Helps You With These Expenses

ATO cents per KM

Precisely calculate expenses using the ATO’s cents per kilometre method

ATO Logbook Method

Helps you automatically get the information you need for tax time. Includes the odometer KM!

Company Car Expenses

You can use GOFAR for company expenses too.

ATO Cents Per KM

For the cents per KM method just swipe the business trips and it'll do the rest. When you're ready just do an export and you're all done!

ATO Logbook

This will help you get the information you need for the ATO Logbook Method. Forget manually doing it, just plug this in and automatically get the information you need!

Company Expensing

Your work may reimburse you a set amount per KM driven. Once you've setup what the rate is, just swipe the trips you want to claim and export when you're done. Easy!

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Expense Methods

ATO cents per KM
Company expensing
ATO business %  

Recorded Information

Automatically Saves Information?  
Map of Travelled Trip  
Time Duration  
Starting Location  
Ending Location  
Start & End Date/Time  
Litres of Fuel Used    
Fuel economy    
CO2 Emitted on Trip      
Cost of the Trip    
Start & End Odometer    


Categorising Business and Personal trips Just One Swipe Slightly Manual One Swipe or Click Manual
Always Records Trips    
Exportable CSV  
Free Lifetime Updates      


Recurring Fees? Nope! Up to $95/year Up to $120/year Nope!

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The little device that helps you save money on fuel.
In 80,000km of tests GOFAR has improved fuel economy by an average of 9.8% and as much as 30%. That's like saving over 10c on every litre.

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