The ultimate gift for every dad who drives

It’s getting ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ five star reviews



  • Save dad cash and make his life easier
  • Easy to setup. Works in all cars built since 2007
  • Constantly monitors car health and logs every trip

Driven with GOFAR

This Aussie tech has now sold in 52 countries

Stop problems BEFORE they become expensive

  • GOFAR alerts you of 7,000+ potential problems with your car
  • See exactly why your ‘Check Engine Light’ is on
  • Continuously monitors your car for faults
  • Handy reminders for servicing, insurance, rego and more


GOFAR adapter and mileage tracker

Save time, claim more money

  • Drive your car for work? Claim $720 for each 1000km of driving
  • GOFAR automatically logs your trips
  • Just ‘swipe right’ to mark trips as business
  • Claim company mileage + ATO Logbook + ATO cents/km

Save big on fuel, avoid those speeding fines

  • Ray sits on the dash and glows in response to your driving
  • Keep Ray glowing blue and save 9% on fuel with its patented efficiency algorithm
  • Ever found yourself accidentally speeding? Ray glows red to warn you and help keep your licence


Will GOFAR work in my car?

GOFAR works in all Petrol, Diesel and Hybrid cars since January 2007

See how Pete beat the mechanics and saved $700 with GOFAR

See what Channel 7 said about GOFAR!

See What People Are Saying

  • “Being able to drive further on a litre of petrol is smart business for Uber driver, Matt. His driving behaviour is being re-wired by this device; like a black box for your car” ― David Eccleston, 7 News
  • “When it comes to monitoring your car’s health and performance, there’s nothing better than GOFAR. The clever device that connects your car to your smartphone.” ― Ben Fordham, 2GB

How Does GOFAR Work?

The GOFAR Adapter just plugs into your car’s diagnostic port (the same one mechanics use). It takes minutes and no tools or skills are needed.

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Plug In And Pair Adapter

Position Ray

Award Winning Design. Impress Dad

GOFAR has won 7 awards including a prestigious Good Design Award. The form is as good as the function so you know Dad will be impressed.

Kick starter and good design award

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GOFAR?

GOFAR is like a FitBit for your car. It logs all your drives automatically for easy, accurate expenses, and it helps you monitor your car’s health on your smart phone. It can help you save fuel too (and more).

Will GOFAR work in my car?

GOFAR will work in any OBD2 compliant car. That means any car built for*:

  • United States after 1996
  • Canada after 1998
  • UK + Europe after 2001 (petrol) and 2004 (diesel)
  • Australia after 2006 (petrol) and 2007 (diesel)

As of Oct 2018, GOFAR is currently working in 52 countries and every continent (except Antarctica).
* When you perform a car compatibility check through our site, and receive an emailed confirmation that GOFAR will work in your car, then GOFAR will offer you a money-back guarantee in the event that your car turns out not to be compatible.

Can I install it myself?

Yes, GOFAR installs in minutes with no tools or technical skills needed. You basically download the app, plug GOFAR into your car’s diagnostic port (above the pedals usually) and pair with your phone.

How GoFar works

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