11 Incredible Mileage Log Book Apps for Uber and Lyft Drivers

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Taxes are among the most important points to take care of for every rideshare driver working for Uber or Lyft and considered to be an independent contractor by the IRS.

Unfortunately, there are a plethora of rules around those self-employed contractors.

Fortunately, there are mileage log book apps that are available to help with tracking mileage for tax deduction purposes.

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Your career as a ridesharing driver will be much more enjoyable if you have peace of mind that your mileage and vehicle expenses are being taken care of by a reliable app.

Here’s how it basically works:

You won’t get automatic tax deductions.

Once you get your paycheck as an Uber or Lyft driver, the IRS expects you to have logged all your deductible expenses required to set off against your taxes when filing the returns.

The good thing is that for drivers, the biggest expense item is mileage.

As long as you can prove that the miles you covered were for business purposes and not for personal purposes, you can deduct that mileage against your taxes.

Usually, there are two methods of deducting the tax namely – the standard mileage rate and the actual expense method.

With the standard mileage rate, the IRS will give you a rate with which you will multiply the total miles covered for business purposes. You will then deduct that amount against your taxes.

Contrastingly, for actual expense method, you are expected to record all the expenses that have been incurred for business purposes and then deduct these from your taxes.

Whichever method you choose to use to deduct your taxes, you will need a reliable mileage log book app to help you track your miles and provide evidence.

Below are 19 incredible mileage log book apps for Uber and Lyft drivers you can choose from.


GOFAR is an incredible mileage log book app and a plug-and-play device that:

  • Connects to your dashboard
  • Synchronizes the data with your smartphone and
  • Tracks every aspect of your car starting from engine health, miles driven, fuel burning and cost, driver behavior and others.

GOFAR helps drivers save up to 9.8% on fuel consumption or about 10 cents off every liter.

It is fully IRS and ATO compliant and it’s also tax-deductible.

The app also tracks mileage and exports the log file into an Excel sheet when you need it.

If you’re located in Australia, once the app detects a problem in your car, it will alert you and explain it to you in plain English and then recommend a top-rated mechanic in your area.

Other advantages that you will draw from using GOFAR log book app and mileage tracker include:

  • No ongoing fees or contracts
  • 1-year warranty
  • Free shipping
  • Risk-free returns within 60 days and a 100% money-back guarantee.

The app is available for both Android and iOS devices with free lifetime updates.

2. Stride Drive

The Stride Drive app was designed with rideshare drivers in mind. It will help you to track all your trips and then generate reports that you can just print and give to your employer or accountant.

The app will give you categories for other expenses that you are allowed to deduct including tolls, car washes, and parking.

Among the uses of the Stride Drive App are:

  • Automatically tracking mileage using GPS
  • Sending you reminder alerts to track your miles as you drive
  • Ensuring that only business-related miles are tracked
  • Record keeping in a format approved by the IRS
  • Providing advice on the tax write-offs you can get
  • Compatibility with taxation software and online tax returns filing
  • Compliance with IRS tax requirements to avoid audits

The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

3. Mileage Log +

This app was designed to comply with the IRS rules. The information that it will help you track will be exactly what the IRS requires of you when filing the tax returns.

The app comes with easily customizable categories such as:

  • Excel compatible reports
  • Dropbox backup and synchronizing
  • Easy filtering and sorting
  • Frequent trips and many more.

If you’re looking for reliability and IRS compliance, but you also want to avoid the complexity of using web-based apps, then the Mileage Log+ is a good choice.

However, the app is available only for iOS devices.

4. TaxMileage

The TaxMileage is best used to track fuel consumption and cost.

However, on top of tracking those two items, it also logs your mileage as a tool for providing appropriate expense reporting when deducting your taxes.

You have the option of tracking the miles either in kilometers or miles, and then track the cost of fuel for the miles or kilometers driven.

These continuous statistics are displayed in a graphical form.

The app allows registration of multiple cars which is useful for ridesharing vehicle owners or those who use rentals instead of owning personal cars and it’s available for Android and iOS devices.

5. FYI Mileage

The FYI Mileage app provides an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to use when entering data.

You can use the app to support multiple drivers and multiple cars and this is a great feature if you own more than one vehicle.

Some of the features that you’re going to find on the app include:

  • flexible reporting
  • link to your contacts and address book
  • easy searching
  • customizable reimbursement rates
  • reimbursement summaries and
  • a list of the trips that you make most frequently

This mileage log book app is available solely for iOS devices.

6. MileBug

For you to access your report and data on MileBug app, you will need to have an online account.

The app gives you:

  • automatic tracking
  • full path map display and
  • the ability to fill in regular destinations for those trips that you make frequently.

The app will provide you with all the necessary details for the IRS tax compliant reporting. It also backs up all your data into the cloud for storage.

This mileage log book app is available for rideshare drivers who use Android and iOS devices.

7. eLogger

The eLogger has rendered paper log books obsolete.

The disconnected mileage collecting systems that do not store and distribute real-time operational data will also be rendered obsolete.

This is one of the best fleet management log books in the market, which is the reason why it ended up on this list.

The eLogger software solution contributes to the:

  • safety
  • compliance
  • efficiency and
  • best-business practices of the biggest names in dozens of industries.

Unfortunately, the app is available for iOS devices only.

8. KeepTruckin Electronic Logbook

This app is ideal for rideshare drivers because it will not only log your mileage but also help you to maintain your duty record status.

Some of the features on the KeepTruckin Electronic Logbook app include:

  • Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) compliance
  • It makes vehicle inspections easier
  • It monitors fuel usage for tax reporting
  • The app has a messenger where you can lodge support tickets
  • It comes with GPS tracking
  • The app has some vehicle diagnostics wizards you can follow to troubleshoot your engine
  • It makes the work of a driver easier with a digitized driver workflow
  • It has a smart dashcam

Still, this is another app which is available for Android devices exclusively.

9. VDO RoadLog

The VDO RoadLog app will automate driver log book, help archive data, and report your mileage when filing your taxes.

It also comes with a built-in log printer and several other components you need to buy.

The design of this device is far from sleek, though.

You can find out more about this logging device here and get it here if you like what it offers.

10. Logbook Pro

The Logbook Pro is software that can be accessed on the iPad, smartphones, or tablet. Not only does it help you to log your miles but also to schedule your trips.

It has a summary that gives you an overview of how much you can deduct when paying your taxes.

The app is available for iOS devices.

11. Vehicle Logbook DHO

The Vehicle Logbook DHO allows mobile phone tracking of all your journeys and all the other cost that you might incur such as servicing and fueling.

It consolidates all the business expenses that you will incur for business drives.
The app is available both for Android and iOS devices.

All in all, every Lyft, Uber or another rideshare driver who is determined to automatically log mileage, fuel consumption, work-related car expenses and other necessary elements for maximized driving efficiency and tax deductions should check out GOFAR mileage log book app.

It’s IRS and ATO compliant, works with many car models and is available for both Android and iOS users.

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