We’re gearing up for pre-production!

Today we have a very exciting milestone to announce for GOFAR. We have commissioned the construction of our plastic injection mould tooling.

We performed an exhaustive search of vendors and have selected our partner to work with.

They have the gold standard in quality certification (ISO9001) and have a number of decades of experience delivering components for major companies used in products that you most likely use every day.

Plastic injection moulds are large, complex and expensive machines that must be custom made for every project.

This is an example of what a plastic injection mould tool looks like to make something as simple as a plastic spoon.

Injection moulding is a very precise method of manufacture and our parts have been meticulously designed to facilitate the process, every detail has been taken into account, tolerances have been accounted for in the part design to allow for accurate assembly, the location and style of gate and ejector pins have been specified.

The GOFAR product consists of 9 different plastic injection moulded parts.

There are 3 plastic injection moulded components in Ray:

There are 4 plastic injection moulded parts in the dongle:

And did we tell you we’ve even designed a custom cable? The cable has been designed with our own cable headers (the flexible plastic bit on the end of the cable to protect the connector) to blend beautifully from the Ray up on the dash down into a right angle connectors on the dongle.

The right angle connector has been designed to be as low profile and as versatile as possible.

The part design has been optimised for injection mould manufacture and cocreators, our totally awesome industrial designers, have refined the part design to be “tool safe” allowing for easy fine tuning of the tool prior to our pilot run.

We’ve selected the high quality tooling steel grade NAK80 to accurately recreate the fine detailing in GOFAR. NAK 80 will attain the high polish surface finish on the light pipe we need in the Ray and has a wonderful life expectancy for ongoing manufacture.

Over the coming days our tooling vendor will be submitting the CAD design of our tools & we’ll begin cutting steel woo hoo!

This is a very exciting step for us and we will share some of the CAD images of the tool design with you in future updates.

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