Want to spend $00s less on fuel?

Read about our rocket science algorithms that keep your car in the sweet spot and your money in your pocket

Don’t Burn Money On Gas!

Ray is GOFAR’s patented driver feedback system. It has a Fuel Saver algorithm that cuts fuel costs by an average of 9%.

Fuel Tank

Drive In The Sweet Spot

Drive In The Sweet Spot

Ray is simple. Blue is good. Red means you’re burning money. Keep Ray blue and the more you drive the more you save.

Keep Your License

Keep Your License

If you collected penalties on your license Ray can help. Customise Ray to glow when your car is above the local speed limit so you don’t inadvertently get a speeding fine.

white and pink coloured dollar sign

It Pays For Itself

It Pays For Itself

Ray saves an average driver $150 – $300 a year. An Uber driver would save $2,400 over 3 years. You do need to follow the feedback and keep it blue though – it’s not magic!


Proven To Keep Your Family Safer

The Ray includes a Safe Driver algorithm that nudges drivers to safer, smoother driving styles. Roads are still risky, so it’s good for old drivers and great for young drivers.

23% Less Harsh Braking

23% Less Harsh Braking

In a 4 million km trial for NSW Government, drivers with the Ray reduced aggressive speeding by 20% and harsh braking by 23%.

Lower Risk Of Crashes

Lower Risk Of Crashes

In the same trial – with 1000 drivers – the Ray reduced excessive speeding by 10%, which equates to a 5% reduction in accidents – for less than $50!

Objective Driver Scores

Objective Driver Scores

See your score for each drive. Compare scores in the family. Who’s the best? You’re the best!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Ray?

Easy – most customers place Ray on their dash.  Ray comes with an advanced, movable and removable “Dual Lock”TM pad from 3M that secures it to your dashboard or instrument cluster.  Simply place it where you want it and stick it down.  If you change your mind you can lift it up and try a new location or completely remove it

A thin cable connects the Adapter and the Ray (and this powers the LEDs in the Ray)

Can I buy Ray only?

No.  Ray won’t work on it’s own.  It needs the GOFAR OBD2 Adapter to work with.

How much can I save on fuel?

A less frequent driver might save $150 – $200 a year.

A long distance driver such as an Uber driver can save $800-$1000.

However to save you must follow the feedback – if you ignore the driver feedback then you don’t expect any savings!  It’s not magic.

How is GOFAR safer?

In a 4 million km government pilot GOFAR cut speeding by 10%, harsh speeding (by 20%) and harsh braking by 23% with an estimated 5% accident reductions.

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