4 Reliable Mileage Trackers for the American Market

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Have you ever heard daily commuters or fleet or rideshare drivers repeatedly complain about having to keep an impeccable manual tally of all their miles driven, trip purposes, dates, locations, and many other work-related car expenses relevant for their reimbursements or tax deductions?

We bet you have.

Every driver who uses a personal car for business purposes more often than not is perfectly aware of all the challenges drivers in their shoes are facing every day, especially at tax time.

Sick and tired of writing your mileage logbook by hand?

Let’s cut the long story short, then.

There are a jillion mileage tracker apps on the global market catering to the diversified needs of thousands of users and their businesses.

We’re sharing with you a few reliable mileage trackers for the American market that you can evaluate before reaching your final decision and picking the one that is ideal for tracking YOUR miles and business expenses.

Mind you, we’ll be exploring some top-rated apps which may not be so widely known, but which have proven themselves to be well worth your attention for their performance so far.

Here we go…

1. GOFAR Automatic Mileage Tracker

The last app you will ever need for your car
GOFAR Mileage Tracker App

Choosing the GOFAR automatic mileage tracker means that you’ll get detailed and accurate automatic mileage logs for a single car or entire fleet and so many more features. You’ll be able to:

  • Monitor all your business vehicle expenses
  • Get comprehensive IRS-compliant reports
  • Easily categorize, tag and customize all your trips to match your unique tracking needs
  • Save on fuel
  • Closely monitor your car’s health and save thousands on costly car repairs
  • Get alerts and reminders so that you avoid fines

In short, GOFAR helps you become a better driver with more money in your pockets.

Here’s how the GOFAR mileage tracker does that all for you:

Fabulous, isn’t it?

Actually, GOFAR is far more than just an automatic mileage tracker. It’s an invaluable tool for all drivers. Think of it like the Swiss Army Knife for motorists.

Even better:

Once you install it, you don’t need to worry if you forget or lose your phone because GOFAR will work perfectly without it, which makes this mileage tracker particularly reliable.

It detects your trips automatically so that you don’t need to worry if you forget to press the Start and Stop button when you start and end a drive.

This budget-friendly mileage tracker is available for both Android and iOS users and is compatible with almost any car.

Like what you’re hearing?


Then you can download the free app on the Google Play Store for Android systems or the App Store for your iOS devices.

You can try out the device with absolutely no risk, as GOFAR offers a 100% money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty to all its customers.

2. TripTracker Mileage Logbook

TripTracker Mileage logbook
Screenshot from: TripTracker | Mileage logbook

According to user reviews, TripTracker is another reliable mileage tracking app that is also easy to install and use.

This mileage tracker uses GPS, Bluetooth-Detection, reverse Geocoding or OBDII data to create your accurate and complete mileage log automatically or manually, whichever suits you better.

In addition, it allows you to collect, edit and analyze your mileage logbook and other gathered data across multiple devices.

It also provides a clear overview of your logbook data, using diagrams and a calendar, as well as an overview of your expenses.

Furthermore, the app developer guarantees that all the gathered data is your own property only and that TripTracker will NOT analyze or sell it to any third parties.

Displaying your real-time vehicle diagnostic is another handy feature of TripTracker.

With this mileage tracker, you can export your data into a comprehensive customized report generated in the form of a PDF document. All you need to do is sign it to prove its legitimacy to the authorities.

Isn’t that more reliable than any handwritten mileage logbook? Certainly.

In case you’re interested to learn more about this mileage tracker, you can find illustrated setup instructions and other details about its prominent features in the TripTracker manual and you can take a closer look at the user reviews.

If this is the app for you, you can get TripTracker for Android at the Google Play Store. However, it’s not available for iOS users.

3. Easy Car Logbook

Easy Car Logbook
Screenshot from: Easy Car Logbook

Due to its amazing features and far more positive user reviews on the Play Store than negative ones, Easy Car Logbook also deserves its place on this list of reliable mileage trackers for the USA market.

This app does everything an average US driver needs when it comes to fuel consumption, business costs, and mileage tracking.

What satisfied users point out about this free and useful mileage tracking app is its simplicity, excellent quick customer support, and no ads displaying when the app’s in use.

You can download the app from the Google Play Store and read more about it by following the link provided.

4. Simply Auto Car Maintenance and Mileage Tracker App

Simply Auto Mileage tracker app
Image from: Simply Auto Mileage tracker

Unlike the previously mentioned app, Simply Auto (formerly Fuel Buddy) offers in-app purchases and the free version contains many ads.

Still, with over a hundred thousand installs and ten thousand positive reviews (over 78%), it is considered to be a reliable app for keeping track of any US driver’s business miles, fuel costs, and vehicle maintenance.

Here’s a brief overview of what you can do with this mileage tracker:

  • Track your tax-deductible and other mileage automatically or manually.
  • Easily classify all your trips.
  • Track your IRS mileage deductions.
  • Log your travel distances in miles or kilometers and your fuel amounts in liters or gallons, plus you can convert the units any time.
  • Similarly, you can pick the currency applicable in your region and customize all your data and stats.
  • Free membership lets you add up to seven vehicles; you need to upgrade to the Platinum account for an unlimited number if managing fleets.
  • Monitor and analyze the stats including distances traveled, car services, fuel efficiency (fuel cost per mile), and other expenses.
  • View the stats as charts or graphs, and customize and filter them to view the data for a particular period (e.g. last month or week).
  • Generate detailed reports manually or automatically and customize them.
  • Track and record fill-ups conveniently by using the speech-to-text feature of the app to make entries by speaking the values near the screen.
  • Get reminded about your preselected services and/or expenses.

The Simply Auto User Guide and their FAQ page offer all the information you may want to know before you decide it’s the right fit for you.

Get this mileage tracking and car maintenance app on the Google Play Store.

Ease Your Tax-Time Pain Now

Why wouldn’t you, like many other US drivers, want to get huge tax deductions come tax season?

Just imagine how you could use all that extra money creatively…

No more guesswork and fear of IRS tax audits for you.

All you need to do is pick your favorite reliable mileage tracker that is suitable for the USA market, and download and install it to track your business miles automatically.

From that moment on, you’ll start saving enormous amounts of money and time. Not to mention the nerves of steel you would need to log all those miles manually with no mistakes.

So, which mileage tracker do you find the most reliable and suitable for your driving needs?

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