15 Essential Tools that Every Uber and Lyft Driver Should Have

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons by Santeri Viinamäki

Every industry has its selected essential tools of the trade. It’s no different in ride sharing where drivers use tools to help them increase their profits and serve their customers better.

At first glance, the tools may seem unremarkable but once used you’ll never look back.

Here are 15 of the best essential tools for any ride sharing driver we know about.

1. GOFAR – 3 essential tools in one package

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If you are not making enough money, try using smart technology such as GOFAR to cut your expenses.

GOFAR helps you to find your car engine’s sweet spot and then guides you on driving efficiently to save fuel and reduce wear on your brakes.

Other areas where the GOFAR app and device can help you include;

  • Tracking the car mileage for tax deductions
  • Alerting you when the car has a fault
  • Explaining the car faults in plain English
  • Reminding the driver of ReGo & Insurance
  • Connecting drivers to top-rated mechanics and parts suppliers
  • Saving fuel by finding the engine’s sweet spot

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2. A Charger for the Passengers

How do you ensure that the passengers know you are thinking of them? One way would be to invest in a car charger with multiple USB ports.

Your passengers can charge their smartphones, tablets, and laptops while in your car. It’s a fantastic item to have as an Uber driver.

3. Charger for Personal Phone

Imagine being lucky and getting in the centre of a Surge, and then your phone battery dies. As an Uber driver, you want to be always online.

This is the only way to keep getting the client ride requests all day.

4. A Phone Mount

Keep your phone within your periphery with a phone mount.
Photo courtesy of Flickr Images by Jesus Abizanda

A phone mount is more of a security device than a phone holder. It is best mounted on a place where you can make a quick glance at it without getting your eyes off the road.

5. Surge Chaser

Surge Chaser app allows you to drop pins on a map and receive notifications when there is a nearby surge. You can then set your notifications filtered according to;

  • Amount of surge
  • How close the surge is,
  • The product, e.g. UberX, Select, UberXL, etc.

The Surge Chaser is a valuable tool to have since when you have back-to-back rides; you might fail to notice the surge.

The app notifies you when there is a surge, allowing you to log out and retarget an area where there is surge pricing instead of accepting the stacked regular rides.

6. Radarscope

If you drive in a city where the weather has a significant effect on demand and driving difficulty, it is essential to know when the weather is going to strike.

One of the problems with most weather apps is that their radar images are too delayed to be of much use.

Radarscope app provides detailed radar images that have no more than a 5-minute delay. Regular weather apps have delays of more than 10 minutes.

The Radarscope is also an app that meteorologists and weather chasers use.

7. Sidebar

You probably work for both Lyft and Uber and therefore need a method that helps you to switch between apps quickly.

Sidebar allows you to set a slide-out bar that contains all the apps you use regularly.

By using Sidebar, you can text, talk on the phone, use your Google Maps and switch between Uber and Lyft apps seamlessly.

8. Gas Buddy

Of all the essential tools, this one helps you find the cheapest petrol stations in your location. To make better use of the app, toggle the price and distance to get advice on where you can get the best price relative to the distance from where you are located to the petrol station.

9. Waze Navigation App

When it comes to navigating around, use the Waze Navigation App which is 95% accurate. Google Maps is good, but Uber’s built-in navigation is just horrible.

Believe us, this tool is invaluable, and it’s in our list of essential tools for good reason.

10. Vomit Bags

Always keep some vomit bags in your car to take care of the intoxicated passenger you pick up. You don’t want to clean puke or have that residual smell in your car!

11. Text Shortcuts

We all know we shouldn’t be texting and driving. It is critical that you find ways of texting quickly. One way to do this is to set up text shortcuts. Different phones have different ways of creating shortcuts. Know how to use yours.

12. Bluetooth

You can either use the Bluetooth in your car to make calls or get one that easily mounts on your visor. Passengers don’t like guessing whether you are talking to them or you are talking to somebody else on the phone.

13. Pen and Index Cards

Essential tools to write with
Image from: Pixabay by kropekk_pl

One of the quickest ways to get important details is through the traditional pen and paper.

You can never guess who you are giving a ride and when it comes to getting their details and navigating the city routes, giving the customer a pen and paper to put down their details is always better than trying to save them on your phone.

14. Back up Phone

Always have a backup the phone with you. For one, your primary phone may become faulty during your daily errands.

In an app like Lyft, you can use the extra battery to check where your competitor’s cars are while still engaged in driver mode on your primary phone.

15. Water Bottle Filled with Soap and Latex Gloves

If you are unlucky and somebody pukes in your car, you will need to clean up the mess before the vomit sticks to the fabric of your seats. In such cases, you will need soapy water and latex gloves.

You don’t want to touch the stuff, do you? Take it from us – include this in your list of must-have essential tools or you’ll find yourself unprepared – and stinky.

Something to Ponder

As an Uber driver, you may want to think about creating a website where you can share your personal experiences and your personal essential tools with other drivers.

It will be an important undertaking that can allow you to claim up to $20,000 in tax deductions. Besides, Uber offers substantial referral income, and your website can be one of the places you refer others.

Another thing you can do on the website is to sell ads on behalf of businesses in your area, or even advertising your other businesses.

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