What Is the Best ATO Vehicle Logbook App?

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Are you one of those people that won’t keep a logbook unless someone takes you by the scruff of the neck and forces you to do it?

Good news is: things have changed. Gone are the days when you had to keep your driving log in printable logbooks and excel sheets.

You can’t expect to get it all at the push of a button, but logging your mileage for your tax return is now fully automated.

Looking for the best ATO vehicle logbook app? Your search ends here.

The apps listed below are in line with the ATO standards so you can file a fully ATO-compliant car tax deduction.

The rest is easy – just pick the best of the best.

Vehicle Logbook App Features: At a Glance

ATO Logbook
Travel Logs
ATO Compliant Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Mileage Tracking Yes:

Even if you forget your phone


Need to opt for a paid subscription


Need to press start and stop


Need to  connect and disconnect from the device


Need to have your phone on you

Car Diagnostics Yes:

300+ Car Fault Alerts

No No No No
Cut Fuel Costs Yes:


No No No No
Cut CO2 Yes: No No No No
Emissions Driver Behaviour Feedback
Pricing Paid:
GOFAR adapter


GPS device



Monthly or annual subscription

Ongoing Costs Yes, Unlimited Only. Yes No Yes Yes?
Free Lifetime Updates Yes No Yes No Yes?
Compatibility Apple iOS


Apple iOS


Apple iOS


Apple iOS


Apple iOS



Business and Mileage Tracking
Gofar Logbook App

To kick off our list of the best logbook apps, let’s take a moment to think about what you want in a logbook app in the first place. What comes first is that an app is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Next, simplifying the logbook keeping process is a must.

The app has to log your mileage immaculately, offer easy trip classification and simplify sending out reports.

GOFAR comes with a full stack of features that relate to all these phases. It logs your trips reliably so you can keep a qualified ATO logbook and maximise your tax return.

This Australian-made ATO vehicle logbook app lives up to its name. It’s all you need, all in one app.

So, let’s explore the features:

  • Automatic Start and Stop Feature. GOFAR uses an OBD2 adapter to start and stop logging your trips automatically. It won’t forget to record your journeys, even if you do. And you won’t even need to fiddle with your phone.
  • Easy Trip Classification. Swipe left or right and, hey presto, you’ve classified your trip as business or personal.
  • Automatic Location Tagging. The app automatically tags your locations for repeated destinations so you don’t have to.
  • Filter Data for Reports. Maximise your claim amount by looking for the period with the most driving activity.

But with GOFAR, your saving options don’t end here. Yes, you do get to save on your taxes, but you also get to control your fuel spend and cut down other car running expenses.

  • Cost: Starter Kit (adapter and logbook app) – $99; Standard Kit (adapter, logbook app and Ray) – $129.
  • Download: App Store and Google Play Store

2. LogbookMe

LogbookMe Sample Reports
Image from: LogbookMe

LogbookMe offers a set of fleet optimisation tools useful for users that run car parks and fleets. The app isn’t a stand-alone software as it requires you to get a GPS device as part of the annual subscription.

A medley of features, this driving log app makes claiming your car expenses a breeze.

Below are some of the app’s key functionalities. The LogbookMe app:

  • Logs your trips automatically by using a GPS device that transmits real-time data
  • Sends push notifications at the end of each trip as reminders to fill in the trip details
  • Integrates description tags with your phone calendar so you tag trips at the press of a button
  • Features bulk updating and trip templates that further simplify trip classification

Also, the app sends dashboard notifications to keep you on track with your business mileage percentage targets.

3. ATO Vehicle Logbook

Australian Taxation Office
Screenshot from: Australian Taxation Office

ATO Vehicle Logbook may be a basic app. However, it’s every bit as deserving of being featured on any list of the best logbook apps. Although it comes with a basic user interface, the app’s got all it takes to help you deduct your car expenses.

It’s aimed at individuals, sole traders and business owners who want help getting their tax return right.

The app will enable you to record and manage your expenses and trips on the go.

  • Switch between GPS and manual tracking to log your mileage.
  • Use the app to record your expenses, track your trips and keep your income records (if you’re a sole trader).
  • Take snapshots of your receipts so you can claim deductions for those expenses at tax time.
  • Use the myDeductions tool to lodge your taxes or send reports to your tax agent for review.

The app includes additional non-driving related features as well. So, if this turns out to be the app of your choice, for example, you’ll get alerts to remind you of your tax obligations.

4. Travel Logs

travel logs apps
Screenshot from: Travel Logs – Vehicle Logbook

Travel Logs is a great ATO logbook app that logs trips and tracks expenses for your tax return. Compatible with iPhone, Android and Apple Watch devices, it offers different levels of logging automation, so you choose your best fit.

The app offers a set of features that streamline the information-entry process for your convenience.

To use this app to claim your car expenses, you’ll need to opt for an active monthly or annual subscription. Here’s what you’ll get if you decide this is a worthwhile investment:

  • Easy GPS Tracking.The app uses your phone’s GPS to log your trip details and work out your business kilometres.
  • Location Auto-Fill and Tracking. The app captures your location information and auto-fills your tags at the press of a button.
  • Bluetooth Hands-Free Support. The additional Bluetooth device enables the app to automatically track all your mileage. You simply need to connect and disconnect from the device and the app will keep track of your trips.
  • Places Feature. Mark your typical check-ins and the app will start and end trips when you arrive at marked destinations.

The contacts and calendar integration feature simplifies entering the purpose of the trip.

5. Driversnote

The simple digital log book
Screenshot from: Driversnote

Driversnote is among the best logbook apps out there. It features a number of functionalities that make claiming your mileage deduction easy.

The app enables easy mileage tracking. Yet, if you want to put your logging on autopilot, you’ll need to pay for a subscription.

Otherwise, you’re stuck with the free Lite Version that also limits your logs to 20 trips per month.

Now, let’s zero in on the app’s most distinctive features, so you know what you’re dealing with:

  • Auto Tracking Feature. Activate the Auto Tracking Feature and the app will record your trips in the background. Just make sure your phone’s on you.
  • Automatic Data Capturing. The app will capture your odometer readings and distance travelled so you can gain insight into your deduction amounts.
  • Frequented Locations Feature. The app logs your start and stop destinations, so all you need to do is tag your locations. It will also suggest the nearest locations of interest so you can easily select your tags.
  • One-Click Reporting. Sending your mileage reports to the tax office or your tax agent is a matter of just one click.

Driversnote makes sure your logs are stored in the cloud before they’re ready for hand-over at tax time.

  • Cost: Lite Version: Free; Basic Version: $9.50/month; Enterprise Version: Quote given upon contact.
  • Download: App Store and Google Play Store

Why Is GOFAR the Best of the Best?

Today’s open market has us spoiled for choice. From cereals to cell phones – whenever you’re buying a product, there are just so many options out there.

It’s no different when you’re looking for the best ATO logbook app.

We live in an automated world so we expect nothing less from a modern digital logbook app. The apps featured on our list more or less deliver on this expectation.

But if you won’t settle for anything but the best, consider the GOFAR app.

GOFAR will not only make logging your trips ridiculously easy. It’ll also help you get the full benefit of your car deductions.

The GOFAR benefits speak for themselves. You can:

  • Log your trips even if you forget your phone (the GOFAR adapter keeps track of your driving logs).
  • Categorise your trips with a swipe.
  • Log your location automatically, since the app remembers previous location logs.
  • Choose the best logbook window to get a bigger tax refund.
  • Get a logbook app with access to free lifetime updates.

Plus you get to save money on your car maintenance with the app’s extra features.

Interested? Learn more about how GOFAR can benefit you. Or get GOFAR today and start counting your tax-return blessings.

Track Work Mileage With GOFAR

  • Log, calculate and export business expenses at the press of a button
  • No cancellation fees
  • Available on iOS and Android

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