How Can Uber Drivers Get the Best Fares?

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One of the advantages of being a driver in the ride sharing industry is that there are recognisable patterns.

Regardless of where you are operating from, learning and understanding these patterns will help you maximise your opportunities for making more money.

As an Uber driver, you must be open-minded to learn from other drivers as well as from the customers. If you diligently study your area of operation, a trend will start to emerge.

If you take advantage of your insights, you will probably make more money than your competition.

Learn Your Driving Technique

You can use a clever gadget such as GOFAR to monitor both your car’s health and driving style. The device will then find your engine’s sweet spot to help you save fuel as well as log your mileage for tax deductions purposes.

What this means is that for the same amount of fare that your competitors earn, you are left with more profits because you are utilising your fuel more efficiently.

Use the Most Up-to-Date Uber App

The newest version of Uber App helps the drivers identify areas where there is a boost, a surge and other incentivized areas.

The app helps the drivers make better fares than their competitors since rides in these areas are always higher.

Another feature on the latest version is the “distance left to travel”. The feature allows the driver to notify the rider with one tap if he is stuck in traffic, meaning the rider is no longer in the dark as to how soon the driver will pick him up.

The ride cancellations have become fewer with the feature, and thus drivers earn the full amount of the ride rather than the cancellation fine.

The latest app also has an offline GPS tracker for when the drivers are in areas wit ow internet connectivity.

Use a Hybrid Car

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With a hybrid car, you can subscribe for UberX and the luxury categories such as UberBlack and UberSUV.

This means you can fetch low fares when the rider requested for a trip with UberX and higher fares if the customer requested for UberSUV or UberBlack.

Outstanding Service

By continuously offering 5-star service such as opening doors for customers, making a courtesy call when you arrive, and offering water and mint to customers will maintain your driver rating high, thus allowing you to make more money on the uber app.

Always seek to give your riders a pleasant, efficient, safe and professional experience.

Remember that if your ratings dip, you will get fewer rides and eventually get deactivated from the app.

Sway the System

Rather than chase a surge blindly, smart drivers have turned the tables by logging out the driver app into the passenger app. The Uber algorithm calculated the surge fares based on the high demand of passengers in a specific area.

If the driver is logged in the system as a passenger, the algorithm sees him as a passenger and thus does not drop the surge fares even when there are enough drivers.

Subscribe for Different Services

There is no Uber policy limiting its drivers from subscribing to other ride sharing companies.

If the fares are depressed on the Uber app during a particular time of the day, you can always log out of the app and try your luck with Lyft. You can then revert to Uber when the prices are better.

Know Local Hotspots

Your local market hotspots should be on your fingertips. Places such as airports, colleges, bars, train stations, bowling alleys are sure high traffic areas where there will always be somebody who needs transportation.

Note that in these high traffic areas, there might be local laws that govern the taxi lines. If you are to take advantage of the regions, you need to understand the do’s and don’ts.

Airports have traditionally given longer and more profitable rides. You can market yourself at these areas by handing out your Uber discount cards to every rider who takes a trip with you.

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Use the Passenger App to Avoid Driver-Heavy Areas

One Uber driver talks of chasing a surge to a stadium only to find that other drivers surrounded him. How did he know that? Well, because he had logged into the passenger app.

He realised that he was not getting any ride, but upon moving to the other side of the stadium, he got a ride request immediately. Passenger apps can show you the driver population in a particular area.

Learn the Spike Patterns

If you live in a big city, you will note that the areas around both private and public schools get spikes at the end of the school day.

You will also notice that when the sun is scorching, you get lighter traffic. If you drive around the suburbs, you will see a reduction in demand during school holidays because the students, right from grade school to the university have less tight schedules.

Once you recognise these trends, you will know what to do to make better fares.

Know Local Seasons

Sometimes, in a particular neighbourhood, there are reoccurring schedules such as sports events. It will be expected that the areas around the stadiums will have high demand, but due to high traffic, there could also be delays when picking clients. High demand means high fares.

Keep Networking

If you have exceptional networking skills, you can chat your riders into disclosing their schedules to you so that you can anticipate when the rider will need transportation.

People with regular schedules are easy to become regular customers because all you are required to do is to park your car somewhere near where they work or live.

If somebody becomes a regular customer, they will always give you a great review.

Educate the Riders About Split Fare Feature

University and college students are sometimes short of money and are afraid of requesting a ride because they can’t afford. If the said students can split the fare, it becomes more affordable, and you get many extra rides.

Always Return Lost Items

Thankful customers are generous. If you return a lost item, you can be sure that the customers will not only give you a 5-star rating and a tip, but they will also want to ride with you in future.

When you combine these methods and keep an eye at developments in the ride sharing community, you are bound to make better fares than your competitors.

The competition in the industry is such that you cannot be set in certain ways forever. Ride sharing is dynamic, and you need to be very flexible to return a reasonable profit consistently.

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