is fully compliant with FMCSA and DOT regulations, is also available for Android and iOS users. You can check out the pricing here.

3. TripLog Gas and Mileage Tracker

TripLog is a fully automatic mileage tracker app that can automatically start tracking your deductible truck and other drives by connecting to your vehicle Bluetooth, OBD2, or Plug-N-Go, or by detecting when you travel at a certain speed.

It also uses GPS to track your miles, shows your driving route on Google Maps, and provides IRS-compliant reports.

This app helps truckers to:

  • Record state-by-state mileage for IFTA reports
  • Track Scale and Lumpers charges
  • Track Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)
  • Mark per diem days

This mileage tracking app offers free, basic, and professional plans and is available for iOS and Android users. You can see the prices here.

The key difference between the professional and the basic plan is that you get web access to view your reports through the web on your computer.

4. Big Road Truck Driver Log Book

The Big Road ELD and digital fleet management tool, which comes with an interactive map, can automatically calculate your available drive time according to your HOS rules.

What’s more, it’s affordable when compared to other similar ELDs.

Here’s a brief overview of what this tool can do for you:

And here’s video, which shows drivers how to use this app for their daily use to track their hours-of-service, pre-trip inspections, and other necessary data.

BigRoad training videos give you deeper insights into everything you need to know about using this app to your advantage, whereas you can learn more about vehicle mileage reporting, troubleshooting, rules, regulations, and other relevant topics from their FAQ page.

If this is the right fit for your trucking needs, you can download the app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

5. Omnitracks

Omnitracks is another well-known FMCSA-compliant ELD for truck drivers, which is much more than just an accurate mileage tracker. This app offers a myriad of functionalities suitable for truck drivers and fleet managers.

Here’s a demo video explaining to truck drivers how to use Omnitracks:

And in the PDF below, you’ll find a more detailed overview of all Omnitracks features, benefits, and everything else a truck driver or fleet owner would need to know before deciding on the right solution.

Click image to view the whole infographic image by Omnitracs

However, with the initial cost of over $799 and ongoing costs of $23 and more, many truckers find this gadget quite pricey.

Make Your Trucking Easier

To sum up, there’s a wide array of tailor-made apps for truck drivers and trucking fleet owners and operators, which are created to help US, Canadian, and other truck drivers save their hard-earned money and time.

We’ve narrowed down the list to several outstanding mileage trackers for US truck drivers that you can benefit from. Now you just need to pick the best fit for yourself.

Stop wasting your precious resources and start earning more with a trustworthy and accurate all-in-one mileage tracker that you can just set and forget.

Have a safe and economical drive!

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