How to Choose a Logbook App That Will Maximise Your Tax Return

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Scouring the web in search of the best car logbook app? Well there’s good reason to: your tax return is at stake. And finding a good logbook app can make a huge difference.

A reliable car logbook app not only helps you keep accurate business mileage records. It also earns you the maximum tax refund possible.

But ask 100 people and you’ll get 110 answers on which car logbook app is the best.

This article will lay out criteria to narrow down your search and make a well-educated choice that will best suit your needs.

Below are some useful tips on how to choose a logbook app that will maximise your tax return at the end of the tax year.

Tip #1: Choose a Logbook App That Tracks All Your Business Trips

Most car logbook apps will allow you to claim vehicle expense deductions using either the cents per kilometre method or logbook method.

However, looking for the cheapest option on a logbook app is probably not a good idea. Going frugal can pay off at times, but not when it means cutting into your tax returns.

The problem is, some apps don’t record all your mileage. And mileage recorded is directly related to money back in your pocket. Check out what this user said on the Apple store about a logbook app that didn’t live up to expectations:

The App was supposed to be tracking my trips but for a few months it just didn’t, now I have to use my diary and retrofit data. When I had completed some journeys and looked at what it recorded, it just wasn’t where I had been. – Source:

If you’re spending a great deal of time behind the wheel for work purposes, you’ll be eligible to get some serious money back at tax time.

Not something you want to miss out on just because of a subpar logbook app.

So, here’s a simple truth: the only worthwhile logbook app is one that’s got a failsafe solution to track all your trips.

GOFAR will remove all your doubts about logbook apps. It’ll keep full records of your work-related trips and make sure you don’t miss out on valuable tax deductions.

Here are GOFAR’s key features:

  • Automated Mileage Logging and Reporting. One swipe to classify your business trips. One tap to export a spreadsheet report to your email. Can it get any easier?
  • Tracks Every Trip. GOFAR makes sure you have a full record of your mileage at tax time. It uses a dongle device that you install in your car so it can track your trips without errors. Even if your phone battery dies!
  • Customised Tagging. You can personalise your tagging so it fits your unique business/personal situation.
  • Automatic Location Tags. This feature allows for presets so you can classify your trips automatically.

Click here to learn more about the app.

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Tip #2 Choose a Logbook App That Helps You Get More Deductions Out of the Logbook Method

Do you often use your personal car for driving between offices and clients? Do you cover over 5,000 business kilometres a year? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then you should probably use the logbook method to write off your car expenses.

This method will maximise your tax deductions. But it will also put a strain on your daily routine. That is, if you record the traditional way.

Most people will tell you it’s a lot of hassle to keep a logbook. Why? The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) requires you to keep records of:

  • Accurate odometer readings before and after each journey
  • Trip dates
  • Kilometres travelled
  • Purpose of the business journey
  • Odometer reading at the start and end of the fiscal year in which you use the logbook

Now, imagine doing this with pen and paper. Every. Single. Day. For 12 weeks.

Example of Logbook Method by ATO Tax Rates Info
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This is exactly why you should get a logbook app. Not just any logbook app, but one that can help you gain the most from the ATO logbook method.

You need an app that allows you to handpick the most active period of your yearly driving logs in terms of kilometres travelled for business use. See where we’re going with this? Yes, you got it right. This is the ultimate way to maximise your claim amount for car expenses.

You need an app that allows you to handpick the most active period of your yearly driving logs in terms of kilometres travelled for business use. See where we’re going with this? Yes, you got it right. This is the ultimate way to maximise your claim amount for car expenses.

With GOFAR, you can do just that.

Tip #3 Choose a Logbook App That Helps You Save Money on Running Car Costs

Claiming your car expenses and maximising your tax refund are great benefits on their own.

But why wouldn’t you get a logbook app that does more than just tracking your business mileage?

How about saving on fuel? Servicing? Is there a light bulb going off in your head?

Many people like you have chosen GOFAR, because it makes it possible to track business mileage AND save on running car costs. The numbers speak for themselves:

Since 2016, GOFAR-connected cars have logged more than 100 million kilometres in more than 50 countries across 6 continents.

The makers of GOFAR worked hard to create just the right functionality for the modern motorist. The app will enable you to:

  • Spend less money on fuel. Real-time driving feedback will help you tweak your driving behaviour. So you’ll finally be able to improve your fuel efficiency.
  • Keep a log of your fill-ups. Gauge actual economy by logging all your fill-ups and  tracking your fuel spend.
  • Figure out the most economical route. Track your whereabouts and come up with the most economical route for your future drives.
  • Get car error alerts. GOFAR uses an OBD2 scanner to demystify car fault codes for you. Get explanations for 300+ common car faults in plain English and stay one step ahead of your mechanic.
  • Get timely maintenance-related reminders. Stay on top of your car maintenance by setting handy maintenance reminders.

See how getting your money back on taxes and saving money on your car expenses go well together?

Tip #4 Maximise Your Pay-Off by Getting an App With a Good Quality-Price Ratio

As a regular car user, you do your best to give your car a little TLC when necessary. Yet, you also make sure to do the same with your wallet.

So, the pricing factor is good to keep in mind when getting yourself a logbook app.

Some logbook app developers will offer you basic functionality for free. Others will charge you, but many apps still won’t live up to your expectations.

Then again, some people would much rather pay up-front then rely on a subscription model. Everyone has their own preferences.

The bottom line is when searching for a logbook app you’ll want the app with the best quality to price ratio. It makes sense to settle on the one that offers top functionality for a decent price.

It also stands to reason you’ll choose an app that will maximise your tax return.

What Is the Best Vehicle Logbook App for Maximising Your Tax Return?

Whether you’re a tradie, an accountant or an Uber driver, you’ll need a reliable and effective logbook app. So if you were wondering how to choose an app that will help you earn back more on your taxes, we have the answer for you.

We did our best to make your choice as painless as possible.

GOFAR will help you start keeping your business mileage records with minimal effort. It will help you get more money back on your taxes and all you need to do is lean back and drive (and save!). You’ll be able to reimburse all the business-related car expenses you incurred AND save on ongoing car expenses.

Here’s a quick recap of why GOFAR is the best choice among logbook apps. It:

  • Logs your trips automatically, so no need to fiddle with your phone
  • Allows you to tag your trips easily with just one tap
  • Helps you maximise your tax refund by choosing the most active logbook period
  • Helps you maximise your savings on car expenses (fuel and servicing)
  • Is good value for money

Visit our website to see why people continue to choose our app globally. Or get your own GOFAR app now and start saving big time in a matter of days.

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