Avoid Excessive Fuel Consumption with 5 Simple Logbook Apps

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The best logbook app is one that also promotes efficient driving.

But how does such an app do that?

Well, it collects real-time data and finds your vehicle’s engine sweet spot in order to help you drive better.

If you are using your car for both personal and business purposes, you will need to separate the two categories for tax purposes.

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Everybody who drives wants to cut their fuel usage as well as drive more efficiently.

Concerned about the amount of money you are spending at the petrol station?

We have picked the top simple logbook apps that save you the most fuel. Make good use of them and keep more money in your pockets.


Of all the logbook apps discussed below, GOFAR is the only one that guarantees that it will save fuel.

In the previous year, GOFAR is a simple logbook app that has been found first-class at finding your engine’s sweet spot – a speed at which your car is the most fuel efficient.

GOFAR users in America, Europe, and Australia have found that the logbook app can save you up to $30 per week, which translates to about 10 cents per liter of fuel consumed.

The 80,000 km test confirmed that the GOFAR logbook app delivered up to 9.8% fuel saving.

You can download the free GOFAR app on both iOS and Android devices, without signing any contracts or recurring fees. You also get free lifetime updates.

The app comes with a device that you simply plug into your car dashboard. Then, it syncs all the data it collects with your smartphone.

The shipping is also free, as well as returns within 60 days that come with your 100% money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty.

Totally free of risk, isn’t it?

And you can literally track everything about your car with the GOFAR app, not only mileage driven and fuel usage.

Here’s what else makes this logbook app so amazing:

  • GOFAR monitors your car’s health and alerts you when it has a fault. Even better – it explains the problem to you in plain English so that you can react promptly and resolve it while it’s still affordable and possible to fix.
  • The app helps you monitor all of your vehicle’s business expenses with a simple swipe and allows you to export the reports in an Excel sheet.
  • For Australian users only, GOFAR app comes with a database of the first-rate mechanics in your area. No need for you to waste time trying to find a dealer in your area when the app will suggest the best one for you and have them come over to check and service your car with no hassle.

Isn’t this logbook app well worth your attention? We bet you’ll love it.

2. MileBug

MileBug logbook app comes in two versions – lite and full. You’ll have to pay $2.99 for the full version. It is available on Google Play and Apple Store.

The app lacks aesthetics but it more than makes up for it in execution.

Among the things that you can do using this app include:

  • inputting rate per kilometer
  • the purpose of the trip
  • the car you are driving and
  • track other expenses such as tolls, parking, and fuel consumption.

Although you can manually start the odometer reading, you can use your app’s GPS to measure and calculate the distance traveled and the cost per kilometer.

For example, if you often take a particular route, you can save that route as a trip. This means that your origin, the destination, and the purpose of your travel will be left intact.

This is especially convenient because such trips can be exported as reports in either HTML or CSV and sent through email or synchronizing with iTunes.

The app allows for Dropbox integration in the Windows version.

However, you won’t be able to access the GPS functionality if you use the Android version. As for the iOS version, you can’t synchronize it with any cloud-based services.

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3. TaxMileage

The TaxMileage logbook app is best used to track fuel usage and cost.

However, it also comes in handy as a tool for logging your mileage and generating adequate expense reports at the hard time of tax deductions.

The app provides the options of either kilometers or miles tracking as well as tracking the cost of fuel for the miles driven.

These stats are displayed in a graphical form.

The app lends itself perfectly for the use by rideshare driving, either by vehicle owners or those who use rentals because it allows registration of multiple vehicles.

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

4. Trip Miles

One of the biggest advantages of using Trip Miles is that it has an intuitive user interface. Starting and inputting your trip details is very easy.

If your main concern is how much money you are spending on fuel, this logbook app will do the job.

Unfortunately, the app is only available for iOS devices.

You can save routine trips so that you don’t have to input the same details over and over again.

The only thing that you will need to include is the departure and arrival times. Naturally, the app will calculate your rate per kilometer as well as how much fuel your car uses accompanied by the price per liter.

The status report will be neatly organized and easy to export into an Excel sheet or a PDF.

5. QuickBooks Self-Employed

QuickBooks Self-Employed is top-rated financial management software, which also includes an app that is developed to track business expenses primarily for self-employed individuals.

Their logbook app enables you to track your quarterly taxes so that you always know how much money you owe for your taxes.

This app allows you to track all your driving expenses such as mileage, repairs, maintenance, fuel, etc.

The app premium versions are available on both Android and iOS.

Have you chosen your favorite driving buddy yet to keep track of your fuel and other car expenses? Do it without delay as you don’t want to waste money anymore.

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